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  • Dată naștere 05/07/1997


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    「Blood Prayers」
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  1. Ayane.

    Good bye

    Good luck with your moving ! My best of wishes goes to you . - Stay safe out there !
  2. Welcome back , enjoy & have fun !
  3. Welcome back . Remember to spend your time wisely while on vacation ! - Wish you a happy Christmas as well !
  4. Ayane.


    Welcome ... More or less , have fun .
  5. Ayane.

    [Accepted]Request Tag

    ¤ Nume: Ayane. ¤ Varsta: 22 ¤ Tagul dorit: Jazz & Rain ¤ Linkul cu orele jucate (Minim 10 ore ) [Click]: Ayane.
  6. Ayane.

    Request Avatar

    *Type: Avatar*Dimensions: 150x250Text: Ayane*Theme (Image(s) obligatory): 1 | 2*Last request link: 26.07.2018Other informations: Thanks in advance !
  7. I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 95 seconds  
  8. Ayane.

    Science quiz #1

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 136 seconds  
  9. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 92 seconds  
  10. Your name: Ayane. Claimed Amin name: | ~ 3mpty Date and time: 01.08.2018 / 9:36 PM Reason of compaint: Gag without reason , i was talking about the base ( hideout ) of the game , not insulting or offending anyone . Do what you gonna do , i will not reply . Proof (screenshot os console or demo): 1 | 2
  11. I agree . If none is using it then there is no point in having it . Also you know what they say " Something has to go for something else to be added" .
  12. This , this is the stuff that cheers you up sometimes ? . " Today a car , tomorrow a tunned beast " if u catch my meaning ? Now all that's left is to get 492 point's ( witch i don't have of course ) . Feels good to see some improvements , no matter how small they are !
  13. My favorite quote :

    " If you're worried that i'm not getting enough out of this , then let's see... We'll call it even if you remember me "

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    2. Ovi^`


      yo :V

      How are you doing?

      Glad to see you are active again after a long absence 

      hmm, In fact I thought we won't hear anything about ya 

      I wanna find out if you'd like to come back playing cs again :V

      cuz if you would , i'll be happy to play with ya just like our old days :v

      hmm,  anyway I have being busy these days but don't worry i'll make some time

      Take care about yourself and your life e.e

    3. Ayane.


      Still checking forums i see RAF7 ( first i didn't know who you were so i checked ur name history ) . I'm not that active ... i'm playing when i have free time or when i'm bored . I have a job to attend to . The only time i can read forums or play is at night time , when i'm mostly free . If u want to play fix a date and a time and i'll try my best to join in .

      Let's talk about how were doing . About me let's see ... hmm ... i'm doing fine , working and stuff ( shame i don't have time to play like i used to ) but it's okay . I hope your life treated you well until now , if not well ... you know TRY and beat it ? ( kinda running low on words here ) 

    4. Ovi^`


      Okay I'm happy due to that you still remember me xD

      anyway I'm at vacation now from work and my vacation will finish a week from now so I dont have any problem,

      I'll be active and waiting your comment sorry because I didnt replay fast, just tell me more information when you can play.. , day , hour , server ip ,etc.. :V

      my life is pretty good I become a software developer, and I work at university and  I opened my own company with my friends, so dont worry about me and my life :V:VV:V:V:V:

      one day i'll become a billionaire ? :v 

      I hope you're fine 

      note: I notice that you watched beatless hmm its unsuccessful and boring anime  xD


  14. Ayane.


    Welcome ! - Don't forget to enjoy yourself ! That's what game's are about Fun & Enjoyment
  15. This was the best move so far in my opinion ! Before i had like 20 ping but now i have max 58 witch it's not that bad. - Sometimes it get's kinda laggy including lag spikes witch i never encountered before ... still i think it's an massive improvement for the EUW people !

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