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    I Love Design And I Love My LiFe
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  1. V1 is Good blur But V2 is Looking Better And also with Effect + Text Both is good My Vote is For V2 Effect , text
  2. Model post sale: ø Method of contact (TS3 / Steam) : TS3 ø Item(s) on sale: Steam Gift Card INR500 This is Equal to 6.8$ ø Price of the product(s): 5$ ø Product photo(s): ø Payment method: Paypal ø Other specifications: Actually i'm Biggest Seller of Pubg Uc In Pakistan i have gold silver i can Purchase Gift Card or Razer Product With Silver i have also Lot of Offer you can check here i will sale this product on flexible price
  3. We have Two Option in case Customer not pay 1- this is ipb board version and also ecommerce option available so we will charge first payment from costumer after the satisficed with design than csbd pay to gfx designer Like a Fiverr 2- for less activity problem have some solution and also we can Maintenance with Rules and only just good designer work for paid design for achieving good designer grade you need to hard work in free design area
  4. We Will Make Some Rules For Free Design And Paid Design if someone need just avatar so he can apply in free request area but if you need Special Design For Other Purpose than he can apply for Paid Design obviously We Will make Special Rules in Free or Paid Design
  5. i Have One Proposal For Graphic Designer Area & Graphic Design is Best Category of CSBD All Section is Available OF Graphic Design Like Request For Avatar Gallery , Battle, Or Etc But Paid Graphic Design is Missing so i think include Paid Design there people can make design for $ And earn money there people can request for Other Design Like Logo , Videos , Or Any Hard Design People Will Take More interest in GFX And also CSBD Deduct some % they will helpful for CSBD Foundation
  6. Nadeem-

    Can you guess the logo?

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 61 seconds  
  7. Name: Razer Product Price: Link store: Offer ends up after X hours Some Photos Of Product Remember this is Official Gaming if you want know how to work ? you can ask me i will complete guide you i will buy promo code
  8. Payment and money is not a biggest problem but first thing mr love take a step to improve speed obviously if the developer demand high amount so we will collect donation i hope all member will be help and participate
  9. Hello !! i want To say something about website speed optimization Let me explain what is Speed optimization Due to some people are here uneducated he will just comment for showoff so please stay away if you don't have any information Hosting / Speed Optimization i'm also inform 10 Month ago about website speed but my proposal Closed without any Decision Old Proposal URL i'm Request you Who is Founder of Website Your Website is To slow day by day yesterday i'm visit and i Feel slow than i'm thing to checkout speed test this is screenshot of your website speed Speed Test For Mobile http
  10. hey Mr Hacker remember me I'am Dave xD 

  11. Do you sell 8 ball pool accounts? Pm me please


  12. ¤ Your Nickname: Nadeem ¤ Your adress Skype, Steam: Master.Nadeem3 ¤ Age:20 ¤ Languages that you can speak: Fluent English ¤ Your location: Pakistan ¤ Experience as admin: 9 Years ¤ Can you stay spectator or playing between these hours (02:00 AM To 12:00 PM) Romania time: Obviously if I Admin This is my Responsibly To Active ¤ Reason that you want to be admin: Due to Corona virus i 'm to boring home without any work so is best option to play with my old server with old staff and helping to rank sever on GT ¤ Other informations for your request: i'm al
  13. Nadeem-

    myCro's Gallery

    Its Really Good But more focus on text i hope you will improve your text quality and fonts adjustment in future best of luck



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