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    I saw the devil in half
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    My Second family - WwW.CsBlackDevil.com
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    Getting Love is easy and takes no Time . But , getting True Love is the Difficult and you have to Bleed and Spend you most of the Time like Me :)

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  1. YASSIN OR ANA HEEK.. If you have Zombie Outstanding Original by Claudiu ( Hattrick ) . Then please give me
  2. YASSIN. Can you give me Original Zombie Outstanding ?
  3. ok... YASSIN Can you give me the original Zombie Outstanding ?
  4. This Server already exists in another Gaming community named CsOutstanding .. Its already online there and working fine.. Then why you need it again in CSBD ?
  5. * Name: Original Zombie Outstanding by Hattrick * Version: Don't know... * Server needs help ( CSBD server community) : No server after development new server host... * Description: Hello guys... I am starting a New game type of game Modification. Named- Zombie Blackdevil .... So I need the Original Zombie Outstanding by Hattrick for starting the mod.... But I don't have a single penny to pay the guy who will give me Original Zombie Outstanding by Hattrickk... I cant pay because I am still a student of School of class 7 . And don't have money....... Description of mod.. Name- Zombie Blackdevil Gameplay modes-- 1./ Normal Infection 2./ Multiple Infection 3./ Nemises 4./ Assasin 5./ Sniper 6./ Survivour 7./ Armageddon 8./ Assasin vs Sniper 9./ Nemises vs Sniper 10./ Nightmare 11./ Raptor 12./ Predator ...... Ranking system. Points system. Coin system. Effects. Donating system. Level system. XP system. ... And many more... Many more New weapons , features , Mods, etc..... Just want Original Zombie Outstanding by Hattrick.... Thanks..
  6. ¤ Your Nickname: abhinash ¤ Your adress Skype, Steam: Beghy knows me ¤ Age:16 ¤ Languages that you can speak:English ¤ Your location:India ¤ Experience as admin: 2 yrs ¤ Can you stay spectator or playing between these hours (02:00 AM To 12:00 PM) Romania time: Sometimes ¤ Reason that you want to be admin: I want to help other players and admins with my experience. Thanks. ¤ other informa.tion for your request:
  7. Cam someone give me full zombie plague 6.2????