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  1. *Type: Avatar *Dimensions: 150x250 Text: CSBD *Theme (Image(s) obligatory): *Last request link:
  2. ¤ Your name:Diabolik ¤ Claimed Admin name: LEGENDA [W]ToM ¤ Date and time:now ¤ Reason of complaint:First i think he is kid and don't have the right responsibility for Pre-magare. 1 use to many times ZM atack for admins when the player with mood atack 2 gag himself slay himself with no resone 3 asking for ammo in public chat and after all leaving whene i told him a report ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo):
  3. Revo 324

    Request Avatar

    *Type: Avatar *Dimensions: 250x150 Text: Revo *Theme (Image(s) obligatory): *Last request link: Other informations: Thanks for your time.
  4. TAKI DZًًZ

    Requst Avatar

    *Type: avatar *Dimensions: 250×150 Text: TAKI FAFILAS *Theme (Image(s) obligatory): *Last request link: dont have Other informations: no tnx
  5. *Type: Signature *Dimensions: you know Text: Nasty *Theme (Image(s) obligatory): *Last request link: Other informations: No thank you
  6. Mikulika

    Request Avatar

    *Type: Avatar *Dimensions: 250x150 Text:Mikulika *Theme (Image(s) obligatory): *Last request link: Other informations:-
  7. J[A]V[E]D!

    Request Avatar

    *Type:Avatar *Dimensions:500x282 Text:J[A]V[E]D CSBLACKDEVIL *Theme (Image(s) obligatory): Other informations:Its a Gif image
  8. Nickname: ril slav Your suggestion: improvements for last round Other information: simply my idea is to allow admins to use zp_swarm or zp_plague for last round, as many players will have 200+ ammo which they wont be able to spend. Currently last round is usually normal infection, which is very boring in my opinion, we just throw infection bombs like idiots and thats it. So, if admins can make last round plague or swarm that would be nice way for both humans and zombies to spend all the ammo and have powerful round. note: the admin who start round should not start it instantly, he sh
  9. Ares

    Request Signature Ares

    *Tip: Signature *Dimensiuni: 400x200 *Text: Ares *Tematica / imagine: World of Tanks (about Tanks in gerenal) *Ultima cerere : *Alte informatii : If can be GIF, would be wonderfull !
  10. *Type:Cover *Dimensions:1839x309 Text:Dean Ambrose,Never Give up *Theme (Image(s) obligatory): *Last request link:- Other informations:thanks all
  11. N I N J A x)

    Request avatar

    *Type: avatar *Dimensions: 250×150 Text: Ninja™ *Theme (Image(s) obligatory): *Last request link: Dont have :C Other informations: No tnx
  12. Pepx

    Request cover

    *Type:Cover *Dimensions: Text:Jumong.CsBlackDevil.COM *Theme (Image(s) obligatory): *Last request link: Other informations:Nu am gasit o tema ,imi cer scuze. Sper sa nu fie o problema,accept orice cover,nu am preferinte,doar sa am unul. Thx.
  13. HiTLeR.

    Request Avatar

    *Type: Avatar *Dimensions: 250x150 Text: HiTLeR *Theme (Image(s) obligatory): or *Last request link: Other informations: no
  14. Tip : avatar *Dimensiuni : 150x250 Text : bulanikes / bulannn. *Stock imagine: / / *Ultima cerere :https://.csblackdevil. com/forums/topic/355361-request-avatar-bulanike/ Alte informatii : aștept sa vad ce faceți doar sa iasă frumos mulțumesc
  15. *Type:Avatar *Dimensions:150x280 Text:Megumin™ *Theme (Image(s) obligatory):CLICK *Last request link: Other informations:-
  16. Tip :Avatar *Dimensiuni : 150x250 Text : DOCHIN *Stock imagine: *Ultima cerere : Thanks a lot guys!
  17. REVAN

    Request avatar REVAN

    *Type: Avatar *Dimensions: 150x250 Texts: no text, only "CSBD" watermark with wendy font pls *Theme / Image(s): *Last request link: Other Informations: Make so the "Kaisa" text from the image won't appear in the final avatar.\ Thank you!
  18. GRC21

    Request Avatar GRC21

    *Type:Avatar *Dimensions:150x250 Texts:GRC21 *Theme / Image(s): *Last request link: Other Informations:the text to be in the middle or where you think it looks good :))
  19. *Type: Avatar & Cover *Dimensions: You know Texts: LosT , LOST *Theme / Image(s): Text only.. *Last request link: Other Informations: Greeen please xd...
  20. *Type: Cover *Dimensions: 1839x309 Text: Q e L I *Theme (Image(s) obligatory): Just name *Last request link: Here Other informations: Not To Dark *SMTH BRIGHTS COLORFULL*
  21. Reus

    Request Avatar [Reus]

    *Type: Avatar *Dimensions: 150 x 250 Texts: Reus *Theme / Image(s): - *Last request link: Other Informations: -
  22. *Type: *Dimensions: I want "Latin recruitmen room" with 600x200, and the others 300x80 Text: Coordinator - Leader - Co-leader - Recruiters *Theme (Image(s) obligatory): Just text *Last request link: Other informations: -
  23. Sinan.47

    Reguest Cover

    *Type: COVER *Dimensions: Text: SİNANOS *Theme (Image(s) obligatory): JUST NAME *Last request linkk: I think 1 year ago Other informations: Thx
  24. *Type: Avatar *Dimensions: 150x250 Text: GHOST *Theme (Image(s) obligatory): or *Last request link: Other informations: I would love for them to be creative
  25. *Type: avatar *Dimensions: Text: Hold,Mra9 *Theme (Image(s) obligatory): here here here *Last request link: Other informations: good luck



CsBlackDevil Community [], a virtual world from May 1, 2012, which continues to grow in the gaming world. CSBD has over 60k members in continuous expansion, coming from different parts of the world.

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