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    Co Owner CS-CSBLACKDEVIL And others RIP...


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    Djelfa (17)


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  1. Pm Me 

    1. Naser DZ

      Naser DZ

      lol i delet a lot of messages but its still cant send and recive msg

  2. Game Information : Super Punch Patrol (Nintendo Switch) Developer: Hörberg Productions Publisher: Hörberg Productions Released: September 17, 2020 MSRP: $4.99 Super Punch Patrol's three playable characters fit the archetypes of the genre's protagonist staples. There's Anders Punch, a lumbering fellow who hits slow but hard; Nils, a quick cop who prefers to fight with his shirt off; and Selma, who plays more or less similar to Nils with a few unique characteristics of her own. Each character has a simple, one-button combo, as well as a super move that clears the
  3. Pro , You are old one in team and have some exp , good luck
  4. Congrats hossam testahel maktr 😄

    1. Hossam Taibi

      Hossam Taibi

      saha khoya rbi ya7fdak 

  5. Congrats ma boy 😛 testahel

    1. Agent 47'

      Agent 47'

      Yooo look who's moderator 😄

      Congra ❤️

    2. -LosT


      Thanks 7abib ❤️ 

      @Agent 47' Meh ❤️ 

  6. Hello , 

    We are Searching for new members in VGR if you intersted to be in our team Make review and 1x post Software/Hardware and make request 

    if you dont know how to make a review , we have toutorial , check it and come with us : 

    Good Luck


    1. Agent 47'

      Agent 47'

      Maybe i can be a part of it...

      But i havent post nothing

      And soon i will 🙂

    2. Naser DZ

      Naser DZ

      you are welcome 😛

  7. Your Name : Naser DZ Your Grad : CO-OWNER Whats Your Toutorials : How to Record Demo and How to post it on banlist
  8. i still remembering this bot that dont know how to use guns xd.Love you brother

    1. Naser DZ

      Naser DZ

      ahhahah and you when i kill you , what's was it xD

    2. Rei™


      it was a luck from cs xd

  9. aroiah ts3 awdiaaaa

  10. wach ya l7biba ha rab ta3k win rak 


    1. #Em i[N]O'

      #Em i[N]O'

      Wallhi 3andi chiwaya machakil n7elha wo narja3 inchalla 

      Wo zid corona 

  11. * Your nickname: Naser DZ* Your rank on server (slot, VIP or admin): Admin* The tag you want: I dont want to get tag let it empty* Have you ever had a tag before on our server: yes* Link with your hours spent (at least 20) : DZ/* Do you want your tag to be inside square brackets?: no
  12. Hello ! The demo : i know you have steam on , but the steam cs have some hacks wallhacker its not secure 100% for it
  13. ayya  ts3 Wela rak t7erach biya ? 

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  2 alții
    2. Naser DZ

      Naser DZ

      hahha a wdi asber wchbik 

    3. Destrix


      maakach nstna aarwah ! 

    4. Naser DZ



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