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    Republica Islamică Iran

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  1. Since @aaa was not supposed to win, because he is at pre-managers rank, and this does not apply for that rank, the winner is @Yeezuz, Congrats Yeezuz, for winning +1 up and vip 1 month. Good luck and make us proud, i know you will. Have fun!
  2. tsemaa

    [Accepted] Request Admin

    I will give you a pro. I know also that you dont respect server rules all the time...but how it cames, in the same way can go (if you get accepted) Good luck
  3. Rejected. You have only 2 hours played. Come back in 1-2 weeks with more activity and then make a request.
  4. You have only half an hour played. But i will give you a chance. Accepted. have 1 week to resolve/improve your activity. Send me a pm with your nick on server, tag and a password. Next?
  5. You will remain banned. Why? Because Necro is absolutely right, i also know that your attitude sucks on the server. Always complaining about something, always talking shit on the chat, always provoking and insulting someone. And it seems you keep on insulting him here as well. Rejected and closed.
  6. tsemaa

    [Accepted] Admin Request

    Pro But please fix that activity, it needs to be constant and consistent. Good luck
  7. tsemaa

    [Rejected] request <Admin>

    Rejected and closed. Don't use someone else name to obtain admin.
  8. tsemaa

    (Accepted) Bada

    Contra Like @Danywex said
  9. Necro and Walid did nothing wrong. Please dont make double post, all of you. And now, mr.baba, you are making fun of us all with your arogant attitude and constanly provoking us all. 2 days ago you made a scene to me. You are a too big drama queen. And...making a report for an admin that did his job impecable for a few weeks now. Rejected and closed
  10. tsemaa

    [Rejected] Admin Request

    Contra. You dont have the required hours, activity, implication. Come back after 1-2 weeks with a new request
  11. It seems that you got punished for real. But you are complaining about this. Bhop is restricted on newlifezm, if this does not please you, go play somewhere else. Also, you got freezed because after ban, you rejoined server. Anyway, i will close this report because you are making double posts and we need only the acused admins to answer. From me, this is another useles complaint from someone that thinks he owns everything and has too much free time. And i dont know why are you insulting people for free, are you better than them? Would you like us to insult you in the same way? The correct answer to both, is no
  12. Admin: tony-master Grade: Administrators Sanction: Warning x1 Reason: report accepted
  13. Admin: Revolution Sanction: downgrade Old grade: Administrators New grade: Player Reason: he asked for it
  14. Contra Like they attitude is not quite ok I also saw you provoking and not respecting rules
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