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  1. @estuardozuniga0011 Tienes 24 horas para responder al reporte o en caso contrario, podríamos darte darte muy serios castigos!!
  2. Dante ღ

    [Accepted] Tag Request

    Accepted T/C
  3. Welcome To NewLifeZM Enjoy of this beautiful place and have fun
  4. Updates According to the test admins of those users Obito's activity: Seems a very satisfactory activity, so stills remaining as an Pre-Manager Gabriel507's Activity: His activity is not able to deserve a place very high, so he failed test Co-Owner Downgraded to PLAYER
  5. [CS.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM]- voted [yes/no]: YES [CS.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM] - voted [yes/no]: YES [CS2.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM] - voted [yes/no]: NO [CS2.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM] - voted [yes/no]: YES [ZMOLDSCHOOL.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM] - voted [yes/no]: YES [NEWLIFEZM.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM] - voted [yes/no]: YES [LEGENDS.CSBLACKDE
  6. Acest post nu poate fi afișat deoarece este într-un forum protejat de parolă. Introdu parolă
  7. 1. Game: Cs 1.6 2. Tag [@name]: @#Steeven.™ 3. Time & Date: Tomorrow a la tomorrita :v, ando cansado pdj xd 4. Detalies[rounds, duration, explains about game, etc., if necesary]: 5 rounds any weapon 5. Do you need a referee?[click HERE to check the Overwatch team list]: -
  8. ¤ Name of the opponent: @#Steeven.™ ¤ Mini game: 11 Second Mini-Games ¤ Referee: - Pd: deja de fresear xd
  9. [CS.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM]- voted [yes/no]: YES [CS.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM] - voted [yes/no]: YES [CS2.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM] - voted [yes/no]: NO [CS2.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM] - voted [yes/no]: YES [ZMOLDSCHOOL.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM] - voted [yes/no]: YES [NEWLIFEZM.CSBLACKDEVIL.COM] - voted [yes/no]: YES [LEGENDS.CSBLACKDE
  10. ¤ Nick Admin: totu ¤ Grade: Elder ¤ New Grade: Player ¤ Reason: Accepted Report, too much complaints about him



CsBlackDevil Community [], a virtual world from May 1, 2012, which continues to grow in the gaming world. CSBD has over 60k members in continuous expansion, coming from different parts of the world.

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