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Devil may cry.
  • Devil may cry.
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    Interested on football,programming & gaming.
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  1. Happy Birthday bro :3 ❤️

  2. Mr.PirattY

    Hey buddies.

    Hey! I hope you're all doing fine. I'm writing this topic to clarify some things between me and newlife players. For you that don't know, me, @myCro & @Aysha are having a small collaboration between servers [newlifezm & my server] , so in a pact we have,we want both servers to reach the top & we help each other with what we got.Since i got PAWN language knowledge,i help newlifezm with that part. I've had some health problems & haven't been able to top-up with my server,so meanwhile i've been here to give players some new experiences with some new plugins i'm devoting to newlife. Newlife is not my server,but i find it my home. I'm here with the full power to do things that players find interesting. I'm old enough in the game & surely know what players want. That way,i can say that my decisions should be respected. This is all i'm asking for,respect. I'm devoting all my freetime to give newlife players some new experience & i will allow noone to ask me stupid questions like "Why did you change the map without asking?" , "Don't give packs to players" or whatever bullshit some admins will say. If anyone doesn't comply to this,could just reply to this topic. Respect me & you get respected. Greetings!
  3. Mr.PirattY


    Alright,it's a good idea and with some struggle it can be done. I'll take care of that & see how it goes.
  4. Honestly,it will just be useless. Half of the players dropping from server will have timed out & the other half will have just dropped from the server. There's no other reason & it is of no interest for us.
  5. As suggested in the topic,server will automaticly every round give a random player 15-30 ammo packs. Happy hour time: 00-10 AM. Enjoy!
  6. Hi boys,i'm going to be short on this since you may all have seen the latest plugin on the server,which is ACTIVITY MENU -- /activity on chat. The minutes you play at night,are collected and can be used to receive multiple awards. A 5-digit random password is set on player & his setinfo _pw is already done automaticly. This is only the first version of the plugin & it exists only here and evilzm. @myCro @Aysha only,have the right to edit the topic. New players have a better idea of what they want. Makes Zombie Plague 6.2 more advanced. A bigger vision to the server. Compact & easy way. The minutes only count between 00-10 AM server time. Enjoy!
  7. You're either banned or you're typing the password incorrectly.
  8. Haha,you ban his IP address ^^. Then if he changes his IP Address,we blacklist him.
  9. Hi. Two days ago admins & i faced a kid who had dynamic ips or at least was using VPN services to change his ip. Now,those who have FTP access can simply add the IP string on blacklist.ini which can be found at configs folder. Example: IPS contain 4 sets of numbers. If 3 of them are completly same as listed on blacklist.ini , they get banned as soon as they join the server. 185.104.184.XXX , 91.195.99.XXX get banned whatever the last numbers on his IP are.
  10. Mr.PirattY


    He is removed 1 week ago. When did you last connect?
  11. This is something that would be hard to do. It can be done in two ways : either only for STEAM Legit Members,or by using database which takes lots of work. I'll see what i can do. Take care.
  12. A non-selfish person who just wants to have some nostalgies on running this years-old server. It gives a good feeling running a server where anyone wants something from it,and being simple to everyone,is not something people can do. You're a great friend of mine who i can easily share my problems & trust stuff. Kisses @myCro
  13. I'm here exactly a month late,but i can kindly say that having a friendship with @Aysha & you, @myCro, is priceless. Her being the boss,is just encouraging for the team. Kisses.
  14. Accepted. Message me on fb
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