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  1. IRON.

    Presidents Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 92 seconds  
  2. IRON.

    Intro Diego

    ¤ Nickname: IRON ¤ Real name: DIEGO rocha ¤ How old are you: 24 ¤ Your country: portugal ¤ In which the city lives: maia ¤ Favorite games: cs.go / call of duty ¤ Favorite movie/serial: the walking dead ¤ Favorite music genre: trance music ¤ How do you find HighLifeZm server: here ¤ A small description of yourself: smart and friendly guy ¤ Picture of you: i didnt had one now. I'll send in pm
  3. ¤ For Server : Walking ¤Nickname: IRON ¤ Age: 24 ¤ Languages That You Can Speak: Portuges / English / German ¤ Your Location:  Portugal / Vila nova ¤ Experience As Admin (post last server), : I own znnewworld before 1 year ago. NOTE: if u will accept me I'll manage only in forum cuz I had works (retired) I will join just for increase server world rank. Peace.
  4. IRON.

    you deserve it. 

    Keep working up 


    1. EMMA


      Thank you!!!

  5. IRON.

    Cerere slot

    Nick : Diego rchVarsta : 24Steam: ON/OFF ? OFF
  6. 20 euros without add-ons! because I will not let him as plague mod I'll add z.outstanding. If you're agree just send me a pm Or contact me via Skype : liveblackmaster99
  7. Am thinking to bought it but without 6.2 mod. If I bought I'll add outstanding mod Just let me think ?
  8. I'm sure that u will got a perma ban! 

    U didn't stop creating multi accounts or what! 

    Please take care and be patient 

    [Just wait ur turn to got ban] ?

  9. Hello , You can buy a server or add ur own one here . I wanna told you how : If you wanna buy a server contact our community founders: ./ / Sethhh Or If u Will add ur own server you can made a request Peace!
  10. Fake Infos This nick used by another manager
  11. Hello , u are already admin u can contact any managers for ur new infos
  12. IRON.

    New on Forum

    Welcome! enjoy with us.
  13. Where have you been , i missed you ?

  14. IRON.


    Welcome ! Read Rules to avoid punishment .

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