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    I Love Design And I Love My LiFe
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    I Love GFX
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  1. Nadeem-

    myCro's Gallery

    Its Really Good But more focus on text i hope you will improve your text quality and fonts adjustment in future best of luck
  2. Its Really Good Purpose If Owner will be Update Than People More Interest and Join Zombie Server We Are Totally Bore With Old Addons i think update something new
  3. Please Read Complete Topic Than Try to Reply Already i Test Worldwide Web Site in Different Country and Mostly used Worldwide Website Test Optimization Website Test Day By Website Website optimization going to Down i Hope You understand Mobile Speed Desktop Speed
  4. Yes i Am Agree With You We Can Skip this now and ignore but try to think What Result in Future ? You Will See After Some Time This Community Will Take More Time For Load in this time 3-5 But in a Future this community take 10-15 Sec for Open But BeCare Is Important For Community And Community Future And For All People Who have Low Internet Speed i Can Understand is not Create problem with High Speed internet Person I Don't Care Because In Pakistan 5G Is Launched Just I Am Try to Help For All Low Internet People And Community Health
  5. First Of All Who is Hacker ? And Why are You Asking From Other Third party person and using other info here ? For you knowledge For Example Two Person Purchase a Car On Same Price 1 Crore 1st Person Car Speed 20 And 2nd Person Car Speed 90 ? So What is Difference? Same in this Community Without Before Optimization Forum Load Speed is 30% And After Optimization Forum Load Speed 70 to 80% Now You can thing a idea how much difference i think in this community No One Have Experience is Only Post For Abuse Of Spam Nothing more
  6. Actually Both is Good But V1 is Looking Perfect Vote V1
  7. Or Bhai Kya Chal RHA ha

  8. Listen First Of All Read Complete NoteIf you don't have any experience about cloudflare Hosting website cdn speed optimization So please Don't comment below pro or contra this content not depend on pro contra basic english so try to ignore english mistake and focus on content Reply I Am Not Saying For Change Cloudflare First of All You Don't Have Any Experience About Cloudflare or Web Optimization I will Again Explain You I hope You Better understand Cloudflare Work Stop Ddos or Spam Visitor And Help With Website Speed Like CDN We Have Already Cloudflare But We Need More Optimization For More Better Improvement And is Biggest Project For Our Community And For All Visitor And No Need For Pay Website optimization We need only Devoloper who can fix this and if purchase from ipb so i will recommended contact ipb he will help free and fix this issue If we Don't fix of fast Website Traffic will be leave day by day and community will down is Called Add Expires headers Or File Cache Like Cookies Is Part Of Website Optimization if you add Cookies
  9. Assalamualaikum,Hello,Salut.... I Am Here About 7 years And this is My 2nd Account Due to first account banned idk know..... I Feel Some Time this Community Will Be Two Slow Or In Mobile Much More Slow its true Website will be open in a After Cloudflare DDos Attack 3 To 5 Sec cloudflare Most Help Website Fast Like Cdn Js Html Css Rocket loader Page Rules But This Website is Not Fully Optimization My Opinion We Are Pay For 6 Month IPS Try to Contact With Invision Power Board To Optimization Website This Proposal Will Be More Help For Our Community Note If you don't have any experience about cloudflare Hosting website cdn speed optimization So please Don't comment below pro or contra this content not depend on pro contra basic english so try to ignore english mistake and focus on content Is This Time Website Optimization is Mobile 17/100 And Desktop 53/100 Website Speed Test
  10. Team Alpha (Effect Text Animation ) α β γ ( Where is Gamma Team )
  11. You Are Other Community Member Sorry Not Member Staff........ is Ture All image Are Copy From Another Community Can u Prof this is your Work ? I Want To See U Can Change H Word into N ?

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