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  1. linko


    That's a nice idea, because I saw this kind of method in other server. But for the moment we can't change that, not just that but nothing can be changed for the moment. But still i'm PRO for that
  2. Upgrades/Downgrades: @totu154 transferred from Semi-Elder to Elder(test 1 week) SantiagoOfficial' REMOVED!
  3. ★Nickname : WKB ★CSBD username : @allecs24 ★Rank : Administrator
  4. linko

    [Rejected]request ADMIN

    Very low activity Contra
  5. Upgrade: @!_____! transferred from Helper to Semi-Elder! Good Activity and Upgrade Req!
  6. Nickname: KiBo CSBD username: @KiBo1 Rank: Helper
  7. Rejected! S N O K E Z is not an admin here so there will be no result from this report! T/C Topic Closed!
  8. This is the topic where the managers will add New Admins that join in NewLifeZM!! Rules: 1) The administrator that is added must have an account in CSBD and must be mentioned in "New admins" section! 2) The Manager should follow the Model of the New Admins! 3)Don't add upgrades/downgrades in this Topic!! Model: ★Nickname : ★CSBD username : ★Rank :
  9. Acest post nu poate fi afișat deoarece este într-un forum protejat de parolă. Introdu parolă
  10. linko


    With the nickname you mentioned you have low activity I know that this:*_*/ belongs to you too and still this nickname makes low activity. For myself i don't know.. to vote for pro or contra.. Let's see the other decisions!
  11. linko

    [Accepted] TAG request

    Accepted! T/C Topic Closed!
  12. Upgrades: @cani-* transferred from Co-Owner to Owner - Daily Activity and Help (No FTP + No Manager CS 1.6) Downgrades: @WKB transferred from Elder to Legend due low activity! Admins added by @linko : @!_____! added as Helper! @NW.graphic added as Helper! @totu154 returned as Semi-Elder! Admins added by @axelxcapo: @ßặđ ßǿÿ added as Helper! @santiagoofficial added as Helper! @inmortal added as Helper! Admins added by @#Loenex @reyan added as Moderator! Admins added by @Gerardo Larreal.:
  13. Rejected! Low activity and You are admin in other server! T/C Topic Closed!



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