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  1. same opinion Contra for now back in two weeks, at which time you must demonstrate your interest in our project and enhance your work.
  2. 2018's God of War proved that even the most straight forward action series can evolve into something different without doing away with everything that made it stand out, and Santa Monica studios are ready to show how their new and improved formula will evolve even further in God of War Ragnarök. Preventing the Twilight of the Norse Gods from happening will not be an easy feat, but Kratos and his son Atreus are ready for the challenge. Release Date, Platforms, Editions While the game had been teased in some capacity ever since the secret ending that suggested Kratos and Atreus would have to fight more Norse Gods in the future, it was only during the September 2020 PlayStation 5 showcase that a fifth main God of War game was officially confirmed with a generic 2021 release window. The debut teaser focused on the coming of Ragnarök, which led many to believe God of War Ragnarök would be the game's official name. The game's official name was confirmed only a year later, during the September 2021 PlayStation Showcase event. By that time, Sony Santa Monica had confirmed a delay into 2022, mostly caused by Kratos actor Christopher Judge recovering from surgery. It would take a few more months to get the official release date, as Sony Interactive Entertainment and Santa Monica Studios confirmed that God of War Ragnarök would release worldwide on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on November 9th, 2022, with a cinematic trailer released on July 6th, 2022. The God of War Ragnarök Standard Edition, which will be available for $69.99 on PlayStation 5 and $59.99 on PlayStation 4, includes a copy of the game and the Kratos Risen Snow Armor and Atreus Risen Snow Tunic as pre-order bonuses. All PlayStation 4 copies can be upgraded to a digital PlayStation 5 copy for $10. The God of War Ragnarök Digital Deluxe Edition, which will be available for $79.99 exclusively on PlayStation 5, comes with a copy of the game, the Kratos Darkdale Armor, the Atreus Darkale Attire, Darkdale Blades Handles for the Blades of Chaos, the Darkdale Exe Grip for the Leviathan Axe, the official God of War Ragnarök Digital Soundtrack, a Dark Horse Digital Mini Artbook, and a PSN avatar set. The God of War Ragnarök Collector's Edition, which was available for $199.99 before selling out, included all the in-game bonuses featured in the Digital Deluxe Edition as well as a voucher code for the game on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, a Steelbook Display Case, 2” Vanir Twins Carvings, a Dwarven Dice Set and a highly detailed 16" replica of Thor's Mjölnir. The ultimate gift for all series fans is the God of War Ragnarök Jotnar Edition, which was available for $259.99 before it became sold out. This edition of the game includes all the bonuses featured in the Digital Deluxe and Collector's Editions alongside a 7-inch vinyl record with music by game's composer Bear McCreary, the Falcon, Bear and Wolf Pin Set, the Legendary Draupnir ring, Brok's Dice Set and the Yggdrasil Cloth Map. While not part of any special edition, Sony announced another God of War Ragnarök limited edition item, a DualSense controller with a very cool design. The controller will release on the same day the game does, on November 9th, 2022. Genre, Setting, Mechanics Taking place roughly three years after the previous game, God of War Ragnarök will see Kratos and his son Atreus traveling through all the Nine Realms of Norse mythology (unlike the 2018 game, which only included six of the Realms) at the end of Fimbulwinter (the final Winter lasting three years which precedes Ragnarök) to prevent the apocalyptic event from happening. Meeting up with Tyr, the Norse God of War who was previously thought dead, the Greek God and his son will also have to confront other deities, such as Thor, the God of Thunder who's out for revenge, as is Freya, the Vanir Goddess who previously helped Kratos and Atreus reach Jotunheim. Thor is upset due to the deaths of his sons Modi and Magni, while Freya turned against Kratos and Atreus after they were forced to kill her son Baldur. Of course, given the background story, the two will likely have to deal with Odin Allfather and Fenrir, too. We already know that the game will mark the finale of the Norse saga, as the developers did not want to drag on the story for another five years that would be required to make a third game. On the surface, God of War Ragnarök will not play too differently from its third-person action-adventure predecessor, so players will have to traverse a variety of locations, solve puzzles and defeat all sorts of powerful enemies using the Leviathan Axe and Kratos' signature Blades of Chaos. However, the previous game's experience will be expanded with plenty of new mechanics, such as the ability to infuse with ice and fire elements the Leviathan Axe and the Blades of Chaos, respectively, multiple shield types with different properties, and jumping attacks. Puzzles and traversal will also be expanded considerably, as Kratos will have to use his weapons more to explore some of the new worlds, such as Svartalfheim. Among the new abilities of Kratos' weapons, there is the ability to freeze geysers, dismantle pots, and more. Atreus will also be more involved in puzzle-solving situations. God of War Ragnarök will feature over 60 accessibility options that will make the game enjoyable for all types of players, as well as two different display modes on PlayStation 5, which will let players run the game at 4K resolution and 30 frames per second or dynamic 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. Trailers As mentioned above, God of War Ragnarök has been originally teased during the PlayStation 5 showcase event in September 2020. The teaser did not even confirm the game's title but suggested that it would be Ragnarök. The first proper look at God of War Ragnarök came with the PlayStation Showcase 2021 trailer, which finally showed the game in action and confirmed its final name. The God of War Ragnarök Father and Son cinematic trailer was very light on gameplay, but it still got fans excited, as it confirmed the game's November 9th release date Another new look at God of War Ragnarök has been provided by the September State of Play story trailer, which showed how high the stakes are in Kratos and Atreus' new adventure. Source:
  3. Google Japan seems to be having some fun this weekend as the company has just introduced Gboard Bar, it is a physical keyboard that has all the keys lined up in one row, a weird concept, but Google has an explanation for it, and the benefits associated with it. Google's Gboard Bar is the Keyboard You Did Not Know You Would Want Google Japan has stated that the Gboard Bar lets users find the keys that they are looking for a lot faster. The company even has an explanation for the inspiration that brought this product into the market. For years, the primary focus has been on the word "key" in "keyboard" and that is as far as the focus went. However, in Japanese, the word translates to キーボード (kii-bou-do), so with キー (kii (key) getting all the attention. Google has decided to focus on the ボー (bou) part, which, on its own translates to bow (staff/bar). Using this, Google managed to come up with a new design that allowed for improved navigation when you compare it to a traditional keyboard by putting all the keys on a traditional keyboard. Google Japan has said that Gboard Bar allows the user to minimize the need to look in all directions as they have to do on a traditional keyboard. They can just start at the beginning and go through each key until they find what they are looking for. Google Japan has also talked about how there are ergonomic and health benefits associated with the new keyboard as well. For starters, it allows the user to stretch their arms and legs naturally when they are typing. The Gboard Bar also comes with some added features like becoming a physical extension of your limbs, ultimately keeping it easier for you to press buttons that might be out of arms reach. Users can also go ahead and use it on hiking excursions as a trekking pole or a ruler to measure objects and the best thing is that it is super-easy to clean as you will only need to go for just a single wipe. For now, Google only has plans for a standard layout but is looking into a version with emojis and also a gaming model with LEDs. If the rest of the post wasn't obvious enough, one must understand that this is more or less a joke. Google Japan has no plans of mass producing the new keyboard but you do have a Github page where Google has uploaded all the data that will allow you to make your own Gboard Bar should you wish to. Alternatively, you can just use the perfectly capable and one of the best keyboard apps known as Gboard, available on both Google Play Store and App Store. Source:
  4. The very first AMD B650 motherboards from MSI have been listed by US retailer, B&H, with prices starting at just $199 US. AMD B650 Motherboards Listed Online With Prices Starting at Just $199 US For Budget-Friendly Ryzen 7000 PCs One of the main reasons why most PC gamers and users are reluctant to upgrade to AMD's Ryzen 7000 CPUs yet is due to the platform cost. Currently, there are only X670E & X670 chipset boards available on the market which are mostly priced above $300 US and you also have to factor in the cost of buying a good DDR5 memory kit. With that said, AMD will be introducing its B650E & B650 motherboards in a few days which aim to deliver much better prices aimed at the mainstream and budget gaming audience. While the AMD B650E & B650 motherboards don't launch until the 10th of October, US retailer, B&H, has already listed several MSI B650 motherboards with prices ranging from $199 to $329. These new motherboards include: MSI MPG B650 Carbon WIFI - $329.99 US MSI MPG B650 EDGE WIFI - $289.99 US MSI MAG B650 Tomahawk WIFI - $259.00 US MSI MPG B650I EDGE WIFI - $239.99 US MSI MAG B650M Mortar WIFI - $239.99 US MSI PRO B650-P WIFI - $219.99 US MSI PRO B650M-A WIFI - $199.99 US These appear to be much better prices than the X670E & X670 motherboards on the market right now. Furthermore, there could be even cheaper variants with prices starting at just $125 US. That has already been confirmed by AMD so expect even better deals once the AMD B650 & B650E line is officially launched. Retailers such as Microcenter are also trying to make high-end Ryzen 7000 & X670E deals attractive by bundling them with a 32 GB DDR5 EXPO memory kit, more on that here. Going the AMD B650 route means that you will miss out on some features such as you won't be getting both Gen 5 M.2 and Gen 5 PCIe slots like the B650E & X670E series motherboards. But in return, you will be retaining most of the features and a good set of IO while also having the ability to overclock both CPU and DDR5 EXPO memory. Overall, the MSI B650 motherboards look really great for their prices but it will take proper testing to confirm this which is something we will talk about in our review. Source:
  5. The latest version of GPU-Z has now been released and offers full support for NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 4090 & Intel Arc graphics cards. GPU-Z shows detailed BIOS, clock, or overclocking info and offers details such as power limits or a built-in NVIDIA DLSS scanner. The new support will be handy for all the reviewers working on their tests. TechPowerUP's GPU-Z 2.5.0 introduces support for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPU, Intel Arc A770, and Intel Arc A750 graphics cards The newest GPU-Z update by the engineers on the website TechPowerUP is much more because it finally supports the desktop Intel Arc A770 & Arc A750 graphics cards, just days after they were officially confirmed to launch this month on the 12th of October. Not only that but NVIDIA's RTX 4090 is also going to launch on the same day which means there will be three cards available the same day, one focused at the very high-end and the others aiming the mainstream market. These cards are already in the reviewers' hands. We will likely see GPU-Z and Arc GPUs in action next week (when Intel lifts the review embargo). Recently, we reported that the website had revealed a new leak-blocking aspect for NVIDIA graphics cards within the GPU-Z monitoring tool was requested by NVIDIA to add support so that leaks about upcoming NVIDIA hardware would be hidden, especially when engineering samples are out in the field for testing and partnering product development. The website has also chosen to grant GPU-Z its web domain ( so that it can relieve any issues for administrators and ease the blocking of networks. Now, board partners and third parties cannot validate GPU-Z submissions or BIOS info to the website's soaring database. The GPU-Z information and monitoring software does not introduce any significant changes, apart from those specified for the newly added cards. GPU-Z 2.5.0 Changelog Added support for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Improved detection for Intel Arc A750 & A770 Added Intel Arc VRAM temperature monitoring Fixed Intel Arc temperature sensors Instead of showing a blank window, a proper message is displayed when the DLSS Game Scan finds no supported games. Source:
  6. Without a shadow of a doubt, smartphone cameras have evolved to a stage that we would not have believed was possible a decade ago. What started out as handsets running tailor-made software and shipped with single rear sensors at the back and front has now reached a plateau where such devices feature a multitude of optical units on both ends. These improvements have likely led to a Qualcomm VP claiming that smartphone cameras will outperform DLSRs in five years. Qualcomm Executive Also Claims That the Processing in Snapdragon Chipsets Is 10-Times Better Than What Is Done on Those Bulky Cameras In an interview with Android Authority, Judd Heape, the Vice President of Product Management for Camera, Computer Vision, and Video at Qualcomm, believes that smartphone sensors will see a new dawn, though that journey could take up to half a decade. “We’re three to five years away from reaching the holy grail of AI photography.” One of the biggest limitations of smartphone cameras compared to DLSR units is the sensor’s physical size. No amount of cutting-edge engineering can allow mobile devices to tout larger sensors, so where hardware becomes a bottleneck, providing image quality improvements through software becomes the next step. According to the Qualcomm executive, the chipset maker’s Snapdragon line can process 10-times better compared to cameras developed and sold by major brands by Nikon and Canon. “The processing in Snapdragon is 10 times better than what you can find on the biggest and baddest Nikon and Canon cameras. And that’s why we’re able to really push the barrier on image quality. Because even though we have a small lens and small image sensor, we’re doing many, many times more processing than what’s even capable in a DSLR.” Just a couple of years ago, smartphone brands started introducing the term ‘AI’ to their products, stating how the image’s quality level is raised a few notches with the help of artificial intelligence. Qualcomm’s Judd Heape implies that AI is a significant contributor and will continue to see refinement to the point where it can identify and alter smaller objects, such as hair. “Going forward in the future, we see a lot more AI capability to understand the scene, to understand the difference between skin and hair, and fabric and background and that sort of thing. And all those pixels being handled differently in real-time, not just post-processing a couple of seconds after the snapshot is taken but in real-time during like a camcorder video shoot.” So far, the biggest sensor found in a smartphone has a size of 1-inch when measured diagonally, and with a little effort, Heape believes they can go beyond this threshold. Unfortunately, he did not specify how long it would take, so it is obvious that we should not keep waiting patiently for a 1.25-inch or 1.5-inch sensor to arrive next year or the year after. “In the direct near term, no, I don’t see us going above one inch. But in the future, yes, we can probably get there.” The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is Qualcomm’s upcoming flagship SoC and is said to arrive with a ton of improvements, including one in the ISP department, according to one tipster. We are excited to see what developments are made when Qualcomm officially announces it, and we will have a glimpse of the efforts Heape that the team has contributed toward smartphone camera sensors. Source: Just a couple of years ago, smartphone brands started introducing the term ‘AI’ to their products, stating how the image’s quality level is raised a few notches with the help of artificial intelligence. Qualcomm’s Judd Heape implies that AI is a significant contributor and will continue to see refinement to the point where it can identify and alter smaller objects, such as hair. “Going forward in the future, we see a lot more AI capability to understand the scene, to understand the difference between skin and hair, and fabric and background and that sort of thing. And all those pixels being handled differently in real-time, not just post-processing a couple of seconds after the snapshot is taken but in real-time during like a camcorder video shoot.” So far, the biggest sensor found in a smartphone has a size of 1-inch when measured diagonally, and with a little effort, Heape believes they can go beyond this threshold. Unfortunately, he did not specify how long it would take, so it is obvious that we should not keep waiting patiently for a 1.25-inch or 1.5-inch sensor to arrive next year or the year after. “In the direct near term, no, I don’t see us going above one inch. But in the future, yes, we can probably get there.” The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is Qualcomm’s upcoming flagship SoC and is said to arrive with a ton of improvements, including one in the ISP department, according to one tipster. We are excited to see what developments are made when Qualcomm officially announces it, and we will have a glimpse of the efforts Heape that the team has contributed toward smartphone camera sensors. Source:
  7. Intel has just confirmed that they will launch both Arc A770 & Arc A750 graphics cards on the 12th of October with prices starting at $329 & $289 US. Intel Arc A770 & Arc A750 Launching on 12th October Simultaneously For $329 US & $289 US The Intel Arc A7 and Arc A5 graphics cards will be the only desktop families to make use of the top ACM-G10 "Alchemist" GPU die. There are three graphics cards featured in the desktop family that utilize this design including the Arc A770, Arc A750, and the Arc A580. Intel has officially confirmed that the Arc A770 & Arc A750 will be available on the same day and their prices will start at $329 & $289 US, respectively. Intel Arc A770 Graphics Card - 32 Xe Cores, 16 GB Memory, 2.1 GHz The Intel Arc Alchemist lineup will include the flagship Arc A770 which will feature the full ACM-G10 GPU with 32 Xe-Cores and a 256-bit bus interface. The Intel Arc A770 will feature both 16 GB and 8 GB flavors across a 256-bit bus interface and a TDP of 225W. The clock speeds for the card will be rated at 2.1 GHz for the GPU (Graphics Clock) and 17.5 Gbps for the GDDR6 memory, offering up to 560 GB/s of bandwidth. It is expected to be positioned in the same performance category as the RTX 3060 Ti but will offer slightly better performance. We have seen several benchmarks of the Arc A770 here and here. The graphics card will be starting at $329 US pricing for the 8 GB variant while the Limited Edition with 16 GB memory will be priced at $349 US which is a very small premium for twice the memory cap. The graphics card is said to offer up to 42% better performance per dollar versus the NVIDIA RTX 3060 (overclocked variant). Intel Arc A750 Graphics Card - 28 Xe Cores, 8 GB Memory, 2.05 GHz The second part is the Intel Arc A750 which will also be equipped with an ACM-G10 GPU but house 28 Xe Cores (3584 ALUs), 28 ray tracing units 8 GB GDDR6 memory running across a 256 -bit bus interface, and a TDP target of 225W, same as the Arc A770. The card will feature a 2050 MHz GPU & 16 Gbps memory clock rate for an effective 512 GB/s of bandwidth. For more:
  8. Apple will potentially release iPadOS 16 sometime in October with a boatload of forward-facing additions. One of the major features that Apple announced at its WWDC event was Stage Manager. However, the new feature was developed to work only on iPad models with an M1 chip. Well, looks like Apple is finally changing its mind after hearing a lot of complaints. Scroll down to read more details on the subject. Apple is Bringing Stage Manager to Older iPad Pro Models Without an M1 Chip, Responding Positively to the Criticism The latest information is shared by Engadget, suggesting that the iPad Pro models from 2018 and newer models will support Stage Manager. The caveat here is that it will not work with an external display. In addition to this, the company is also removing support for external display for Stage Manager on M1 iPad models. The publication writes: That changes with the latest iPadOS 16 developer beta, which was just released. Now, Apple is making Stage Manager work with a number of older devices: it’ll work on the 11-inch iPad Pro (first generation and later) and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (third generation and later). Specifically, it’ll be available on the 2018and 2020 models that use the A12X and A12Z chips rather than just the M1. However, there is one notable missing feature for the older iPad Pro models — Stage Manager will only work on the iPad’s build-in display. You won’t be able to extend your display to an external monitor. Before today, the 2018 and 2020 iPad Pro models were unable to take advantage of Stage Manager. The two models feature Apple's A12Z and A12Z chips, respectively. According to Apple, older iPad Pro models would be unable to offer acceptable performance with the new multitasking interface. This is because the feature requires "large internal memory, incredibly fast storage, and flexible external display I/O" provided by Apple's M1 chip in new iPads. It is great to see that Apple has responded positively to the criticism after it limited the feature to the latest iPad models with an M1 chip. This is all there is to it, folks. What are your thoughts on Apple revoking its decision to restrict Stage Manager to M1 iPad models? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Source:
  9. Accepted, i will send u my work by night too
  10. Last week NVIDIA unveiled DLSS 3, their latest upscaling and performance-boosting tech exclusive to GeForce RTX 40-series graphics cards. The big difference between DLSS 3 and previous versions of the tech is the addition of AI-generated frame generation – in other words, DLSS 3 doesn’t just reduce the workload of rendering frames at high resolution, it creates new frames to boost a game’s performance. Early DLSS 3 hype videos from NVIDIA have been head-turning, but now the tech heads at Digital Foundry have got the chance to go hands-on with the tech in Marvel’s Spider-Man, Cyberpunk 2077, and Portal RTX and the results are impressive. You can check out the full preview for yourself below, provided you have around half-an-hour to spare. To start, Digital Foundry shows off the settings screen available in Spider-Man if you have a new DLSS-3-capable GPU. Essentially, you get the same upscaling quality options you’d get with a DLSS 2 GPU, but now you can activate frame generation, which is a simple on-off choice. Interestingly, if you turn on frame generation, NVIDIA’s Reflex latency reduction tech is turned on by default. We’ll get to why that’s important in a minute. As for DLSS 3 performance, Digital Foundry isn’t allowed to share actual frames-per-second data yet, but they were able to compare Spider-Man, Cyberpunk, and Portal running natively on an RTX 4090 without any upscaling to those three games running on the same card with DLSS 3 on and the results were impressive. Spider-Man showed around a 2x boost in performance, Cyberpunk 2077 offered a 3x boost, and Portal RTX offered 5x the native performance. DF speculates the results may be somewhat CPU-bound, meaning you might get better results out of game like Portal than an open-world title like Spider-Man. As for the actual quality of the frame generation, with not 100 percent perfect, it’s significantly better than existing tech like Adobe After Effects. But what about latency? Adding extra frames to a game is going to naturally increase latency, right? Well, NVIDIA Reflex largely deals with latency. For instance, in Portal RTX, DLSS 3 latency is only slightly higher at 56ms than DLSS 2 at 53ms, and much better than native latency at 95ms. Things are a bit further apart on Cyberpunk, with DLSS 3 delivering 54ms of latency to DLSS 2’s 31ms, but it’s still below native latency at 62ms. So, yes, DLSS 3 isn’t quite as responsive as DLSS 2, but it’s still better than native and shouldn’t be a big issue overall. DLSS 3 will launch alongside the GeForce RTX 4090 on October 12. You can check out the current list of games committed to support DLSS 3, right here. Source:
  11. There has been a slump in iPhone 14 demand, forcing Apple to cut production, as it aims to ship 90 million units this year. Fortunately for the company, it still has its top-selling champions, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, to rely on steady shipments, and according to one analyst, it is the larger 6.7-inch version that deserves the majority of the credit. With Many Exclusive Features Belonging to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, One Analyst Claims That Apple Is Setting up a Consistent Strategy for Future Models The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are picking up steam, and TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has decided to tweet about the bigger variant, claiming that it accounts for 60 percent of the total order increase of the latest’ Pro’ models. This increase in po[CENSORED]rity means that Apple’s ASP (average selling price) of iPhones will increase in the final quarter of this year, according to Kuo, and this could cement a fresh strategy that could remain consistent with future flagship iPhone models. This year, we got to see more upgrades on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max compared to the non-Pro models, and surprisingly, Apple maintained the same $999 starting price, going against all sorts of rumors clamoring that the iPhone maker will have little choice but to introduce a price hike. These upgrades could see an extension next year when Apple announces the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max successor, the iPhone 15 Ultra. An increase in differentiation between the non-Pro iPhone 15 range and the Pro versions will give Apple more leverage to increase the prices for the premium models, increasing its profit margins and ASP. The new year has yet to start, and we have already come across reports saying that the iPhone 15 Ultra will be the only model to feature a periscope zoom lens, a first in the iPhone’s history, and Apple has apparently already found a supplier for this component. Apart from that, just like with the A16 Bionic fueling the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple is rumored to introduce the A17 Bionic in 2023 for the more expensive versions and will take advantage of TSMC’s second-generation 3nm architecture to mass produce it. More differences will be found in the coming months, and we have the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s po[CENSORED]rity to thank for that. Source:[CENSORED]rity-60-percent-total-order-increase/
  12. AMD's Ryzen Threadripper 7000 CPU codenamed "Storm Peak" has appeared within the Einstein @Home database and features up to 64 Zen 4 cores, as discovered by Benchleaks. AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000 "Storm Peak" CPU Spotted, Features 64 Cores & 128 Threads Based on 5nm Zen 4 Architecture Within the database, there's a new entry submitted for a chip with the OPN Code "100-000000454-20_Y" and this chip falls in the "Family 25 Model 24 Stepping 1" which indicates that it is based on the Zen 4 core architecture. According to OPN code and the platform it was tested on, this appears to be the first entry of an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000 CPU featuring the Zen 4 core architecture.and two monthly payment plans – "Create" for $9.99 and "Pro" for $23.99. There are no specifications mentioned but the CPU is listed to feature 128 "Number of Processors". Going by previous entries, these appear to be the number of threads so the CPU actually features a total of 64 Zen 4 cores. Now, this is lower than the 96 cores featured on the EPYC Genoa chips. This might just be one of several variants but we can't point out for sure if the next-gen Threadripper's will be launching on the SP5/TR5 socket that Genoa and Bergamo utilize or the SP6 socket which is designed around EPYC Siena CPUs. The AMD EPYC Siena CPUs are optimized around lower TCO & higher performance per watt and come in either 32 Core "Zen 4" or 64 Core "Zen 4C" flavors. But since this chip here features 64 cores and is also utilizing a 5nm node, it is unlikely to be an SP6 or Zen 4C design. Once again, AMD will be branding their next-gen "Storm Peak" Ryzen Threadripper 7000 CPUs under the "PRO" moniker which means that DIY availability will be limited unless Intel manages to offer a market shift with their Xeon Workstation chips that also seem to be heading for launch next year. Following is the list of desktop CPUs confirmed by AMD: Ryzen 7000 'Raphael' (Zen 4) - 2022 Ryzen 7000X 'Raphael-X' (Zen 4 V-Cache) - 2023 Ryzen Threadripper 7000 (Zen 4) - 2023 Ryzen 8000 'Granite Ridge' (Zen 5) - 2024 The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000 Desktop CPUs are expected to launch next year and will utilize the 5nm process node Source:
  13. Gaming is big on YouTube. Fortunately, the barrier to entry is low, and literally, anyone can give it a shot. And if you have never tried to share your joy of playing via YouTube videos, you have come to the right place to start. Join us in taking a look at a dozen video editors for gamers that will help you bring your footage to the viewer in the best way possible. This is not a rating list; we just want to present options for different needs and skill levels. Let's make one thing clear before we continue – we will not be discussing video editing software for gamers by Adobe in this review. It is basically public knowledge that with enough money, time, and skill, anything can be done with Adobe programs. Clipify Main features Automatic features for a streamlined workflow Export of videos to a YouTube-compatible format Overlaying images and video clips Comprehensive drag and drop interface Live feed capture from your webcam Newbies looking for some good video editing software for gaming can try Clipify. It is capable of chroma-key editing, color correction, adding effects, and transitions – everything you need to create videos and montages that stand on par with other YouTube content. And to make your video stand out a little more, you can brand it with a unique logo or a watermark. Clipify also has very lenient system requirements and runs smoothly on a mid-end PC. Regarding downsides, Clipify is a Windows exclusive for the time being and not available for any other OS. There is a free version for quick and uncomplicated editing. Advanced features are available with three paid licenses – Standard for $29.40, Deluxe for $39.90, and PRO for $59.50 – all payments are one-time, with no subscription model involved. Lightworks Main features Ease of use with a drag-and-drop interface and video routing Color correction, chroma-key, transitions – everything for good editing Audio processing, like noise reduction or frequency boost Presets for quick editing and sharing videos on social media Lots of motions clips to spice up your footage Lightworks is the software of choice for many big YouTubers out there. It is quite friendly towards beginners and offers a lot of free learning metering and user support. Experienced editors may find a lot of advanced functions, from color grading to multicam recording. Lightworks is available on all major platforms – Windows, Mac, and Linux. It comes with a handful of downsides, though. High-resolution export is locked behind a paywall, the list of output formats is short, and the unconventional interface might be puzzling for some. Lightworks has a free version For more:
  14. Last week, NVIDIA rolled out their latest GeForce RTX 40-Series GPUs as well as their latest DLSS 3 upscaling and performance-enhancing tech. NVIDIA used a handful of games to show off DLSS 3, including Marvel’s Spider-Man and Microsoft Flight Simulator, but it seems there’s another major game that may possibly use it – Forza Horizon 5. While a big announcement wasn’t made, the promo page for NVIDIA's new RTX 4090 card includes the following chart… As you can see, the chart shows Forza Horizon 5, with the light-green part of the bar indicating the performance boost the game will get with DLSS. Forza Horizon 5 getting DLSS at all is an announcement, as it doesn’t yet support the tech. Now, the big question – will FH5 support DLSS 3? The chart’s fine print mentions frame generation, which is a tech exclusive to DLSS 3, but the fine print also uses the term “when applicable” multiple times, implying not all the games on the chart will use the latest DLSS tech. In fact, we know Red Dead Redemption 2 isn’t using the tech. So, is DLSS coming to Forza Horizon 5? It seems so. Is it going to be the latest DLSS 3 support? That’s not a lock. If Playground Games is going to add DLSS to FH5, it would be somewhat odd for them not to take advantage of the best-possible tech, but who knows? We'll update you if and when more info is available. Missed out on Forza Horizon 5? Wccftech’s Chris Wray very highly recommended the game in his full 9.5 out of 10 review… “Forza Horizon 5 is yet another step up for the series and arguably the best racing game ever made. Offering a host of content across a fantastic representation of Mexico, its varied terrain and scenery, there's so much to explore and race. A massive roster of cars will perform all of these, each feeling different from the others. All in all, it's impossible not to recommend this for anybody, regardless of them being a fan of racing games or not, as this is that good.” Forza Horizon 5 is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Source:
  15. The Galaxy S23 series should be debuting sometime next year and over the past couple of months, we have heard some substantial details about the series. Sure, the flagship Galaxy S23 Ultra passed through the Chinese certification recently but one of the rumors that we have been hearing a lot is the fact that the S23 series will largely be based on the S22 series. This should not come as a surprise because the Galaxy S22 series is already exceptional but we now have confirmation that Samsung is going to approach hardware changes with some limitations. The Galaxy S23 Series, Especially the Base Models to Largely Remain the Same as Their Predecessors If the rumor ends up being true, the Galaxy S23 and the Galaxy S23+ will largely be the same as the Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy S22 services. Sure, you will find upgrades as the new chipset like the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, but aside from that, the hardware differences will be few. The current information, S23/S23+, nothing has changed except the chip. Nothing has changed in the S23 Ultra except for the chip and screen and the main camera. Of course this is just a rough idea, I'll double-check the rest of the changes. In addition to that, the source also says that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be using an upgraded chip, a new screen, and Samsung's 200-megapixel camera unit, but aside from that, the phone will largely be the same as the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Although it would be safe to criticize this move by Samsung, it actually signals that Samsung could be starting a crucial chapter. In my iPhone 14 Pro review roundup, I talked about how phone manufactures can no longer sit and attack Apple because Apple truly has done something magnificent with the iPhone 14 Pro series, and Samsung being Apple's biggest competitor actually needs to go ahead and deliver something that can rival the likes of the iPhone 14 Pro and yes, I am excluding the base model. We will have to wait and see how the Galaxy S23 series turns out. As a Galaxy S22 Ultra user, I am looking forward to the Galaxy S23 Ultra and see how the phone turns out to be. Source:


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