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  1. ♣ robila ♣

    NANO's Giveaway

    ★ Name: robila ★ Tag a Friend: @.Straju @Qween @#PREDATOR @Blackfire @Roselina ♣ flowers @pulse.exe @myCro @The GodFather etc. ★ Favourite Game: Rocket League
  2. @Meh Rez vM ! ♫ @.Straju @#Em i[N]O' @Blackfire @!#Apex @#Garrix @aRbi~ etc.


    <23:39:42> "robila": WHEN I SAY NOW, POKE TGF ALL

    <23:39:44> "robila": NOW

    <23:39:47> You poked "The GodFather".

    <23:39:49> You poked "The GodFather".
    <23:39:50> "The GodFather" disconnected (leaving)

    You were a good boy. R.I.P. Soldier

    1. The GodFather

      The GodFather

      I know it's a trap, don't wait for me to join 🤣🤣

  4. You are welcome. 🙂 Gz for the Medal Harmony Star. ❤️ Ly! 

  5. Nume Jucator: Moheb A Wh IP Jucator: Data si Ora: Azi 20.22 ora italiei Motiv: Wall Dovada:
  6. Nume Jucator:T are NOOBS IP Jucator: IP - Data si Ora: Azi 20.11 ora italiei Motiv: Script Dovada:
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    Also check the next "Giveaway on lottery", you can win some Steam Cards.


  8. Nume jucator : LEXX Ip jucator : Data si Ora : azi 16.11 ora italiei Motiv : aim Dovada
  9. ¤ Your name : robila ¤ Have you been vip before?: yes ¤ Tag you friends @Roselina ♣ flowers @.Straju @Qween @-LosT @myCro etc.
  10. I vote DH2, I grow up with that song and I love it since he went out, about DH1 is too "relaxing" for me
  11. Hello, I talked with some guys from the Journalists Team and we are #PRO, good idea. One proposal, to don't create a team for the Photography, what do you think to add that section on the Journalists?