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  1. @Whoo!, the first idea about 10% : Casino system will auto give them back 10% devil coins if they click "Better luck next time" button. If we add this feature to Casino system In case they want some more devil coins for betting, they can contact with Gambler Staff members and ask for some devil coins. But they need to proof that they are gamblers.
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    Same for me, 100% contra
  3. Your nickname : Lucky-chan Your problem (actually a question ) : I know that many people buy V.I.P with their 20.000 devil coins. But i still not know what are benefits and also abilities of a V.I.P that attracted them that so much ? Hope anyone who already bougth V.I.P provide me information about V.I.P with details.
  4. Hello, i am a normal gambler (not recruit yet) and today i will propose about Casino with issues and ideas. CASINO issues : - There are many bets about scenario who will score a goal in the match, will the team score 3 or more goals, who will have a hat-trick in the match,... - There are bets about who will win the match => All of those bets be arrangemented messily, that will make people who bet will confuse and bet the wrong bets,things that they not expected. Quick Bet is common used for betting, they won't know infomation of that bet about because they choose Quick Bet. *Example : + You saw Liverpool avatar bets and you click on it for Quick Bet, you bet 5000-15000 devil coins or even all of your devil coins because you know that Liverpool 100% will win that match. + You thought that bet is all about Liverpool will win the match. But the truth is that bet is about Salah or Mane will score a goal. If Liverpool win, but Salah or Mane not score a goal, you will lose all of your precious devil coins forever and can't never retrieve ever again. Imagine when you have 10.000 - 100.000 devil coins and now you have 0, and with 0 devil coins you can't bet anymore just because you pick a wrong bet. - There are bets about who score a goal, will the team score 3+ goals in a single match but not about which team will win the match or draw. *Example : Liverpool vs Aston Villa, the only bet i saw is the bet about will Salah score a goal. I not see any bets about Liverpool will win the match or not. - There are bets that not so balance odds. *Example : Brighton vs Liverpool bet about will Liverpool score 3+ goal in the match. And the odd is 1.5 but not 2 or 3. To score 3+ goals in away match is extremely hard, not mention Brighton is a pretty good team and not want to get relegation, they will defense well and better than Aston Villa. Liverpool will need magics to score 3+ goals, Salah will have hard time to score in away matches, he can only score at Anfield. => Odd 1.5 seem to be underestimate Brighton team. CASINO Ideas: 1) Losing bets get 10% devil coins for better luck next time: - Who get losing bets will received only 10% of the devil coins that they bet for next time betting. *Example : You bet 5000 devils coins and lose the bet but you still able to receive 500 devil coins for the next bettings. Reason : Example : A guy bet 5000 devils coins and lose all devil coins because you lose the bet, now you have 0 devil coins. He cry huhu but if he received 10% of the devil coins that he bet - get 500 devil coins for better luck next time betting, it will reduce his sadness and give him hope to keep on betting more and more. That will make CASINO the more active place and we might also have many Gambler in the future, i hope so. 2) CASINO selections: - Newest Betting Selection - Suspending Soon Betting Selection - Random Betting Selection - Winning or Lose Betting Selection (new) (betting about result of matches, who will win or lose the match) - Scenario Betting Selection (new) (betting about who will score in a match, who will have a hat-trick or will this team score 3 goals or more in this match, will anyone receive red card,yellow card,...) 3) Betting Avatars: - Scenario bets and Winning or Lose bets - any bets must have different avatars. Or else people will choose wrong bets by mistake if you guys keep all bets have similar avatars and without changing it for different type of bets. *Example : + Winning or Lose bet : Barcelona vs Villareal - Barcelona will win the match - Avatar : Barcelona Icon picture. + Scenario bet 1 : Liverpool vs Chelsea - Salah will score a goal - Avatar : Mohamed Salah picture (not Liverpool Icon picture, because that will make people who Quick Bet choose a wrong bets, thought that bet was about Liverpool win or not. + Scenario bet 2 : Juventus vs SPAL - Juventus will score 3 or more - Avatar : 3 soccer balls and Plus (+) . Reason : Like i said before, similar avatars will make people choose wrong bets, they only thoughts bet about their team win or not. Note : I lost all of my 1000 devil coins down to 0 just because of choosing wrong bets because avatars of bets fooled me. I suppose to have a lot of devil coins but loosing all because avatars of all bets look similar -_- 4) League,Tournament Choosing Button (Option Button): - Each Selection of Bets should have League,Tournament choosing button. What i mean there is a option button,you press it and choose which league,tournament do you want to bet. - That Option Button have name "Choose League/Tournament". *Example : The betting select have many different league/tournament bets mixture. If you want La Liga bets only, you only need to click on Option Button and choose La Liga. After that every bets about La Liga only will show. 5) Making more bets: - There is only 1 bet for each team and it not about winning or lose, it about who will score,red card,... That not fair. We should make more bets with many different scenario,results,... - Recently i not see any bets about draw, winning or lose. So it force me to choose bets that i not want to choose or not choose anything. 6) Gambling Rewards : (first place,second place,third place) - 3 people who won the most bets (different bets) in 1 week will receive Small CASINO Rewards (each place will get different rewards by CSBD Casino) - 3 people who won the most bets (different bets) in 1 month will receive Normal CASINO Rewards (each place will get different rewards by CSBD Casino) - 3 people who won the most bets (different bets) in 6 months will receive Large CASINO Rewards (each place will get different rewards by CSBD Casino) 7) Search teams for bettings : - There should be a search box for finding teams that you want to bet. It will all bets about your team - not 1 but all. Reason : When you come to the CASINO, you try to find your team that you want to bet in selections but you can't find your team just because the selections don't have enough space to show all bets. You have to reload the CASINO page again and again many times until your team bets show up in the selection. That is not convenient. And usually it only show 1 of many bets of your team, not all of it. 8. Retrieve bets (cancel the bet) and view infomations of your bets after betting available : - Imagine you betting some bets and you scare from losing the bets, you able to press Cancel button in your bets in My Bets Section to retrieve your devil coins back. But you can only retrieve your devil coins back before the suspension of bets. After the suspension, you have to accept losing bets or winning bets by lucks after the matches over. - Imagine someone accidently choose the wrong bets by mistake, he want to know infomations of bets that he choose by accident, he just need to go to My Bets Section and click on his bets and it will show infomations of his bets. If those are wrong bets, he can retrieve his devil coins back at anytime before the suspension. 9) Boxes: A) Add Boxes : We know that we already have Highest Bets Placed Box, it show which bets have highest devil coins placed by who. But we also should have some more boxes such as : - Latest Bets Placed : this box will show latest bets by who. We will be able know who recently betting in CSBD Casino. - Latest Visitor : this box will show latest visitor with their name and time has passed since their last visit. We will be able to know who recently visit CSBD Casino. - Biggest Gambler : this box will show who receive the most devil coins from CSBD Casino only. - Lucky Gambler : this box will show who won the most bets in their history of betting. (We don’t need to check most bets in 1 week,1 month,6 month for Gambling Rewards if CASINO system will automatic give them rewards, not us) B) Scroll Boxes Available : - People able to scroll boxes to see more and more in boxes, not just top 5 (now). - They will able to see top 100 in boxes if they able to scroll boxs. 10) Gambler Ranking System: - People who betting will have rank monthly. They able to see their rank in Gambling and try to get higher rank,more devil coins by betting more and more,be more active in CSBD Casino. - Rank will be depended on : + Most won bets (different bets, not the same bets) + Most devil coins placed and won - Top 3 ranker in 1 month will get Gambling Rewards of course according to my 6th idea. Weekly and 6 month is Casino system give. Monthly also by Casino system give but have rank to show - With ranking system, they might be more partcipate CSBD Casino Hope my proposal will be useful for CSBD Casino and make CASINO a more active place in the future Regard, Lucky Edited : @Macs , i have added my 7th - 10th ideas, go check it out and leave your opinions. Tag Moderators/Global Moderators: @XZoro™, @Dr.Drako, @-Dark, @vagabond., @The Ga[M]er., @#PREDATOR, @YaKuZa--BoSs, @Amaranth Tag gamblers : @Whoo!, @Macs, @AymenGhost., @Stendhal, @LiNeX, @growndex., @Ntgthegamer, @NANO, @[email protected], @pulse.exe, ✘°[D]ąnîëlå° 达尼™✘, @Evil BaBy
  5. Hello ^^ It is me 😄

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      Hi Lucky, how are you? Sorry I haven't answered before, I'm working too hard 

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  6. Pro Good, fun player and respect rules, not teamming up with players This "SkyHigh" name is your new name, you are @nota loco* You was a experienced admin here, played many hours (much more than 30 hours) and i didn't see you do anything wrong or bad when you was still a admin and even now. Good activity : 500 mins activity per day and it keep going solid. Keep it up!
  7. Name: @Lucky-chan Tag your friends: @Dante ღ, @axelxcapo, @Nikhel Nice, @linko, @gordon freakman, @Whoo!, @Gogo Khan (knife mode), @eXeCuToR, @Eslam Em Hamza, @Loenex, @Adyroiha2020, @Asma Bkh, @Blackfire, @S N O K E Z, @Sensuo, @nota loco*, @[A]Sweety^ x CSBD, @El-zero#2, @cani-*, @Nyx., @2slow, @Shved`, @ReSHoW., @myCro , @Roselina ♣ flowers, @The_Saw, @Ru-gAL.™, @DarKVoicE, @marquitosportillo784, @#Steeven.™, @Kukata, @pepsi., @Julian lopez , @odkoisbest and all lovely NewLifeZM and CSBD people Hihi What football team is your Favourite: Liverpool and Barcelona,Ajax (If i am a Gambler sooner, i would be rich of devil coins because my favorite number 1 Liverpool xD )
  8. ¤ YOUR NAME : @Lucky-chan ¤ ADMIN'S NAME : abdo ¤ TIME/DATE : 12/6/2020 - 8:51:00 AM ROM ¤ PROOF :
  9. #Pro I like your competition ideas We could add : /competition. - When players type : /competition, it will show words, details and images of latest monthly competitions topic on forum. - With that, players will know what to do and fight for exclusive prices waiting for them Also we need active admins, who not auto-attack all the time to advertise players and guide players about typing /competition to know more information. What do you think? @myCro , @linko, @[email protected]@axelxcapo, @Nikhel Nice, @Blackfire, @Kukata, @[K]KoHoeTka^
  10. ¤ YOUR NAME : @Lucky-chan ¤ ADMIN'S NAME : HuSsIeN_Dabah abdo ¤ TIME/DATE : Just now Proofs : ,
  11. Ok @Nikhel Nice I will check daily Other admins have to help me and each other with this for NEWLIFEZM or we would be removed from GameTracker Rank because those who not auto-attack ! We have to work together with this as a FAMILY * Note : - Admins who been reported not auto-attack many times in 1 day will only be received as maximum 1 warning per day only despite how many reports - - > To prevent that admins don't have a chance to correct their mistake (removed before he/she can even online and know what happened) - Only make report of admins who not auto-attack longer than 1 hours.