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  1. It is a good idea, for people who want something better and specific. you have my #PRO I don't know if many people paid for a design, but we'll see.
  2. Seuong

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    ¤ Tu Nickname : Seuong ¤ Autor de la Cita : Kurt Cobain ¤ Cita : Desear ser otra persona es un desperdicio de la persona que eres
  3. 1- Nickname: Seuong 2- Name of Story: The Little Girl 3- Story: It was a rainy afternoon when I arrived at the hospital morgue, my shift started at 4 pm and ended at 3 am, it was a cold afternoon and the night was worse, the rain did not stop and for that reason my assistant did not show up, so I had to be alone in the morgue, I was scared but I had no choice. That night he was performing an autopsy on a girl, when one of the doctors arrived to leave a doll. I was surprised and asked him the reason why he came to leave her. —It's the girl's doll, her mother asked me not
  4. 1- Nickname: Seuong 2- Name of Comics: Furtive hunter 3- Photos:
  5. A former Louisville police officer has been indicted by a grand jury on first-degree wanton endangerment charges for his actions on the night Breonna Taylor was killed by police - but not for her death. Two other officers at the shooting were not indicted. Live updates on the announcement The long-awaited charges against the former officer, Brett Hankison, were immediately criticized by demonstrators and activists who had demanded more serious counts and the arrests of the three officers involved in the March shooting. The charges pertain to Hankison allegedly firing blindly thro
  6. Nickname: Seuong Tittle: Before Glory Year of publication: Apr 6 2020 Video:
  7. Nickname: @dexteR- Upgrade / Remove / Warn: Remove Reason: Inactivity. (disappeared from the forum without announcing, with posibility to come back)
  8. WHO PLAY ??



  9. Nickname: Seuong Type: Counter YONE Photo:
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