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    Republica Islamică Iran

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  • Dată Naștere 09/17/1990


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Reputație Comunitate

  1. Admin: The-Ghost Sanction: Remove Old grade: Owners New grade: Players Reason: Admin on another server
  2. tsemaa

    (Accepted) [Request admin] VV

    Contra! You dont have the required activity, you are afk many times. Also, you camp often
  3. Admin: Mr.Pro Sanction: Remove Old grade: Semi-Elders New grade: Players Reason: Admin on another server
  4. Admin: Altin Sanction: Remove Old grade: Helpers New grade: Players Reason: insulting other admins, bad behavior on server
  5. Report rejected. Necro, please do play and answer when you are called. Also, if you wanna still play here, keep a decent behavior on the server and don't try to "steal" players Walid: if you see him doing that, making some kind of advertise of that server, feel free to ban him, but with proof. Good luck people and stop this non-sense fighting about nothing!
  6. I also explained to you @iHeroLeo427, but it seems that you did not understand. This report is useless. Rejected! You will remain banned.
  7. Admin: Gorm den gamle Sanction: Remove Old grade: Legends New grade: Tag Reason: using bhop
  8. Admin: iHeroLeo427 Sanction: Remove Old grade: Administrators New grade: Player Reason: using bhop scripts although so many people told him to remove those
  9. Your request got rejected on newlife admin page. Rejected here also. Next?
  10. Contra. It doesnt matter for how long you've been playing here as long as you don't play on the server on a daily basis
  11. Moved to the correct place. Pro
  12. Contra Low and not constant activity
  13. Your activity is kind of inconsistent. Contra!
  14. Rejected. You had admin and then you left without even saying a word. Come back when you meet the requirements. Both activity (not afk) and implication (behavior).
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