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  1. Marlboro*

    Request Administrator

    no reply ! Come and make a request when you Got ready for it ! Have fun Regard's MArlboro
  2. you have Unban now ! Respect the rule's and Have fun ! Regard's MArlboro !
  3. dami si mie unban te rog 


  4. imi cer scuze mane.. nu am stiut

  5. Sorry for the absent ! for not- be active in game , forum etc i have some problem to resolve ! Now i got some time to spend more in Blackdevil community Regard's MArlboro !
  6. i tink he have a Reason for slap - slay you dont attack or do camp durring a mode ! waith Evomer to reply why it's the reason for slap - and slay Regard's MArlboro Have fun !
  7. Marlboro*


    If the serv need's admin yes but not widouth the properly Request ! like ather request need the follow the rulles of request and rule's of game ! if wanth to help serv and be in the staff Newlife need to come back with the right Request ! REgard's MArlboro Have fun !
  8. Marlboro*

    request admin

    i dont see you play onn server ! make the propriete hour's on serv Read the rule's Respect the rule's And come back with a new Request ! REgard's MArlboro HAve fun !
  9. Marlboro*

    Admin Request

    Like ather's player's reguest to acces for admin ! you need to follow allways the Propriete REquest for be a part off Newlife staff . !!!!! Have hour's e seen more on on serv ..... Come back when you are prepared for a just REquest Admin ! ok Regard's MArlboro HAve fun !
  10. For that 1 advertismet ! but i see now is another post whit the same problem Prankk give you admin but is mistake about you you have REad the rule's when ask for admin Request ? ! i wait for a answer Apacino and Prank MAKE YOUR DECISSION !! REgard's MArlboro Have fun !
  11. where is the Proof that him buy 4 time's sniper ! need allways a screenshot to prove something Athere way This post have not argument ! Screen when he's buyng that mod consecutive time ! Sauber i know him is allways follow the rule's ! REgard's Marlboro Have Fun ! Rejected
  12. Marlboro*

    Admin Request

    REspect The MODEL OF ADMIN REQUEST And make The specific Hour's ! yes i know are the player's who not respect the rule's but aniway you have chat admin to reply them who not respect the rule's !
  13. Acest post nu poate fi afișat deoarece este într-un forum protejat de parolă. Introdu parolă
  14. Your nick:Marlboro Your ip ( Your STEAMID:rosucolorat The reason you have been banned: i dont now ( idk the reason for ban ) habar nu am de ce am luat ban ? The admin who banned you: i dont have the name The time:23:20 Your proofs (screenshot Or Demo): NET Ports: server 27015, client 27005 Server IP address Connecting to You have been banned from this server. Connecting to You have been banned from this server. Connecting to You have been banned from this server.
  15. hey crastto

    why cr7 is admin heper onn wtf zm ?


    1. Crαstto


      is not man he is blacklist there

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