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  1. × Added: System of ranks + chat admin white [RANK] [ADMIN TAG] Nickname: New maps × Removed: Extra items bads @iShad0w
  3. ♕ UPTADE ♕ ★ New Modes: -Survivor: Ak47 + XM1014, Sniper: Titanium AWP CSO, Apocalypse, Armageddon (+Screenfade), Plague, Etc... ★ New Menu CSO For Exp: -10 GUNS CSO (NO BUGS, NO LAG, FUNNYS) ★ 6 Zombie Class CSO (NO EXP) ★ New System Accounts: - Lang Support (English, Spanish, BP), Entry as visitor mode, Change Nickname, Change Password ★ New Skins For: - Nemesis: Nemesis (Resident Evil + Bazooka) - Survivor: Jack Skin + Joker (2019) - Humans: CJ (GTA), SubWay Surfer Player, Sonic, Funny Clown. - Sniper: Anonymous - Assassin: Garrador (Resident evil 4) - Knife Human: Minecraft + Effect + Sounds - Grenades: HD Minecraft + other grenades CSO ★ New Extra Items For: - Zombie (New Extra Items CSO And Normal) - Human (New Extra items CSO And Normal) ★ Admin privilege: - Free Bazooka (CSO + NEW MODES) - Possibility of launching modes! - You distinguish yourself with a chat - You distinguish yourself with a glow Uptade: Canon V1 (The Mod is Complete, Enjoy the server!, We will always be updating for a greater gaming experience)
  4. It has always been possible to modify the game with cvars ... hattrick did a wonder it is true, but it is not difficult ...
  5. Done! Sorry for the inconvenience, because of the updates we did not realize about the DNS, it will not be repeated... T/C
  6. + Added: System Of Upgrade: - Damage, HP, Speed, Gravity, Agility Sniper, Skin Santa Clous, Possibility of respawn, No Recoil, Reset Points... + Added: System Of Rank - More de 20 Types of rank (United States Marine Ranks) + models of players.... + Added: 3 guns cso for Christmas Gift boxes Fixed: Assasin Stop, Jump Nemesis, Christmas tree, bugs... Coming Soon: New Mode Christmas: Santa Clous Vs Grinchs ZM New Class ZM -> Zombie Resident.... NOTICE SV - HOST: Due to updates the server is off, within a few hours it will return to normal with the updates!
  7. Does this consist of an in-depth update? Or just something to improve in respective aspects?
  8. ¤ Nickname: ¤ Skype/Facebook (optional): ¤ Age: ¤ Your Country: ¤ Admin experience: Rules To Be Accepted: -You Should Be Daily Active In The Server at least 3 hours per day & spectate in night Test 1 week! @sNk_DarK @iShad0w
  9. The server has been superficially updated, new updates: UPTADE: Christmas ★ Added: Gold Member Model ★ Added: Admin Glow (Shines With Random Colors [Beautiful Effect]) ★ Added: New Sounds ★ Added: Hats (Christmas) ★ Added: New Guns (until Christmas is over [They are going to change for better models]) ★ Added: Snow Within today or tomorrow we will have: ★ Will come: Skin santa claus (Admins) ★ Will come: New Addon: Death -> Christmas Tree ★ Will come: Christmas loading sound ★ Will come: Boxes With Christmas Awards Updates Made, Fastdl No Problem, Enjoy the update and those that will come ... Founder: ArcadeZM | FantasyZM
  10. ¤ Name[/nickname]: D4rK1nGz ¤ Age: 19 ¤ Country: Chile ¤ Occupation: they keep me xD (student and family business manager) ¤ A short description about you: They tell me the pretty boy or the heartbreaker, 1 girlfriend every week, normal .... ¤ How did you found out Csblackdevil Community: Uff years, I met him by several friends, in times of when cs 1.6 broke and especially with the zombie plagues xD ¤ Favorite games: Cs 1.6, Days Gone, Grand Thef Auto, All in general... ¤ Favorite server [community only]: To be honest for me the favorites would be everyone, but my babies of servers ❤️ ¤ A picture of you:
  11. ¤ Nickname: ¤ Name: ¤ Age: ¤ Country: ¤ City: ¤ Favorite Games: ¤ Favorite Shows: ¤ Favorite Movies: ¤ Favorite Songs / Favorite genre: ¤ What would you like to do in life: ¤ Favorite actor : ¤ Favorite actress: ¤ Favorite juice: ¤ In what country would you like to live: ¤ Favorite football team: ¤ Car models: ¤ A brief description about you: ¤ How did you find ArcadeZM?:
  12. ¤ Nickname: ¤ Nume: ¤ Varsta: ¤ Tara: ¤ Orasl: ¤ Jocul favorit: ¤ Show-ul favorit: ¤ Filmul favorit: ¤ Muzica preferata / Genul favorit: ¤ Ce ai vrea sa realizezi in viata?: ¤ Actorul favorit : ¤ Actrita favorita: ¤ Sucul favorit: ¤ I ce tara ai vrea sa traiesti/calatoresti: ¤ Echipa de fotbal favorita: ¤ Masina favorita: ¤ Cateva detalii despre tine: ¤ Cum ai auzit de ArcadeZM?:
  13. ¤ Nick: ¤ Nombre real: ¤ Edad: ¤ País: ¤ Ciudad: ¤ Juegos Favoritos: ¤ Programas Favoritos: ¤ Películas Favoritas: ¤ Canciones favoritas / Género favorito: ¤ ¿Qué te gustaría hacer en la vida?: ¤ Actor favorito: ¤ Actriz favorita: ¤ Jugo favorita: ¤ ¿En qué país te gustaría vivir?: ¤ Equipo de fútbol favorito: ¤ Modelos de coches: ¤ Una breve descripción acerca de usted: ¤ ¿Cómo encontraste ArcadeZM?:
  14. ¤ Your name: ¤ Name of admin: ¤ Date and time:  ¤ Reason of complaint: ¤ Proof (screenshot or demo):

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