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  1. 1- Nickname: Ghostly. 2- Name of Story: The legend of the stolen kidney 3- Story: Another of the most po[CENSORED]r horror stories is that of the stolen kidney. It is often said that it is something that happened to a family member or friend of an acquaintance and many come to believe that it is a story of real fear, but the truth is that the theft of a kidney has never been reported to the authorities . It usually takes place in very touristy and exotic settings, such as New York, Brazil or Bangkok, although there is also the Spanish version. The protagonist is a young ma
  2. Ghostly.

    [Ghostly Quotes]

    ¤ Your Nickname : Ghostly. ¤ The author of the quote: Paulo Coelho ¤ The Quote: Everybody has a creative potential and from the moment you can express this creative potential, you can start changing the world.
  3. 1- Nickname: Ghostly. 2- Name of Creepypasta: Polybius 3- Story: There is an old urban legend that revolves around arcade machines that had their golden age during the 80s and 90s. As the story goes, on a cold night in 1981, an arcade in Portland, Oregon, received a very special request. However, this store was not the only one. A handful of these machines were distributed throughout the city. It was said to be still in the testing stage ... During the short period that these arcades were available to the public, those who played it reported having nightmares or
  4. 1-Author name: Paulo Coelho 2-Birth Date - Place: August 24, 1947 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 3-Age: 71 years old 4-Books (mentioned 3 min.): El alquimista - Once minutos - El peregrino 5-Genre of his books: Novel 6-Other Informations : He is one of the most widely read writers and novelists in the world with more than 320 million books sold in more than 170 countries (224 territories), translated into 83 languages. He is the writer with the largest number of followers on social networks, reaching figures of 29.5 and 15.5 million on Facebook and Twitter alone. Since
  5. 1- Nickname : Ghostly 2- Author of the book: Paulo Coelho 3- Name of Book: El Alquimista 4-Photo of book: 5- Summary: The Alchemist (O Alquimista, 1988) is a novel written by Brazilian Paulo Coelho that has been translated into more than 80 languages and published in 170 countries, and has sold 65 million copies worldwide (2012). The book deals with dreams and the means that [clarification required] we use to achieve them [clarification required], about chance in our [clarification required] life and the signs that occur throughout it. It is considered as a para
  6. Atlético, who had dispatched a reasonable first act, went to rest with the game practically lost. Atlético, who had dispatched a reasonable second act, finished the game beaten. This is how the champion spends them, a team that is hungrier the more it feeds: having achieved the first goal, it will put in another gear to look for the second, achieved the second it will accelerate until it reaches the third ... and so on. Depending on your attitude and your aptitude you can drop four or eight, but for them it will not remain: they are always ready to delve into your wound. Insatiable that Bayern
  7. The new generation of the Hyundai i20 has come with substantial changes and it seems that the Koreans want to enhance their sportiness. It has already been done on an aesthetic level with the arrival of the N Line sports finish for the utility, although they had something more serious prepared. The expected Hyundai i20 N 2021 is presented, an authentic sports version that uses all the experience of the brand in competition. The inspiration could not come from any other than the i20 WRC which has been giving such good results. After the success of the Hyundai i30 N, one of the sports c
  8. If the trend continues, health system spending may exceed 3,000 million in the next 12 years 80% of men and 55% of women will be obese or overweight in the year 2030 in Spain, according to a study carried out by researchers from the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute (IMIM). The study, published in the Revista Española de Cardiología, estimates that in 2016 there were some 24 million overweight adults in Spain, 70% of men and 50% of women over 16 years of age. The work warns that, if the current trend is maintained, in 2030 this figure will increase by about three
  9. For 14 days, the hotel business will be closed and the bubbles between cohabitants in each home must be preserved. The confinement will not affect the border with Iparralde. This Thursday the perimeter confinement and the restrictive measures announced by the president of Navarra to try to prevent the spread of the coronavirus come into force. For 14 days, until November 4, entry and exit from the Autonomous Community will be restricted, except in cases of force majeure, and bars and restaurants will remain closed. According to the latest data provided by the Regional Gover
  10. Ghostly.

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    Accepted! send me ur info in TS3 or PM!
  11. La vida en la cárcel de Martín Pradenas: A un año exacto de la presunta violación que habría empujado a Antonia Barra al suicidio, Martín Pradenas sigue aislado en una unidad sanitaria de la Cárcel de Valdivia. Sin contacto con el resto de los internos, pasa sus días leyendo la Biblia y haciendo videollamadas. Sus cercanos dicen que está más tranquilo, porque ya no lo pueden ir a funar. En paralelo, habría una nueva denuncia por acoso sexual en su contra. Los vecinos de la calle Los Arrieros están tranquilos. Por fin, dicen, se respira algo de normalidad en aquel barrio al sur de
  12. Nickname : Ghotly. Tag your opponent : @Seuong Music genre : Electronic Number of votes : 7 Tag one leader to post your songs LIST : @Ghostly.
  13. Accepted, send me ur info in ts3 or PM!



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