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  1. Techno

    New proposal

    Hello everyone, i know that many members of this forum play csgo. I think if Administrator consider this to make new category for csgo when one part of them is for trade offers. For example i have skins in csgo that i dont need , i need new one and if someone is interested can trade if he is like me.
  2. yes but i dont respect that players/admins/owner that dont respect other players.
  3. hahahahahhhah hamza you are not a man , You are like a girls , you were like a boss in server and now u lie , there were to that was with knife , waiting for u to kill jp man and get that. So u show how much man u are. I am vert old player and it doesnt need to learn from anyone of u admins bcs u dont know rules yet , u are just lower players and you should read and learn more to get alive that admin
  4. ¤ Your name:Techno! ¤ Claimed Admin name: HaMzA ¤ Date and time: 5/4/2021 11:50 ¤ Reason of complaint: He bought Assasin and he didnt attack his friends, i said to him attack all and he said to me go to hell... Ps : I dont know who has done this terrible Admins or Elders like him. ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo): Here
  5. ¤ Your name:Techno! ¤ Claimed Admin name: The Green Mask ¤ Date and time: 5/4/2021 11:15 ¤ Reason of complaint: He insult me , All happened because i blocked him with lm and he slayed me 2 times for that. I know he is just a kid but anytimes kids need to slap to understand ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo): Here
  6. Techno


    Steam come see my link and see , come to csgo to show u what is pro player bcs u dont know yet what pro is called. About short how many i missed one shot and is other police , and other police came , they were with different uniform. And everytime they come from short because i go every round mid lane mostly and u hear them every round that they push. If u are experienced u should know that polices always push long and short when they dont see any terrorist. Like every server in dust2 when they 32/32 And i said that i play with 2 friends that give me info, anyway u cant understand bcs u have experience.
  7. Techno


    Agreed with him all day and all night . Normally that one with experience admin understand well who has wall and who no Ye good job. Other pro players dont say that Techno! has wall. Only Lycianan and u that are pro admins with experience. I saw all proofs and didnt make me anything , all kills i have info about them by my friend, by noise that they make and by instict. Anyway u have experience (that ur experience make me laugh alot seriously). I have played more servers then Lycianan have pee in his bathroom. I have very good rank in csgo. i have been in many servers top players and one Good day Someone that come from nowhere make me ban for wall. The Irony of the life. This admins make me feel bad for the server not for my ban bcs i join whenever i want.
  8. Techno


    Yes i know , he can give 100 proofs but no one can't prove what exactly he want. Anyway 1 fact for you guys , for that owner with experience, i play with friends there and we talk , and when they are alive they give me info bcs we play with headsets. And that proof with lower tunnel that i scope there, he was my friend and every round we play against eachother. Anyway u have experience and u call it wall, Good job , keep ban players and admins with experience like me. You think i win anything if i play with wall.
  9. Techno


    You think that u can stop me ?? if u say that u have more than i have hair , then i should be without hair . Anyway If u say that proof is wall, u showed yourself and your experience. Anyway i dont need proof bcs i know who i am and what i have. If u are too sure about my wall, why u didnt say me to examinate about hack test. But Your experience is to high to do that
  10. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 117 seconds  
  11. Techno


    I want to tell that im so disappointed to this server not about the server but about admins. Today i got ban for wall From owner Lycianan. To play good with headset is wall for Lycianan. Anyway No one can stop me to join in that server bcs i can change ip in everytime in everysecond and no one can catch me. But i dont know how has this server Amaranth or lycianan , but if this server is Amaranths server , i feel so bad for him because he has so unexperience admins and owner. Admins are very nice guys and they know their job but many admins dont know rules first. I have known nice admins , and Shaury that he change my mind that he is nice admin. Anyway bcs of this Lycianan move i will leave this server not because i have been banned permanently but from admins experience ,because i can join in every second there, i can change name and its easy to be there, i have anti ban that i have personally made that antiban, but i dont use that for one server that Owner is unexperience. Anyway. Hope u the best. Thanks you for chance to Amaranth.
  12. Techno

    Admin complaint (Shaury)

    I made this complaint for him that dont respect rules. It wasnt 1 time it was 3 or 4 that he gagged me for no reason. He has many times that slap me and make a pressure to players "move or i will slay" , and he banned me for no reason that rules say. I didnt insult i didnt hack and he banned. You are owner of server and this things that he did and still doing should be punished. If i had my own server i would not tolerate to my friends this things that he do. If u think that what he do is ok , ok reject this topic but when someone talk to others about rules, he shpuld respect by himself rules and then talk about rules
  13. Techno

    Admin complaint (Shaury)

    hahhahaah toxic like me or like u that bcs u are admin make gag and slap and slay and ban whenever u want. I said not to make server with rules i said to respect the rules , but admins like u make players dont respect rules. if u are old u should be the best there as admin , thats why all insult you bcs u troll. HAAHAHHA look what u say for permanent ban why? bcs u dont respect rules and im telling the truth. As i said u are a really haters, haters bcs is second report for u. 3 day , i have 1 month here and i see u for 1 hour in 2 days for week Good job. Other players and admins has respect for me ,bcs i respect every rules and dont troll. No one will respect u with ur troll and ur talk disrespectfull. You are the only admin that make this things. I havent seen another like u. I dont care about you or other admins, i need to respect every person rules. if u said u are old , respect rules thats all. No need to say to others stop talk with me or i will ban to make pressure to player. Anyway I think that Owners will understand my position what i want .
  14. Techno

    Admin complaint (Shaury)

    Ye and with that u should gag me? Nice admin . hahahahha u think u are god in server bcs u pay 2 euro for that vip? the problem is how this owners still keep u as a admin. i dont need ur respect and i dont join for this. i joined to become top 1 as a player and i am and make this server with rules not to get trolled by low admins like u. the problem is that founder of this server dont join and when they joined here you become a chicken that respect rules and when they are not u become like you are owner of the server. anyway owners on this server should see this problems bcs with admins like u server will be very low with low admins like u
  15. Techno

    Admin complaint (Shaury)

    * Nick:Techno! * Nick of Admin: Shaury * Reason of complaint: today he has gagged me 4 time for no reason, i dont know who owner of the server accept him as admin, and in westwood he makes other players leave with making noise and troll with them * Date and time:before 5 minutes * Proofs [Screenshot in console]:Here another proof here * IP: * SteamID: * Other detail:He hate me and everytime he gag me., he gagged me for 11 min ,that no rules say that
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