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  1. Hi BlackFire, long time no see 😄 Do you remember me ? 🙂 

    1. Blackfire


      Oh lucky my bro what's up 😎😁,long time, ofc I didn't lol, impossible to forget newlifezm legend 🙂


    1. Lucky-chan


      I am glad to see you again :D How are you ?

  3. Why you guys removed me ? I waited and no one show me how to post bets and then remove me from Gamblers Team
  4. Name: Lucky-chan Problems/Questions: How to post bets on CASINO ?
  5. its not ranked and no players??


    1. Polito


      We change server remvoed shadowzm

  6. lucky

    what happened with your server???

    1. -LosT


      cuz we changed server to perfetzm and removed shadow


    2. -LosT


      cuz we changed server to perfetzm and removed shadow


  7. Fake Th3 Expendable. I meet him everyday and i have asked the real Th3 Expendable on ts3. He said : it is a fake one. This is a fake Th3, this account just created yesterday @Nyx. Warning : Fake account (maybe multi-account, i don't know) and he not even play newlifezm server. #Contra
  8. Great idea, i will looking forward to it ?
  9. Lucky-chan

    [REJECTED] enyerveb

    Contra Very bad activity
  10. Congresista Mánager ZMBOUX ???

  11. I have read your thread and here is my react : - Yes, you are right. You have been in this server for very very long time before anyone know this server and yet still not give up on server after all those years. - But sadly no one remember you, even the daddy bosses don't even know who you was, they think you are just a new admin/manager, but you aren't. - Even though i just join this server for 5 month but at the moment i see your topic "HULK has return", i see you as a old/loyal/loveful manager. - You always online in ts3 and often talk to me, not afk like the other. You always often play in the server and help players,punish hackers,not play for rank like the some admins and legends. - You was an old Daddy Boss and with all of your efforts helping NewLifeZM server, you truly deserve to have Daddy Boss again and welcome happily. Example : @Dante ღ was welcomed by many people happily and also return Daddy Boss grade, meanwhile you don't get a thing from bosses. This is unfair and not suppose to be happen this way. - In the way you say about manager who not deserve, you have a point. You often check and play with players in the server same as @linko, meanwhile @myCro ?, @Roselina ♣ flowers, @Gerardo Larreal., @axelxcapo auto-attack all the time and rarely online to give players ammos. In my opinion, i know everyone is busy and frustrating in their life same as @ThheIncredibleHulk, but they always have some little bit of their free time every day to come to server and enjoy with players for at least 10-15 mins or even more after you done your works and free on Saturday/Sunday. - I see that Daddy Bosses/Managers/Admins responsibility is to connect the server with some good activity. But i see that @myCro ?, @Roselina ♣ flowers never afk in the server (not even one for 5 months straight), also @axelxcapo he only afk when he see that server FTP gone wrong or else, he will never afk and create activity. Meanwhile all admins including me online everyday and create good activity, help players. If i am a boss, i remember everyone that ever join/retired mine server for many years without forgot and also treat them (deserved) when they return, i will never left anyone behind, everyone is a big family and everyone should be treated like members in family. Right now,I am trying to online in server/ts3/forum and play with players,help players even though i have poor PC (hot as 101°C,1 GB RAM and 11 fps) and also have so much bad lucks and busy in my daily life : do housechores, do homeworks, study for my 3rd year in high school while Covid-19 force me to be inside my house,etc... I love @ThheIncredibleHulk and if we can't make you stay, we will miss you forever and remember everythings you have done for the server. And when i get higher grade in the future (maybe), i will help you about the server together with @linko, @Dante and everyone. Regard, @Lucky-chan
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