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    You will never find time for anything.If you want time you must


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    In my heart.

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  1. X Matei X

    Photoshop quiz (hard)

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 28/100 My Time 67 seconds  
  2. Sad,just for the blue eyes.She want to go.


  3. The Design Giveaway #1 is locked.
    The winner is @Afrodita..Congrats!

  4. The winner is @Afrodita.,contact me in pm to get the gift.
  5. Very important giveaway!
    Design Giveaway #edition1!


  6. Hello members! I make a giveaway for new GFX Helpers Concept! Model: Name: GFX Friend(a friend who work in PS): Rules: -you must to have 50+ post The gift: -1 animated avatar -1 animated signature -25000 TS3 Points -1000 Forum Points
  7. GFX Points in request.
    Yeaaaaaa boyyyy.

    1. W A L K E R ™

      W A L K E R ™

      hehe boiiiii lets goo

  8. PRO That's a good ideea ,but we need some more details about that ideea. Example:The pet have benefits or is just for forum design?
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