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    [Banned by Mr.Love ] - blackfire

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  1. Lol why ?? again banned ?

  2. It seems that you forgot your Friends. Did Will Smith use one of those flashy thingies from Men in Black on you


    1. Nıco


      Hello xD sorry when you PM me i was outside smoke weed like always i apologize my friend.

    2. Blacky#34


      michael ian black laughing GIF by Another Period

      Just joking my friend like always :v. Reason of this status is nothing XD I was smooking weed until I got idea about a status . So I did it XD.

      Also I was imagination  Will Smith flying in sky hhh crazy sh#t the weed is suciced machine 😜😝

    3. Nıco


      xD man your imagination must be very wide :v

  3. I just completed this quiz. My Score 46/100 My Time 212 seconds  
  4. HELLO my friend no wg means that you must download Wargods and scan your cs then give link of ur scan to admins of server to un ban you. Wargods is only system that's verifying if you're a hacker or not. How admins could find if you a hacker? anyway if you didn't give them Wargods They will ban you and ban will stay. Adivse From me Make a request of unban and get Link of your Wargods. Good luck.
  5. xfti dik l3ya9a li fik fin wslatk ?

  6. @Mr.Love hhhhhhh I feel sad for you man you think that I will paid you?HH just keep dreaming it better find a great job 😂😂😂

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    2. Blacky#34


      not me. is was evil baby . i do not insult people for hates or something like that. i cant..

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