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  1. Nickname: @[M]anuel Champion: --- Author: - LOL TIME Video:
  2. Nickname: @[M]anuel Champion:-- Author: - LOL TIME Video:
  3. Nickname: @[M]anuel Champion:- Author: -LOL TIME Video:
  4. I waited for you for a long time and nothing you appeared, I will no longer be able to play, I will be busy all day tomorrow... - Canceled T/C
  5. 1. if the topic initiator does not receive a response within 12 hours, the battle is automatically canceled with no arguments! T / C
  6. PRO...... Improve the activity more, read the rules carefully ...Remember that it is not only about battles, but also about the other activities of GoG.. Good luck
  7. Nickname: @[M]anuel Champion:--- Author: LOL TIME Video:
  8. 1. Juego : Cs 1.6 2. Etiqueta [@nombre] : @[email protected] 3. Hora y fecha : now 4. Detalles [rondas, duración, explicaciones sobre el juego, etc., si es necesario] : 10 rounds 5. Etiquete a uno de los miembros del equipo de GoG [ HAGA CLIC AQUÍ para consultar la lista completa del equipo de GoG] : @[M]anuel
  9. Voted.... You have voted successfully! To continue to the site or server you voted for: Zombie - algeriazm Note: Duplicate votes are not taken into account and do not generate in-game rewards
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