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  1. Bye,bye ATENTATULE 😉

  2. Congrat's for all new Moderator's. Good luck with this rank ❤️❤️

    Good morning!


    1. Master_Kill


      😭😭😭🙁🙁congra. To All

    2. PranKk.


      Good Morning!

    3. Bandolero


      Good Morning And Thank You,I admire it !

  3. Like @-Dark say's,you have our TeamSpeak 3 for communication and i don't want to see this function in our Forum,because is not an improvement or not help us at all. Request rejected. T/C
  4. Felicitari,Oanna! 😘❤️

  5. Congrats,Dexter. Welcome in our RED club! 😉

    1. #DeXteR


      i heard that read things going on there :v


    2. YaKoMoS


      :(((((,what about Green CLUB

  6. Mr.Sebby

    CSBD History Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 100/100 My Time 43 seconds  
  7. Salutare! Am facut o verificare si nu te-am regasit in lista de membri banati pe TeamSpeak3. O zi buna! T/C
  8. Mr.Sebby

    Un Banned me

    Request rejected! T/C
  9. Mr.Sebby

    Proposal - Memes room

    Proposal rejected! T/C
  10. Can you check my support ;)))

  11. Mr.Sebby

    report axelxcapo:)

    Mr. Love is not the only one who give promoted to rank. I'm here for that and i don't like to see give this rank of global mod like helper. Rank removed from Prankk and if i see this again i will suspended you for 14 days! T/C
  12. Mr.Sebby

    Proposal - BirthDay

    Good point. For now this proposal is Rejected, but i like this ideea. We see that in the new year how to resolve this thing with birthday change date. Happy New Year! T/C
  13. Mr.Sebby

    proposal - Music Room

    Hello! We do that and not working. Now will not be different like the last one. Proposal rejected! T/C
  14. Mr.Sebby

    Proposal - Hackers .

    You hear opinion of other's members and option's for that. Proposal rejected. T/C

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