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    CS.1.6 and CS:GO
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  1. Hey, Thanks so much for help with my problem, I appreciate it :D

    1. #CeLTiXxX


      No problem! I'm at your services Good night :P

  2. ALonE KiLLeR

    Need help.

    Your Nickname: pkQ Your Problem: i want to make my task app icons small but i dont know how Screenshot: i want my icon task like this.. here. this is mine.. here
  3. ALonE KiLLeR

    Need Help.

    Hello CSBD i have problem with my task means with icon i want my icons like this.. here. this mine.. here
  4. congo green boi :*

    1. SoRrY.


      Ty all friend

  5. ALonE KiLLeR

    Need help.

    Your Nickname: ALonE KiLLeR Your Problem: when ever i copy a symbol or copy any strange language after i paste this shows "??" Screenshot:
  6. congratz to new green bois :v @maniac™, @FearLess

    1. FearLess


      thank you alone :) 

    2. FearLess


      thank you alone :) 

    3. maniac™


      thank you alone :D 

  7. Nick: ALonE KiLLeR Ip: Unique ID: Who banned: server Details: Photo: click Reason: (You received too many complaints)
  8. hello marshmello, click
  9. Country: Morocco 

    i don't know how this happens :$

    1. Stun !!

      Stun !!

      Haha , next time you will wake up there .

    2. ALonE KiLLeR
  10. PakistanZm.CsBlackDevil.Com [Zombie Plague] 


  11. anybody here sell csgo ?

    pm forum or


    1. JAYDEN™ ×

      JAYDEN™ ×

      It's better to buy on steam considering its one of the most buyed game it's a very good price 

    2. ALonE KiLLeR

      ALonE KiLLeR

      i have already one want buy for a good friend :) i cant buy 1more again on steam

    3. Titan ;x

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