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  1. welcome back, we miss you here glad to see you again
  2. you can see in the fisrt pic the last ligne a player was telling you to calm, because he know you brok the rules, and you can ask about me all palyer are fine with me, this is the first time i put a report here, no one report me befor iam a respect man and know a lots of this, really is bad from you to tell me this gagged me, i didint insult you, i dont know why you have this behavior with players
  3. really, when this happen was only master there, and you diodnt gag me, this is a lie i swear, never disrespectful you there, i never insult you there because i know this bad in server, i was attacking and use madness, and the seurvivor usingstuck me with lm, and when i unstuck mysel i go out, and try to attack again, he freez me, and zhen i asked him why he didi that, he started insulting me, is it permissible to insult players when they ask admins why did that ?
  4. i'm a good and respectful player one of my best servers in the game, active player and know the rules, never have problem with others, but this time he make me feel too bad really make look like poor player there, with no right and he freely to do anything, i don't know if that the right way to tell someone to respect the rules by insult him
  5. ¤ Your name: tiu8085 ¤ Claimed Admin name: Blackfire ¤ Date and time: 16/06/2020 18:40 ¤ Reason of complaint: he insulted me by telling me stfu i think you know what this mean, i see him do it always with other player really he is disrespectful always do it. ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo): https://imgur.com/lXD0C3N https://imgur.com/R0lkF6p when i tell him be respect tell me play the damn game, https://imgur.com/59MSq9F he tell ,me that he have a 7 years of experience and he disrespectful, too bad to hear that, somone who have this period of experiance and dont know how to talk to players really is too bad really make the server bad for me and others. thank you