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    I"M Global Moderator TS3 , Uploader Forum , Dj Ts3.
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  1. Loenex

    Banlist Loenex .

    ¤ Nick: [email protected] ^_^ ()V3 ¤ IP: -- ¤ Time of ban: 5000 min ¤ Reason: hack server ¤ Proof: http://www.mediafire.com/file/23ap9adqzlsjec5/hack.dem.rar/file Special thanks to @Eslam Em Hamza .
  2. congrats  ugly i hope see u with a rad cooler  

  3. Good Luck ntgthegamer 

    I hope u be back to the forum soon 

  4. hello all csbd .and my  loves . ❤️ 

    i want say to  all my loves i will miss alll  from csbd 

    and thanks u guys for halp me 

    i will leave CSBD forever for get a happy life

    thanks u @axelxcapo & @XZoro™ @Adyroiha2020 & @#Steeven.™  & @XxforussxX 

    @Blackfire .. and all my loves and all on csbd and all on newlife serveer .


    Good luck guys and goodbye.

    1. XxforussxX


      you know you always have a place here and nobody else will occupy it until you decide to come back have a beautiful life bro.😪

  5. Welcome here have fun .
  6. hello guys 

    i miss to all here . 

    1. CreW^


      We miss u too 😞

    2. Eslam Em Hamza

      Eslam Em Hamza

      Miss to Play With U

  7. abo elnajar mnwer ya7g hahaha 

    wlah m3rftk ya 3krot haha 

    1. Loenex


      ahahahha enta ahmad abo mataer :V 

  8. Nickname ( Must be the same as forum ) : @Loenex Your age : 21 Have you heared about this project in it's old editions ? ( if yes , have you participated before ? ) : yes i was on ts3 all time Your favorite style : All Muisc.
  9. 🇷🇴 💜 🇵🇸

    You remember? 🤔😁🤗

    1. Loenex


      ofc  hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  10. Congtra for gril grade :v 

    1. Eslam Em Hamza

      Eslam Em Hamza

      Thank You 😄


  11. Congtra for gril grade :v 

  12. Congtra ugly 

    i hope u be very good and see u Global here . 

    1. Naser DZ

      Naser DZ

      Thanks You ugly ❤️