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  1. I will not talk about po[CENSORED]rity because both Michael Jackson & Rick Astley were the kings of 80s but taking into consideration the precious duration ( 80s ) i guess michael jackson musics got much listening .. So i will vote for DH2
  2. The required style was TRAP I guess Panda music goes much to these kind of styles especially that includes some of bass effects so i will vote For DH1
  3. Regarding your recruitment ! I will take this decision and i hope i won't regret ! I will mark you in pending ! Which means i will personnaly control your activities in our sections ( Billboard / Artist Biography & Battles ) daily Also your presence in our TeamSpeak channel will be taken into account Consider that i might accept or reject you at the end depending on the activities you will afford us . So please do not let me down !
  4. ZmOldSchool gives you the opportunity to get a high rank for a limited duration , do not waste the chance .

    Apply here right now  ! 



  5. Miss you Ma bruh 😞


    1. Vector-


      miss you too bro 

      will be back soon 🙂

  6. Howdy @-LosT Actually it's been a time since you started your activities in our community projects ! You started from journalist , you improved yourself and now you have achieved another way in another project ( Dealers ) I can realize that you're a responsible and reliable member ! But i would be excited to see what does your leaders thinks about you ? @.Straju , @vagabond. , @♣ robila ♣ So Depending on their answers , i could gain much informations about you , the way you work & activity duration so i can fairly judge your recruitment .
  7. Congratulations mate , told ya be patient 😉


    1. Alex009.


      Thank you so much my friend! ❤️❤️


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    2. Meh Rez vM ! ♫
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    4. Blackfire



  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 92 seconds  
  10. You really impressed me with the new cover and avatar ! 

    Big respect ! 


  11. Actually the required style was Electronic but sadly i didn't find that much in both musics but i think i will vote for DH2 Much Bass included also different sounds added , it's better than DH1 tho
  12. Well there is a topic on which you can know everything about vip feautures and benefits but i will leave the part you want to know about vip in the quote below :
  13. Denied I don't have the right to participate in battles at the moment .

    Proposal New Project

    In my point of view , our community is mostly based on games but until that we expanded with another projects which are not related to gaming i could support your idea , i'm actually a photographer and i have some great shots about my coutry , i guess this will open us the doors to discover different cities , countries and cultures from all around the world . It will be much interesting if you tell us how you can start working on it ? What do you need us to provide you ? And you can handle this responsability by yourself or you will need a team ? Moreover tell us the first steps you will take to achieve this idea in case that your proposal got accepted ? Otherwise PRO from me .