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    My Second family -
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    Getting Love is easy and takes no Time . But , getting True Love is the Difficult and you have to Bleed and Spend you most of the Time like Me :)

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  1. Alright. No one has any new ideas. Fine.
  2. Nickname: EYE | NeO Age: 21 Experinces as admin: Yes ( Game developer by profession ) Main skill / Technical experience - I am AMXX Mod developer, so I can and will help the server in any game / development related stuffs even if it is not possible by CSBD members. Your Country: India You can boost sometimes server?: Maybe Can you be active at night? : Due to time difference sometimes I can and sometimes I can't. How many hours can you be active per day? : 1 hr active and 2-3 hrs AFK / SPEC
  3. Abhinash


    From developer point of view I would like to give both Pro and Contra. Pro because - 1. Good Idea and also informative. 2. Easy to implement in main plugin. Contra because - 1. Incase of big tags it will not look nice and clean. 2. If you go for trimming the TAG / NAME then it won't look good. 3. It will take up a lot of space in low resolution pcs.
  4. Hi everyone. As a game developer I have the best solution for your issue since I have dealt with this issue myself in my servers in past. Let's straight ahead move to the solution. Instead of banning them from entering the server, break them and thier mind psychologically. My psychologically, I mean make them fed up, tired and annoyed. Q. How to do that ? A. Punish them by thier IP, everytime they join the server. Q. What kind of psychological punishment ? A. Good question, we punish them by simply doing 3 things. 1. Fade thier screen to black permanently. 2. Gag them permanently. 3. Set their next attack time to very large amount such as 99999999999. Note. The above 3 things can be easily done by a simple plugin, but keep in mind that the victim should not get the idea that he is being punished. You gotta frame it in such a way that for the victim it makes him feel like something is wrong with his game or something similar. To that do not include and sound and chat messages when you punish the victim. That's it. This solution is 100% tested and it works. If you need the above plugin then I can provide it too. Just dm me server manager. Thank you for your time.
  5. Hey guys. I am a game developer by passion and profession. Cs was the first game with which I started my journey. So, I think it's my duty to give back the cs community something which would be remembered atleast for sometime and some people's So, I thought why not create a new and last ZP mod for Cs & CSBD Community. So, I need all of your ideas. Note. The mod will be completely profesionally made with modules ( .SO & .DLL ) to ensure extreme smoothness of the server and experience. I am waiting for all of your ideas. Thanks you for your time.
  6. Hey guys. Since we all know very less players play Cs 1.6 these days and all the mods which are on the internet are way old to keep the cs community addictive, alive and refreshing. So, I am going to make new Zombie Mode to bring something new and exciting. So, please one by one drop down your suggestions and ideas, and I will work on it. Note. Please don't tell me to create new modifications of 6.2 or Zombie Outstanding because as I mentioned above we need something new. By this I don't mean that the new mode can't contain features from 6.2 or Z Outstanding. Waiting for your ideas. Thanks.
  7. Abhinash

    who can help me

    I won't give that job.
  8. If you have 6.2 of CSBD, then you can't make VoteMod via external plugin because CSBD doesn't provide .sma of 6.2. If you have any other version of 6.2 then you can only if you have the sma.
  9. Abhinash

    who can help me

    You can't set ammo packs of a player via external plugin, because ZP 6.2, doesn't have any set and get public natives. So, your plugin won't work.
  10. Hey Mr. Love, I want to buy a server. What will be the settings ?

    1. Mr.Love


      Krond server - 12 euro - 32 slots

  11. YASSIN OR ANA HEEK.. If you have Zombie Outstanding Original by Claudiu ( Hattrick ) . Then please give me
  12. YASSIN. Can you give me Original Zombie Outstanding ?
  13. ok... YASSIN Can you give me the original Zombie Outstanding ?
  14. This Server already exists in another Gaming community named CsOutstanding .. Its already online there and working fine.. Then why you need it again in CSBD ?
  15. * Name: Original Zombie Outstanding by Hattrick * Version: Don't know... * Server needs help ( CSBD server community) : No server after development new server host... * Description: Hello guys... I am starting a New game type of game Modification. Named- Zombie Blackdevil .... So I need the Original Zombie Outstanding by Hattrick for starting the mod.... But I don't have a single penny to pay the guy who will give me Original Zombie Outstanding by Hattrickk... I cant pay because I am still a student of School of class 7 . And don't have money....... Description of mod.. Name- Zombie Blackdevil Gameplay modes-- 1./ Normal Infection 2./ Multiple Infection 3./ Nemises 4./ Assasin 5./ Sniper 6./ Survivour 7./ Armageddon 8./ Assasin vs Sniper 9./ Nemises vs Sniper 10./ Nightmare 11./ Raptor 12./ Predator ...... Ranking system. Points system. Coin system. Effects. Donating system. Level system. XP system. ... And many more... Many more New weapons , features , Mods, etc..... Just want Original Zombie Outstanding by Hattrick.... Thanks..
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