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Mr.Love Mr.Love

I think you heard of AOTW, but you didn't heard of AOTW Voter. It's your chance to find out in the topic above.

Register if you want, but, hurry up, today is the last day to participate!



Ntgthegamer Ntgthegamer



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17 Iron IV

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  • Dată Naștere 03/08/1993

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  1. Totu

    give me admin bro 

  2. @BoB1 delet the Message I want to speak you fast

  3. BoB1

    [Accepted] Request Tag

    Accepted! Pm me with your, password NOTE: For changing new Tag is needed 1 week to be passed from The last Request.
  4. BoB1

    [Accepted] admin request

    Accepted as Helper ! Pm me with your nick , password , tag.
  5. BoB1

    [Accepted] Rank Up

    Accepted! Your next rank moderator. god luck
  6. BoB1

    [Accepted] Admin request

    Accepted as Helper ! Pm me with your nick , password , tag.
  7. BoB1

    [Rejected]Request Upgrade

    You have Minutes Played: 2929Score per Minute: 0.6 Your next morning "Administrator" But you have to do 300 minutes. Semi - God : 550 Minutes Daily Moderator : 400 Minutes Daily Administrator : 300 Minutes Daily Helper : 200 Minutes Daily
  8. BoB1

    [Accepted] tag Request

    Accepted! send me pm pasword.
  9. BoB1

    [Rejected]report admin

    You have no proof. "you have 24 hours otherwise you will be thrown away"
  10. BoB1

    [Accepted] Admin Request

    Accepted as Helper ! Pm me with your nick , password , tag. You need to open a ban list!
  11. BoB1

    BanList BoB1

    ¤ Date / Time : ¤ Nick: ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban: ¤ Reason: ¤ Proof:

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