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  1. New ACCESS = Girl Member SKIN + 300 HP, 50 Armor, Etc... Fixed All bugs. Server done!.
  2. A compilation of all existing zombie plague modes: [] Extra ITEMS: New + More de 20 {NO GUNS] [] Special Menu: 9-10 CSO GUNS (They are bought with real money) [] Modes: Depredador Invisible, Sniper [New], Survivor [=], Wesker [Super], Nemesis[=], Synapsis, Armagedon, Etc... [] New System Of Admins: Normal User -> Normal degrees of csbd -> founder [] new system of premiums: Diamond Member [SKIN WHITE] -> Boss Member [Skin: Soon] (They obtain accelerated resources, profits and among others.= Because I made it almost identical to 6.2 but improved? Because the mod always the same for so many years begins to bore, so we will keep that essence but we will improve things in due course. BUGS What we try to solve: [] Special Menu: Zombies or any class that kills or infects "receives" their weapon, it is discounted but they cannot use it, obviously because it is prohibited, but avoid using this with a zombie. [] Assassin: I am trying to generate the same dark environment, besides that problem is about bullets, I am trying not to stop it.
  3. A few hours ago I thought about updating the 6.2, but this will not change the gameplay, there will only be updates in modes, extra items, but always keeping the theme of the mod. As just today I started to make the addons, I have carried this so far, it took me a couple of hours since I had to check bugs that in 6.2 are common. Now you will get a more refreshed game, there will be no download overweight for the delay. (or so we will see) New modes: Zombie (=) Human (=) Survivor (=) Nemesis (fixed jump) | (now have bunnyhop for noob player) Wesker (new, deagle +350 damage) Sniper (new, awp new model and player) Assassin (fixed painfree, fixed bugs) depredador invisible (This is a class where you must be quick to hide and take care of yourself, it is totally invisible, it contains little life but it is dangerous.) Armagedon (=) Synapsis (50, 50, 50) ------------ New huds + new sounds ------------- The server is not ready for the game: estimated time: 2 days maximum. It will be between a zp cso, realistic, 6.2, among others. For more fun, totally original addons.
  4. Due to years of the same thing I have decided to update some simple things about the mod. ZP 6.2 Ultimate X -> Zp 6.2 Ultimate X Deluxe 1.- Huds: The virus + sound has started. Infection In: We have given it some style and slightly changed the color. Among other details. 2.- Sounds: We have replaced almost most sounds, it should be noted that they do not have high weight, so it would be a quick download. 3.- System Gold Member: Contain: 300 HP - 50 Armor - Triple Jump - Double Damage - Score Bar - Model. (Although we are fixing this system, we can enjoy everything mentioned.)
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  9. Tu Nickname: Tu IP( www.cualesmiip.com ) Razon por la que fuiste baneado: El Admin que te baneo: Tiempo de baneo: Tus Evidencias (screenshot O Demo O Fotos) :
  10. Your nick: Your ip ( www.iptest.ro ) The reason you have been banned: The admin who banned you: The time: Your proofs (screenshot Or Demo):
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  12. Follow this Model Or your Request Will be Rejected Direct ¤ Nickname: ¤ New Tag: Note: For Changing New TAG Is needed 1 Week to be Passed From The Last Request.
  13. Model: ¤ Nickname : ¤ Vârsta (De La 14 Ani In Sus): ¤ Limbile pe care le puteți vorbi: ¤ Locația ta: ¤ Experiență ca Admin: ¤ Poți să joci între orele 22:00 până la 12:00 PM: ¤ Motivul ca doriți să fiți Admin Pe Server WalkingDeadZm : Reguli Pentru A Fii Acceptata Cererea. Trebuie să respectați toate regulile serverului Ar trebui să fie zilnic activ în server sau semi-zilnic. Ar trebui să urmați modelul de mai sus. După ce Trimiteti cererea de administrator, nu vi se permite să răspundeți la votul unui administrator, altfel solicitarea dvs. va fi respinsă. Fara exceptii. Respect Titlul subiectului: Cerere de administrator [Nikname Al tău]. NOTĂ: Daca Cererea A Fost Refuzata Trebuie Sa Asteptati 24h Pentru O Cerere Noua.
  14. Model: ¤ Tu Nickname: ¤ Metodo De Contacto Skype, facebook: ¤ Edad: ¤ Idiomas que puedes hablar: ¤ Tu país: ¤ Experiencia como ADMIN: ¤ Puedes Jugar Por Las Noches? (24:00 A 12:00 PM): ¤ Razon por la que quieres ser admin?: Rules to be accepted. Debes haber leido las reglas Debes tener buena actividad Debes seguir el modelo que te entragamos aquí en el foro Respeta el titulo del topic: Solicitud de admin [ Tu Nickname]. No se aceptan niños, multi-cuentas, Listas negras de otros servidores, viejos admin que tienen mala actividad o mal comportamiento (se revisara). NOTA: Para una nueva solicitud si esta es rechazada debes esperar 1 semana.
  15. Model: ¤ Your Nickname (same as in forum): ¤ Your Address Skype, facebook: ¤ Age: ¤ Languages That You Can Speak: ¤ Your Location: ¤ Experience As Admin: ¤ Can You Stay Spectator Or Playing Between These Hours (24:00 To 12:00 PM): ¤ Reason That You Want To Be Admin: Rules to be accepted. You Have To Respect All Rules Of The Server You Should Be Daily Active In The Server Or Semi Daily. You Should Follow The Above model and use same nick as in forum! After you start your admin request, you are not allowed to reply to any admin's vote, otherwise your request will be rejected. No exceptions. Respect The Topic Title: Admin Request [ Your Nickname]. We do not accept kids, multiaccount, Blacklisted in all servers, old admins removed for bad active or bad behavior as admins, new accounts. NOTE: For new request, you must wait one week has passed since the last request.