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  1. Dubai: Could cyber fraudster Hushpuppi be behind the many bogus websites flagged by Gulf News including the one reported by the newspaper last fortnight? Nigerian instagram stars Raymond Abbas aka Hushpuppi, Olalekan Jacob Ponle, po[CENSORED]rly known as Woodberry, and 10 others were arrested by Dubai Police recently in an operation tagged Fox Hunt 2. Hushpuppi’s principal scam was to create websites that looked identical to those of established companies. One such website reported by Gulf News on June 16 was that of the non-existent Hiba EP Group of companies with a purported Abu Dhabi address. Between March and June the bogus Hiba EP Group shot off scores of fake job offer-letters to aspirants worldwide, promising attractive salaries, free accommodation and a raft of monthly allowances. But there was a catch: In order to clinch these jobs, the candidates had to first contact Hiba Group’s UAE-based immigration attorney (sic) on WhatsApp and remit thousands of dirhams towards visa processing and other charges. Nigerian connection As it turns out, Hiba EP Group’s website was created just four months ago using stolen content from the website of Dubai-based RP Group. It served a single purpose -- to cheat people on the pretext of giving them jobs. Further investigations show that website’s domain name is registered in Hushpuppi’s home country Nigeria. Adeel Khan, who received an appointment letter from Hiba Group on June 14, said he was offered a salary of Dh17,300 -- besides Dh8,000 towards allowances -- for a chemistry teacher’s position at a school. “Luckily, I suspected a scam and didn’t respond,” he said. Sometime back, a fictitious health care facility called Maris Hospital was similarly used to target overseas medical professionals with content and pictures stolen from Dubai-based iCARE clinics. An Indian pharmacist in New Delhi said he almost fell for the scam when he got an email from Maris offering him Dh37,000 per month plus another Dh10,000 in allowances. An identical website, complete with pictures and testimony of patients was made for Thumbay Hospital too. Calls made to the purported recruitment managers of these hospitals were answered by an man who spoke with an African accent. Thumbay and iCARE Clinics later filed complaints with Dubai police as did many schools, hotels and reputed firms whose websites were also duplicated to pull off job scams. Hacking corporate emails Hushpuppi’s gang also hacked corporate emails and directed huge payments towards bank accounts they controlled, according to Dubai Police. Last year, Dubai firm Cheers Exhibition lost $53,000 (Dh194,700) after its email was hacked and a spoofed email was sent from its account to trick clients to wire the funds into an overseas bank. Once the fraudster had familiarised himself with their business operations, he impersonated the company by creating a spoofed email address that looked deceptively similar to the Cheers’ actual email. In this case, the letter ‘i’ in the email [email protected] was replaced with the letter ‘l’ Using the mani[CENSORED]ted [email protected] email, the cyber criminal then contacted several of Cheers’ clients and instructed them to make payments to Nordea Bank headquartered in Finland. “The issue remains unresolved till date,” the firm’s CEO cum managing director Binu Manaf told Gulf News on Wednesday. Earlier this year, a fake airbnb website left at least two Dubai residents up to Dh16,000 out of pocket. The victims include a British pilot and Indian manager. They were searching for short term rentals online when they got a phishing email. Both were directed to a wesite that looked deceptively similar to that of airbnb and tricked into entering their card details. In March, UAE resident, Saleemuddin Ansari from India fell for an Instagram advertisement offering a Huawei Mate 20 Pro Android smartphone for Dh297 against its original price of Dh1,299. The phone turned out to be a counterfeit.
  2. When it comes to family resemblances, they don’t come much closer than the new Toyota Corolla hatch and sedan. For a few years there, the two body styles differed dramatically in appearance, but now they’ve merged together again. Although the hatch had the headstart with a small launch lead, the entire Corolla family for Australia is up and running. Like the hatch, the Corolla sedan comes in three model grades: Ascent Sport, SX or top-shelf Corolla ZR – like the car you see here. There are a few differences, though. The sedan is longer overall, which is probably no surprise given its longer boot, but it also rides on a longer wheelbase with the front and rear axles further apart – freeing up more space for passengers inside. There’s also some minor specification differences. Hatch and sedan are sourced from different Japanese factories, which may explain some of the differences, but they’re also aimed at different buyers. The hatch is sporty and a little more youthful in its approach, while the sedan tends towards a more conservative buyer. There’s nothing too major to split the pair, though look closely and you’ll see the front bumper is ever so slightly changed, the front seats of the sedan aren’t the racey looking hip-huggers from the hatch, and the spec sheet is a little differently po[CENSORED]ted. The $33,635 (plus on-road costs) Corolla ZR sedan is $1500 more than an equivalent hatch – perhaps down to the extra length and metal required to fill it? And, unlike the hatch, the sedan doesn’t come with a petrol-electric hybrid option. Instead under the bonnet it runs Toyota’s new-generation 2.0-litre naturally-aspirated engine producing 125kW and 200Nm. It’s linked to the front wheels via a ‘direct shift’ CVT automatic which features a traditional first gear before switching to a shiftless continuously variable transmission. Spec highlights shared between hatch and sedan include 18-inch alloy wheels, proximity key entry with push-button start, driver’s head-up display, wireless phone charger, 7.0-inch instrument display, 8.0-inch infotainment with navigation, digital radio and smartphone mirroring for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, heated front seats and a power-adjustable driver’s seat. Perhaps a little oddly, the sedan comes only with single-zone climate control (the hatch is dual zone), slightly odd looking striped faux-leather seat inserts instead of suede-look, and misses power folding mirrors and park sensors. There is a sunroof however, which the hatch lacks. Oh, and the spec sheet insists the ZR comes with rain sensing wipers, although try as I might in a variety of conditions during a fairly wet week, they never actually sensed any rain. There’s also a quirk with the tail lights. They’re LED lights, just like the hatch, but unlike the detailed light pipes of the hatch or previous sedan, Toyota has used a reflector housing with an LED ‘bulb’ in the middle instead of making the most of the tech. Number plate, reverse and Headlights are LEDs too, though you’ll still find incandescent bulbs used for the rear indicators. Interior design is a solid step up from the older generation. It’s more integrated, and more sporty to look at. Not over the top, mind you, but the play of lines from the centre, that rise to the outer edge of the dash, that pick up the silver spear and AC vent housing, that leads back the island of climate controls, that has the tablet-style screen protruding from it... it all looks good. The impression of quality is lifted thanks to stitched details, though the real thread in the dash top is a bit more convincing than the moulded marks on the lower facing panel. Ergonomically it works pretty well, is clear and well labelled, but the narrow console isn’t overflowing with storage options. There’s even hints of ambient interior lighting. A small touch, but one that works wonders to boost the impression of fanciness at night. Toyota’s infotainment system is still pretty basic. On the plus side, that makes it quite easy to use, but the down side is low-res graphics and a low-contrast screen that can be harder to read during the day. Smartphone pairing makes familiar functions easy to use and expands the AM/FM/DAB entertainment capabilities, though it would be nice if the USB plug wasn’t just slapped into the dash the way it is. Always a positive, the air con is super-cold. Not always required in winter, but for an Aussie summer there’s little that can match the Corolla for cool-down speed in the small car class. The front seats have a bit of shape to them and are supportive without being too grippy. They are sport seats with a touch more shade than lower grade models, just not as super-sport looking as those found in the ZR hatch. The rear seat is quite comfy. There’s genuine space there for adults – no, it isn’t limo like and passengers will have to remain upright and can’t stretch out without finding the front seats but for growing families or short-trip urbanites it’s very much up to the task. Improved as it may be in the rear there’s still no face-level ventilation, or things like rear USB points to keep devices topped up on the go so you may be forced to make conversation with your passengers. Boot space is an incredibly hand 470-litres, plus the seats can be folded (in a 60:40 split) to handle bigger items and a space-saver spare lives beneath the floor. For some boot size could be the deciding factor alongside the ZR hatch and its 217-litre boot, although the Corolla sedan still trails the 502L Kia Cerato and 519-litre Civic Sedan on outright capacity. Around town there’s plenty to like about the way the Corolla drives. The engine has enough urge to feel capable in city traffic and the way Toyota has set up its automatic gives a nice positive feel when starting from a stop, before blending into smooth seamless changes on the go. It’s not always perfect. From more spirited starts the physical first gear setup betrays plenty of vibration, which shudders through the whole car, accompanied by a very noticeable whine. The engine doesn’t give a whack of torque from down low, but that makes it nice and easy to drive smoothly and predictably. Your Corolla won’t furiously spin tyres in the wet or chirp angrily, but as engine speed climbs it finds a robust midrange that’s quite useful and provides a pert zippiness for rolling through traffic. Away from city streets, the Corolla ZR sedan is perhaps a little less at home. It needs a decent run-up and plenty of warning if you plan to overtake, and on rural roads you’ll notice plenty of tyre noise, plus the low-profile tyres on 18-inch wheels show up bumps and dips in the road surface more readily than the chunky-tyred 16-inch wheels on lower grade models. That's not to say it's rudely uncomfortable. Far from it, in fact, but the big wheel aesthetic does dial back ride comfort compared to other models in the range. Toyota’s safety suite reads like that of a premium model from just a few years ago, with a long list of driver-assist features including adaptive cruise control, auto high beam, lane departure alert with steering assist, lane trace assist, autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, speed sign recognition and more. Lane trace works well to keep you within lane markings, but is highly dependent on the sensitivity setting. Set to the highest, the steering wheel twitches and pulls from your hands a little too much, but you can dial assistance down a touch for a much more natural feel. Adaptive cruise control is great at highways speeds, though if traffic gets held up, it feels less natural at low speeds and tends to brake late and feel erratic if traffic slows below about 70km/h. That said, the assist functions are better to have than not, where appropriate. The Corolla ZR also packs in seven airbags, a pair of rear ISOFIX child-seat mount points, and a reversing camera, though through the low-definition centre screen it only offers a hint of what’s behind and lacks active guide lines. City and suburbs, or commuting and school runs seem to fit the Corolla best. It’s a little more fun to drive than it’s been for quite some time, but it doesn’t quite strike the right note in every situation out of town. It isn’t trying to be a performance car, but the new underpinnings give it a keener driving feel with more responsive suspension and steering that feels connected and lively without being relentlessly nervous. Warranty coverage spans five years with no kilometre limit for private usage (or 160,000 for cars used for commercial purposes) but Toyota also applies an extra two years of engine and driveline coverage for cars that are serviced on time and according to the factory schedule. Your dealer can help you with the full terms and conditions. If you service with your Toyota dealer, you’ll find fixed-price servicing at 12 month or 15,000km intervals. Up to the first five visits, service pricing is a highly competitive $180 per service including all scheduled filters and fluids. Fuel watchers will note that Toyota provides an official 6.0 litres per 100km fuel figure, which grew to 7.8L/100km after a mostly urban week of zipping too and from the office and an out-of-towner to see the in-laws. The elephant in the room is the lack of a hybrid version, with the ZR sedan being the only Corolla trim level not to offer the option where all others do. Without being too daring – as with the Corolla hatch – Toyota has struck a neat balance between user friendliness, premium features, day-to-day practicality and welcoming familiarity. There may still be a slightly unpolished edge here or there, but for the most part the Corolla ZR sedan is a gem – albeit one that might fly under the radar alongside its more showy hatchback counterpart.
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  4. Well , since there is a lot of staff + ts3 , we could get help easily from them , But , adding live chat would be faster ofc and easier .. so if its possible , why not having it .. #Pro
  5. Name: LiNeX Age: 20 Country: UAE How would you say your English skills are: 9/10 Why do you want to be Gambler: I like gambling , and i do like this project , and i would like to help and improve this project more and more . What Football team do you support: FCB Your Favorite league: La liga Favorite player: Messi Do you use Team-Speak?: Yes , but its banned in my country , i can join for important stuff only with vpn . Screenshots of your 5 wins: https://imgur.com/a/FXX5Z6F
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  9. Winning the lottery is not always a blessing. Sometimes it causes tension within families. Sometimes it leads to a lifetime of debt. Here are a few lottery winner stories that have happy endings — and some others that didn’t turn out so well. 1. Everyone begged for her money: A lady who worked at the same company as me won just under $100 Million. They said the number of sob story letters and requests for money was simply unbelievable, even a year later. People claiming to be veterans, or asking for them to pay for surgeries, and more. They simply stopped opening their own mail. I don’t know if that’s something I could handle, but dang. Funny part of her story, she still went to work for about 3 days before realizing that she didn’t need to work anymore, and quit. Her husband and her both had worked at that company for about 25-30 years. 2. She went broke within three years: A friend of a friend won a $17m jackpot back in the mid-1990’s. Within 3 years, she was completely broke. Her family still hounds her for money constantly and refuses to believe she doesn’t have any. She couldn’t say “no” to her family, they bled her dry, and now that she hasn’t got anything left to give, they won’t speak to her because they think she’s holding out on them. 3. She sued the lottery company for selling her a ticket: There was a person who won the EuroMillions £1m raffle and became stressed from suddenly having a large sum of money and had her relationships with her friends were affected. Despite not going broke, she claims to have felt meaningless with her wealth. She decided to sue Camelot (the company that runs lottery games in the UK) for negligence in providing good advise to someone at her age (17 at the time) and also claimed that it was irresponsible to allow under 18 years olds to buy lottery tickets. 4. He lost his closest friends: My grandfather won 30,000 in Australia in 1977, not long after lotto was introduced. It bought him a truck to run his own business and a house in a nice suburb which he and my grandmother lived in until they passed away. It also brought out people looking for handouts which ultimately drove my grandfather away from close friends and turned him in to a reclusive semi alcoholic. 5. He was already rich before the lottery win: A person I knew won one of the first lottery’s in Florida he won 7 million before taxes it did not change him, he was already rich, (money goes to money) he won another big jackpot a few years later.
  10. Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) has allowed some restaurants, cafeterias and coffee shops operating outside shopping malls in Abu Dhabi to reopen their doors to customers after verifying their compliance with precautionary measures and guidelines needed to ensure consumer safety, a statement from the authority has said. After obtaining COVID-free results, owners and workers of these facilities were permitted to open. The move, in coordination with Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED), comes in line with ADAFSA’s efforts to ensure food services are resumed in a safe environment under the current pandemic situation. Dr Mohammed Salman Al Hammadi, Director of ADAFSA’s Legislation Division, said, “ADAFSA had previously set several preventive measures for owners and workers of these facilities. These include a requirement for the facility’s workers to get tested for COVID-19 to ensure they are virus-free, operating at a maximum 40 per cent of the facility’s capacity and maintaining at least 2.5 metre social distancing between tables and closing waiting areas.” Each table should only have four people and body temperature of all customers should be checked before they enter the facility. Buffet and hookah services are still prohibited. All workers and customers must wear face masks and gloves when they are inside the facility, he said. “If a worker is confirmed COVID-19 positive, the facility must stop its operations, and direct all workers to the nearest healthcare centre for necessary checks,” Al Hammadi said. The facilities should clean and sanitise all surfaces, equipment, chairs and tables after each use, as well as clean toilets throughout the day. Free testing for restaurant workers “In cooperation with Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre, ADAFSA has designed a page in the food facilities’ accounts on its website, calling on them, through SMS, to enter their employees’ data into this page. This enables workers of food facilities willing to resume their activities to conduct COVID-19 testing for free,” he said. In addition, ADAFSA has carried out extensive inspection campaigns to ensure the compliance of food outlets with all precautionary measures, to promote food and consumer safety, Al Hammadi said.
  11. The 2021 Mazda3 Astina SkyActiv-X M Hybrid and 2021 Mazda CX-30 Astina SkyActiv-X M Hybrid models have been announced for Australia, introducing the Japanese automaker's advanced Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI) engine to the local market. Devised as a best-of-both-worlds technology, the SkyActive-X engine is able to combine the benefits of regular spark ignition as found in traditional petrol engines, with the leaner running cycle of a compression-ignition diesel engine. Fuel-saving capabilities are further extended by the use of a mild hybrid system. Buyers will be able to secure the Mazda3 SkyActiv-X M Hybrid from August 2020, while the small SUV CX-30 SkyActiv-X M hybrid will be available from September. The new technology, initially at least, will only be offered on top-spec Mazda3 and CX-30 Astina variants – the highest model trim available in each line-up. Prices for the Mazda3 X20 Astina will start at $40,590 plus on-road costs with a six-speed manual or $41,590 with a six-speed automatic. The CX-30 X20 Astina will be priced from $46,490 plus on-road costs and comes as an auto-only all-wheel-drive model. The premium for choosing an X20 model compared to a 2.5-litre G25 is $3000. Performance from the 2.0-litre four cylinder petrol hybrid powertrain is expected to be 132kW and 224Nm, based on overseas information – though Mazda's local arm hasn't confirmed Australian specifications. Within the Mazda hierarchy, that places the X20 models between the 114kW/200Nm G20 and 139kW/252Nm G25 variants. The new engine is paired with a 24-volt mild-hybrid system that harvests energy during deceleration and braking, transferring that power via a belt-driven integrated starer generator that is said to assist the petrol engine. The new powertrain, known as SkyActiv-X M Hybrid, ignites fuel under compression, much in the same way that a diesel motor operates. Mazda claims this method offers the fuel efficiency and torque of a diesel, but with the high-revving nature of a traditional petrol engine. As reported by CarAdvice in June 2019, the new Skyactiv-X M Hybrid powertrain also utilises a low-capacity supercharger to pump extra air into the cylinders to achieve the unique ignition cycle. Official fuel consumption figures for the new engine have not yet been supplied. CarAdvice has contacted Mazda Australia for more on the remaining details and will update this article with its response.
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  14. ' Dubai: A worker was accused of attempted murder after he assaulted his supervisor with a metal bar when he was sleeping, the Dubai Court of First Instance heard on Thursday. The 22-year-old defendant took a medium-sized bar, sneaked through the window of the Indian supervisor’s bedroom and hit him on the head seven times in a bid to kill him. Court documents stated that the two men had previous work-related disputes that led to the incident in October 2019. The defendant claimed that his supervisor was treating him badly and had insulted his mother. The 31-year-old victim told the prosecution that he was sleeping when he was hit. “I woke up and saw the suspect standing in front of me holding a bar of metal. He knocked me down again and I fell unconscious. I woke up next at the hospital and learnt that he intended to kill me,” the Indian victim said in records. A security guard testified that he heard noises coming from the victim’s apartment at Al Barsha area, and later saw the defendant escaping from the window holding the bar of metal. Dubai Police responded to the emergency call and an ambulance rushed to the spot and transferred the victim to hospital for treatment. “We arrested the defendant after three hours in a near-by deserted area. He told me that the victim was abusing him all the time and held him from his ear,” a policeman said in the records. “The defendant claimed that he couldn’t stand still as the victim insulted his mother. He waited until the victim went to sleep and entered the room from an open window and hit him on the head.” The policeman said that the defendant sat in the room for five minutes before escaping from the window. “The assault on the victim’s head with several hits meant he intended to kill him,” he said. During interrogation, the defendant admitted to physically assaulting the victim with a bar of metal. Prosecution charged the defendant with attempted murder. The defendant is under police custody.