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  2. Many negative stigmas arise when mentioning Chinese products or counterfeit products from that country. Yep, negative narratives definitely emerge when looking at counterfeits. After all, imitating other successful products is nothing new. Not only four-wheeled vehicles, two-wheeled vehicles are also often targeted. The newest is in the scooter segment. Honda ADV150 replica, appeared in China. Well, the difference is, this KW model is actually built to be more sophisticated and faster than what is imitated.Carrying the name Dayang Vorela. Maybe not a cool name to hear, or at least less commonly painted as a species name two-wheeled. But you need to open yourself up to know this. Because, he looked serious. Not just stealing raw ideas. Yes, conceptually what ADV has: Skutik adventure theme. It should also be recognized that the body lines follow the Honda design direction. To the side of the panel near the footing, automatically the ADV 150 sticker. But at least, the body is made with several distinctive features. Plus, at first glance, it has a tasteful feel. It doesn't look cheap. For example, a large headlight that is applied. Made a la two eyes apart. While each of them has two more reflectors, creating an intimidating impression. Mature. And also beautified with the turn signal decoration and LED DRL on it. In fact, a vent was made right in the middle of the lamp divider.Not to forget installed a high windshield to hit the wind. And of course enriches the typical adventurous characteristics. And behind it sticks a sturdy and thick handlebar. Proportional to the shape. Then the side and back areas are no less interesting. Everything is formed completely sturdy. And the stoplamp design is quite beautiful to look at. In fact, sometimes it looks cuter and more compact than ADV. Although, the name tagging V groove seems a little too pushy. Regardless, the rest is fine. The black plastic framed reflects the high utility motor. Regarding the format of the legs, it seems similar. Use long travel telescopic forks, as well as dual shock breakers with tubes. Of course, the crossbar rims are also wrapped in dual purpose tires. Alias tread rough. The interesting part is in the furnace and kitchen runway. Just imagine, the instrument panel is fully digital with a color display. Not monotonous. Moreover, he has the ability to connect with smart phones. Translate entertainment things to navigation. Complete. Obviously the fundamental data is listed there, after all the tertiary ones already exist.Do not stop there, the screen also visualizes the front and rear lens capture. Yes, there is a camera on the muzzle of the motorbike as well as the tail. You can see it directly on the display. Including recording if at any time unwanted things happen. Like dashcam. Sophisticated right?Machine? Same use the one-cylinder 150 cc injection format. Also a SOHC type and only two valves. But the output touches 16.2 Hp at 8,500 rpm. This means a difference of 2 Hp from Honda's engine. This gap is far enough for the size of a scooter like this. And also importantly, the tank capacity is able to accommodate 9.3-liters of gasoline which means more than the ADV. Packages like this in China are sold for around Rp. 39 million (conversion). Interesting. Next, the trunk is so wide. The alcove behind the seat has a total volume of 28 liters and is elongated. Plus, there is a step, which functions to separate the placement of goods. The helmet will definitely fit in. Even some types of full face. And with that divider, you can easily store a few more essential tools for long trips. No need to stick with a helmet.Now talking about the capacity of the gasoline, it's also enough. The nozzle will continue to fill until the gas station dispenser shows the number 8 liters. When referring to Honda's fuel consumption claim (46.6 MPA), it should be able to cover a distance of 372.8 km.The deck distance to the ground of the ADV is quite high, 165 mm. Far above its competitors or siblings, who average 130 mm. Even though it is high, the muffler position is also bent upward. Which automatically minimizes the risk of water ingress. Yep, at least past a mound of dirt, high speed bumps, or a little puddle is resolved right?The suspension has long travel. The 31 mm diameter telescopic fork records a playing distance of up to 130 mm. And at the rear, two Showa suspensions are equipped with subtanks - separating oil and air. The quality of the damping is claimed to be moderate, in other words it is just right. Supports the agility of the eccentric scooter maneuvers. Just like the front, the rear travel shock breaker is also long, 120 mm. Synergize with progressive springs, not linear.Regarding speed taming devices, Honda installs wavy disc brakes on both sides. The front is flanked by three-piston calipers and ABS sensors. While behind the clamped single-piston calipers without ABS. Yes, it's a bit unfortunate that the brake safety sensor has only one channel.The 149.3 cc eSP PGM-FI engine records an output of 14.2 Hp / 8,500 rpm and a torque of 13.8 Nm / 6,500 rpm. In fact, the base to the bore size and cylinder stroke are exactly the same as the PCX. However, changes to the ECM (Engine Control Module), air filter, and exhaust model have succeeded in giving a better torsional impact
  3. Sergio Ramos is the new player of PSG! The Spanish defender signed a two-year contract with the group from the Parc des Princes. Media: Digi Sport Special, Thursday, 9:30 p.m., Digi Sport 1 Media: Football Club, Thursday, 7:30 p.m., Digi Sport 1 Sergio Ramos is a name that adds to an extremely interesting transfer campaign of the Parisians. Giorginio Wijnaldum and Achraf Hakimi have already signed and Gigi Donnarumma is preparing. Ramos confused the Parc des Princes with the Stade de France Just arrived in Paris, Sergio Ramos was the protagonist of a funny episode. The defender confused Stade de France, the arena of the French national team, with Parc des Princes, PSG's "home". On the way from the airport to the Paris Saint Germain offices, Sergio Ramos saw from the car in which there was a stadium. Enthusiastic, Ramos exclaimed, "Look! That's the stadium, isn't it? ” The club's employees reacted immediately and corrected the former Real Madrid captain: “No. That is the Stade de France. " The conversation continued with a comment by Sergio Ramos who said that he played at the Stade de France, alongside the Spanish national team, before winning the World Cup in 2010. It was found out the salary that Ramos will receive at PSG. He is the one he also asked Florentino Perez Sergio Ramos, 35, paid a medical visit to Paris today, on July 7, 2021, and now all that remains is to make the official presentation because, says Fabrizio Romano, the Spaniard has already signed the contract with the vice-champion of France. There have been several reports in recent days that teams with a lot of money are ready to hijack Ramos. The journalists from also found out what salary Sergio Ramos will have at PSG, and the amount is not very high for a player of his level. That would be the money he asked Florentino Perez to stay in Madrid! It's just that the Real boss offered him a one-year deal, a rule imposed by him for players the age of Ramos, and not two, as the footballer requested. In a two-year contract in Paris, Sergio Ramos will receive 21 million euros net, while the club will spend 42 million euros.
  4. By Jill Cowan As in any other year, teenage girls in California stepped out of salons, only to sit in front of mirrors at home carefully rearranging their coifs. They wore jewel-toned cocktail dresses and floor-skimming gowns. Some strapped themselves into rhinestone-encrusted heels, while others, planning for a night on their feet, stuck with Vans or Air Force 1s. Their dates wore white tuxedos, three-piece suits, corsages. In Fowler, a small city southeast of Fresno, there were cowboy boots and hats. Yet, unlike any other year, there were custom-made masks to match outfits. There were silent discos to encourage social distancing, as revelers donned headphones and danced to the beat, quite literally, of different drummers. Vaccine cards or coronavirus tests were required for entry. In Petaluma, dinner was prepacked sandwiches eaten picnic-style on the football field before the dancing started on the painted lines. The 2021 prom season has shown that American high school rites of passage are durable, flexible and pandemic-proof. Teenage traditions, like teenagers themselves, have a resilience. Somehow, the prom — that timeworn cliche of growing up — turned into something vital and emotional. Strict pandemic rules meant that most of California’s Class of 2021 spent roughly a year learning from home. As the spread of the virus has waned in California and around the country, proms — even those retooled with mask-wearing and other precautions — have served the twin function for many of celebrating both the end of high school and the end of the worst of the pandemic. Dancing on the track around the football field during prom at Petaluma High School. (Maggie Shannon/The New York Times) “For so long, I didn’t take advantage of all the moments I had in high school,” said Michelle Ibarra Simon, a senior at Dos Pueblos High School, in the Southern California city of Goleta. “COVID helped me see that I was letting time fly and letting every moment slip through my fingers.” Prom, she added, “was probably one of the best moments of my life.” Here are stories from a few high schools in California. Encore High School in Hesperia At first, no one was dancing at Encore’s prom. It was an unusual sight: Encore is a performing arts school, and some of the students are professionally trained dancers. “I don’t know,” senior Marco Gochez said. “They were getting shy or weird or uncomfortable.” Caroline Esquivel, Encore’s senior class president, theorized that perhaps her classmates were anxious after not being together in a group for so long. The school is in Hesperia, a desert city in San Bernardino County, but the prom was held at a banquet hall in Upland. Soon, after dinner was served, the mood changed. “It was like a giant mosh pit,” Esquivel said. “Everyone was so happy, jumping and screaming.” During Jennifer Lopez’s “On the Floor,” Esquivel and other members of her dance team got onto the stage and performed a competition routine in their finery. For Jaired Mason, who graduated from Encore in 2020, attending this year’s prom as his best friend’s date helped give him a sense of closure that he had been missing because of the pandemic. Encore hosted a small, restricted prom of about 30 people last year, he said, and Mason’s class graduated over Zoom. He postponed going to the prestigious Boston Conservatory at Berklee to study dance. proms, proms in the pandemic, enjoying prom in the pandemic, high school prom party, COVID-19 pandemic and proms, NYT, indian express news A group hug while dancing during prom at Fowler High School. (Maggie Shannon/The New York Times) The prom signaled an end to the uncertainty. “Especially after last night, I’m feeling really good and excited about the future,” he said the day after. And in the fall, his future is no longer postponed. He is headed to Boston. Dos Pueblos High School in Goleta Bill Woodard, principal of Dos Pueblos and the parent of a senior there, described the evening as magical. “I don’t use that word lightly,” he said. Woodard said Goleta, a suburban community near Santa Barbara, was sometimes mistakenly assumed to be uniformly wealthy and, thus, insulated from the ravages of the pandemic. “We had families that lost family members,” he said. “There was economic devastation. That all was swirling as we were planning our prom.” Initially, he said, nearby schools had hoped to host on-campus carnivals as a kind of substitute. But Dos Pueblos students wanted to do something off-campus, to make the event “as normal as possible,” he said. A connection at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum helped the school score a discount on the space, which is often a destination wedding venue. Flowers were donated, Woodard said, then reused at the school’s graduation days later. There was a Shirley Temple bar, karaoke and air hockey. Ibarra Simon, the senior, said she and her best friend made the silent disco not so silent when they started singing along to the Miley
  5. And Saudi Arabia decided to fix gasoline prices at a specific ceiling, so that the maximum price is the one in force for the month of last June, provided that the decision enters into force as of today. The Saudi Press Agency, "SPA", said that gasoline prices for the month of July 2021 witnessed an increase, as the price of octane 91 gasoline reached 2.28 riyals per liter, and octane 95 gasoline, worth 2.44 riyals per liter, but it is not the prices that the consumer will pay. Saudi Arabia fixes gasoline price ceiling to ease living burdens Gasoline prices in Saudi Arabia .. Did Aramco announce it? These prices are higher than those set last June, by about 10 halalas per liter of 91 octane gasoline, and 11 halalas per liter of 59 octane gasoline. However, under the generous guidance of the Saudi leadership, the Kingdom decided to bear this increase, provided that the consumer pays at the old price set last June. Gasoline prices in Saudi Arabia for the month of July 2021 This means that gasoline prices for the month of June are the same as for the month of July, set at 2.18 riyals per liter / octane 91, and 2.33 riyals per liter / octane 95. The decision to "install the ceiling" Under the decision, the state will bear what may exceed the prices of the month of June when the monthly price review. This means that gasoline prices for the month of June, set at 2.18 riyals per liter / octane 91, and 2.33 riyals per liter / octane 95, will be the maximum prices for gasoline, and prices will not exceed that, and may even decrease. "SPA" said that the decision was taken by the Executive Committee for the Governance of Adjusting the Prices of Energy and Water Products, under a generous directive, based on the Saudi leadership's keenness to reduce the living burdens of citizens and residents, and its continuous endeavor to achieve the public interest and support local economic activity. The directive ensured that the state would bear what may exceed the prices of the month of June when the monthly price review. The agency said that the periodic review of prices continues, not exceeding the mentioned ceiling.
  6. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's 12.0.0 update has arrived, adding the game's newest DLC character, Kazuya from Tekken, and introducing a series of fighter balance changes. The fighter adjustments were outlined on Nintendo's website, and we've shared them below, as written by Nintendo. Kazuya is the 81st playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. A new stage, Mishima Dojo, is coming to Smash as well alongside the new character. "The dojo is closed off in all directions, but its walls and ceiling can be broken with strong attacks, turning the stage into dangerous terrain. With no floating platforms, the Mishima Dojo stage is more grounded than many other stages in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, requiring new strategies when battling on it," reads a line from its description. 39 new music tracks from the Tekken series are coming to the game as well in the DLC. Kazuya, who was announced for Smash during Nintendo's E3 showcase, can be purchased for $6 USD. Alternatively, you can buy the latest Fighter Pass ($30 USD), which includes Min Min, Steve & Alex, Sephiroth, Pyra/Mythra, and one more character later on. New Mii fighter costumes are coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate, too, including Dante from the Devil May Cry series and Dragonborn from The Elder Scrolls. Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia is also on the way, alongside Shantae. These new Mii fighter costumes will release on June 29 for 75 cents each.
  7. After completely redesigning its browser from the ground up last month, Mozilla has released the next version of Firefox which contains new features and improvements to complement version 89's visual overhaul. With Firefox 90, the company has added a number of improvements to the Windows version of its browser with the first being a new about:third-party page designed to help users identify any compatibility problems they encounter as a result of third-party modules and apps. Keeping Firefox updated will now be even easier in Windows 10 as Mozilla has added a new option to silently install updates when the browser isn't running using a background service. Users that want to turn on background updates can do so by going to Firefox's Settings, locating the General tab and heading to Firefox Updates. We've put together a list of the best browsers available These are the best VPN services on the market Also check out our roundup of the best Windows 10 VPN Another new feature in Firefox 90 gives users the ability to add and manage exceptions to the browser's HTTPS-Only Mode from the Privacy tab in the Settings menu. Previously users could only exclude sites from HTTPS-Only Mode by clicking on the lock icon in the Address Bar. RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU... After launching SmartBlock with the release of Firefox 87 back in March, Mozilla has updated its intelligent tracker blocking mechanism to version 2 which now includes the ability to block third-party Facebook scripts in private browsing mode. For those unfamiliar, SmartBlock is privacy feature in Firefox that intelligently fixes web pages that are broken due to Mozilla's tracking protections. The tool does this by providing local stand-ins for blocked third-party tracking scripts. These stand-in scripts behave in a similar way to the original ones in order to make sure a website works properly while still protecting user privacy. Another big change in Firefox 90 is that Mozilla has finally removed FTP support from its browser after disabling the feature with the release of Firefox 88 back in April. Firefox 90 is now available for Windows, Linux and macOS and new mobile versions of the browser will also be rolling out on Android and iOS. If you haven't used Firefox in a while, the browser is better than ever thanks to Mozilla's recent redesign along with the new updates and features the company has added.
  8. AMD's new series of high-end Threadripper processors could see a new entry in August according to recent rumors. According to the MoePC website, the Threadripper 5000 series, codenamed "Chagall" by AMD, is coming soon. But do not get too excited because they warn that the updates can be a bit disappointing compared to previous AMD Threadripper models. Even so, it must be clear that everything we comment on in this news comes from rumors and could be denied in the future. New AMD Threadripper is coming While the Threadripper 5000 processors are rumored to be based on the same Zen 3 architecture as AMD's latest Ryzen 5000 CPUs (or even an improved Zen 3+ architecture), it appears that there will be no major changes when it comes to the number of cores. in offer. The flagship model will offer 64 cores, along with rumors of a potential 16-core CPU also alongside possible 24-core and 32-core variants. AMD Threadripper 5000 processors are rumored to continue to support DDR4 memory, and the TDP (Thermal Design Power) will remain the same at 280W. They are also rumored to support existing TRX40 motherboards, meaning it will be one less component to upgrade if you want those new chips. Aside from the switch to the Zen 3 architecture, which will bring performance increases over third-generation Threadrippers, the new AMD Threadrippers 'Chagall' CPUs will have a higher Inter-Chip Global Memory Interconnect (xGMI) speed of 16 GT / s. 18 GT / s. these speeds put them on a par with AMD's EPYC 7003 series server chips. If these rumors are true, the new AMD Threadrippers may not be a big change due to the lack of support for DDR5 support. We would continue to notice some performance improvements, as long as these rumors are correct.
  9. General Motors is recalling 410,019 pickup trucks from the 2015 and 2016 model years because the roof-rail airbag inflator end cap in them could detach from the inflator, or the inflator sidewall could rupture. According to a safety recall report filed with NHTSA, corrosion caused by moisture introduced during the supplier manufacturing process could occur inside the inflator vessel. If the end cap separates from the roof-rail airbag inflator or a sidewall rupture occurs, compressed gas could escape and the end cap could be propelled into the vehicle, potentially injuring the driver or passengers. GM says the supplier at the time of assembly was Key Safety Systems, now known as Joyson Safety Systems. The recall covers a range of pickup models: the 2015-16 GMC Sierra 1500, 2500 and 3500; and the 2015-16 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 2500 and 3500. GM reports roof-rail airbag inflators ruptured in three unoccupied 2015 Silverado vehicles in mid-June 2021. In all three cases, the steel inflator-body sidewall "split open, suddenly releasing the gas stored inside the chamber." GM estimates it will notify owners by mail Aug. 16. The automaker says dealers will replace the left- and right-side roof-rail airbag modules free of charge. Owners will be getting a second notice when a remedy is available, GM said. It notified dealers July 1. A GM spokesman told Automotive News it is not aware of any accidents or injuries associated with the recall.
  10. The match Switzerland - Spain, within the quarterfinals of EURO 2020, is played NOW, and can be watched in live text format on Media: Digi Sport Morning, Saturday, 10:15, Digi Sport 1 Media: Football Club, Friday, 19:45, Digi Sport 1 Min. 20 - Great emotions for Switzerland. Embolo is injured and needs medical attention. INFO - Spain clearly dominates hostilities. Possession in this half belonged to over 70%. Min. 17 - Spain opportunity! Koke executed a free kick from the edge of the box from 16 meters, but sent it over the crossbar. Min. 8 - GOOOL SPAIN: 0-1, JORDI ALBA! The FC Barcelona midfielder shot hard from the edge of the box, but had a chance. Zakaria put his foot down to deflect, so the ball went into the net. Min. 1 - The game has begun. The kick-off belonged to Spain. Switzerland - Spain LIVE TEXT, 19:00, in the EURO 2020 quarters. UPDATE 18:00. Home teams Switzerland: Sommer - Elvedi, Akanji, Rodríguez - Widmer, Freuler, Zakaria, Zuber - Shaqiri - Embolo, Seferovic Reserves: Mvogo, Kobel - Mbabu, Vargas, Sow, Frassnacht, Benito, Gavranovic, Fernandes, Schar, Comert, Lotomba Coach: Vladimir Petkovic Spain: Unai Simon - Azpilicueta, Laporte, P. Torres, Alba - Busquets, Koke, Pedri - F. Torres, Sarabia, Morata. Reserves: De Gea, Sanchez - Diego Llorente, Marcos Llorente, Gerard Moreno, Alcantara, Eric Garcia, Gaya, Rodri, Olmo, Traore, Oyarzabal Coach: Luis Enrique Stadium: St Petersburg (Russia) Referee: Michael Oliver (England). Ovidiu Hațegan is the fourth official The first quarterfinal of the continental competition takes place in Russia, in St. Petersburg, on the Krestovski Stadium. The Switzerland-Spain duel will be led from the center by the Englishman Michael Oliver, in whose brigade, as the fourth official, will also be Ovidiu Hațegan. Switzerland - Spain LIVE TEXT, 19:00, in the EURO 2020 quarters Switzerland started the adventure at EURO 2020 in group A, which also included Italy, Wales and Turkey. Vladimir Petkovic's team started with a draw, 1-1 with Wales, while in the second round they lost clearly with Italy, 0-3. With only one point after two rounds, Switzerland needed a victory in the third round to get the third place qualification, a success it achieved, 3-0 with Turkey, and went into the eighth. In the first eliminatory phase, Vladimir Petkovic's team managed one of the surprises of the competition, winning, after the execution of the penalty kicks, France, a match in which the score shown on the scoreboard of the National Arena in Bucharest was 3-3, after 120 minutes. Spain also started with a draw in Group E of the EURO, 0-0 with Sweden. The Iberians also got a point in the second round, 1-1 with Poland, but the categorical success of the last game in the group, 5-0 with Slovakia, ensured them the second place in the group and the qualification in the eighth, where they passed Croatia, 5-3 after 120 minutes of play
  11. From the age of 40, our reserves of proteins, hormones, vitamins, minerals and trace elements suffer a significant decrease. Vitamin supplements are our companions throughout the different stages of our life. When we are young, they provide us with extra energy, vitality and nutrients that are important for our development. Then we focus more on getting vitamins and natural compounds for health. And for our more adult stage, we need a special supplement to help us keep our bones, body, memory and energy in good condition. Vitamin B12 is essential for the proper functioning of the brain and blood. As we get older, the body has more difficulty absorbing the food we eat, because our stomach acid levels decrease. This vitamin helps to fulfill this function, it is highlighted in the Better with Health portal. Calcium helps functions in our body such as muscle contraction, as well as the proper functioning of the heart and nerves. If you don't get enough calcium in your diet, the body will begin to extract it from the bones, leaving them weaker. You can find it in foods like dairy, sardines, tofu, almonds, spinach, and broccoli. Magnesium has multiple functions in the body, but its role in supporting bone health is the most important for women over 40. It works in building bones and balancing the concentration of certain hormones and vitamin D , all important in preventing bone weakening. You can find magnesium in almonds, broccoli, spinach, beans, dairy, and fortified cereals. Upon reaching 40, the joints should be protected, the supply of vitamin E should be improved, which will be the precursor of estrogens and will improve the menstrual cycle. We can achieve this by taking especially omega 3. Omega 3s also play a key role in maintaining memory and general brain function. Omega 3s can be obtained through two sources: Animals: From fish oil and krill oil. Vegetables: From plants such as flaxseed, chia seeds, hemp seeds and soybean oil, these fatty acids will also improve skin hydration. It is not always necessary, but many times it is advisable to resort to an extra supply of vitamin D. We can obtain it with foods enriched with it, as well as with supplements, which in addition to preserving the calcium content in the bones, will help to improve the mood and avoid depression, something that many women suffer after reaching 40 years, due to fatigue or stress from overwork and responsibilities. Vitamin D is easily obtained by exposure to sunlight and by consuming eggs and milk. This vitamin is essential for the absorption of calcium in the body, so it also has an important role for the development of the skeleton.
  12. -In the study there was a cohort of around 10 million people, of which 4 million were vaccinated with the two doses. This Wednesday, the phase IV study of the Chinese Sinovac vaccine in Chile was published in The New England Journal of Medicine, one of the most prestigious journals in the world. The document indicates that the effectiveness of the biological among fully vaccinated people (two doses and more than fourteen days since its last application) was 65.9% for the prevention of COVID-19, while in 87.5% it avoided the hospitalization, in 90.3% it prevented admission to the intensive care unit and in 86.3% of a death related to COVID-19. The research was conducted from February 2 to May 1 of this year and had a cohort of approximately 10.2 million people, of which 4.1 million were already fully vaccinated and 542,418 had received a dose. "Our results suggest that the inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccine effectively prevented COVID-19, including serious illness and death, a finding that is consistent with the results of phase 2 trials of the vaccine," it said. . The document states that it is estimated that the effectiveness of the vaccine among partially immunized people (14 to 28 days after receiving the first dose) was 15.5% for the prevention of COVID-19, 37.4% for the prevention of hospitalization, 44.7% for admission to the ICU and 45.7% for the prevention of death. "Overall, our results suggest that the CoronaVac vaccine was highly effective against serious illness, hospitalization, and death, findings that underscore the potential of this vaccine to save lives and substantially reduce demands on the healthcare system," it added. The researchers note that they lack representative data to estimate the effect of variants on the effectiveness of the vaccine.
  13. Capcom has revealed its post-launch roadmap for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, alongside a new trailer. The studio announced there will be five free title updates through October 2021, adding new monsties and co-op quests to the game. The first title update releases on July 15, just six days after the game launches on July 9. This update adds the Palamute monstie, the fan-favorite rideable dog-like creature from Monster Hunter Rise. Title update two releases on August 5, adding the Kulve Taroth co-op quest in addition to the Hellblade Glavenus and Boltreaver Astalos monsties. Now Playing: Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Launch Trailer Update three is set for early September and adds a trio of new monsties: Soulseer Mizutsune, Elderfrost Gammoth, and Oroshi Kirin. The fourth update comes in late September and adds a high difficulty version of the Kulve Taroth co-op quest, plus the Dreadking Rathalos and Molten Tigrex monsties. The fifth update in October includes a mysterious, high difficulty co-op quest and adds the Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian monsties to the game. Capcom has not said if it plans to release more free updates after the fifth one. Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is a turn-based RPG spin-off of the main series. Players take on the role of a rider, who can form special bonds with monsties, which will fight for them. The game releases on July 9 for Nintendo Switch and PC. A free demo for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is currently available on Nintendo Switch, and progress carries over to the main game.
  14. “With this step, we are programming our organization for increased growth in China as the world’s largest automotive market. The key to success there is local value creation, which we are constantly increasing. Roughly one in ten Continental employees currently works in China, and they will be joined by a low triple-digit number of software and IT experts at our new development center by the end of 2021,” said Continental CEO Nikolai Setzer about the company’s latest strategic move. He added: “We are at the forefront when it comes to software, employing around 20,000 software and IT specialists worldwide and operating our own software academy. With the addition of Chongqing, we are further consolidating our global network of development centers and gaining even more expertise.” Without software, functions in modern vehicle concepts are unable to interact Vehicles of the future are intelligent and smart in that their components, systems and programs communicate with each other – constantly, quickly and securely. To do so, they must have a high degree of connectivity and automation, which is increasingly being made possible by versatile software applications. According to forecasts by a renowned consulting firm, global automotive software sales will multiply from $20 billion in 2019 to $50 billion in 2030 and China will be the largest market, accounting for around 34 percent of electronics and software revenue.
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