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    1. I made this complaint for him that dont respect rules. It wasnt 1 time it was 3 or 4 that he gagged me for no reason. He has many times that slap me and make a pressure to players "move or i will slay" , and he banned me for no reason that rules say. I didnt insult i didnt hack and he banned. You are owner of server and this things that he did and still doing should be punished. If i had my own server i would not tolerate to my friends this things that he do. If u think that what he do is ok , ok reject this topic but when someone talk to others about rules, he shpuld respect by himself rules
    2. hahhahaah toxic like me or like u that bcs u are admin make gag and slap and slay and ban whenever u want. I said not to make server with rules i said to respect the rules , but admins like u make players dont respect rules. if u are old u should be the best there as admin , thats why all insult you bcs u troll. HAAHAHHA look what u say for permanent ban why? bcs u dont respect rules and im telling the truth. As i said u are a really haters, haters bcs is second report for u. 3 day , i have 1 month here and i see u for 1 hour in 2 days for week Good job. Other players and admins has respect
    3. Ye and with that u should gag me? Nice admin . hahahahha u think u are god in server bcs u pay 2 euro for that vip? the problem is how this owners still keep u as a admin. i dont need ur respect and i dont join for this. i joined to become top 1 as a player and i am and make this server with rules not to get trolled by low admins like u. the problem is that founder of this server dont join and when they joined here you become a chicken that respect rules and when they are not u become like you are owner of the server. anyway owners on this server should see this problems bcs with a
    4. * Nick:Techno! * Nick of Admin: Shaury * Reason of complaint: today he has gagged me 4 time for no reason, i dont know who owner of the server accept him as admin, and in westwood he makes other players leave with making noise and troll with them * Date and time:before 5 minutes * Proofs [Screenshot in console]:Here another proof here * IP: * SteamID: * Other detail:He hate me and everytime he gag me., he gagged me for 11 min ,that no rules say that
    5. i won but we disconnect , he accepted that he lose
    6. I accept Come to server anyway u lose man, i dont know this battle of forum but i win
    7.       bro come on this ip

    8. Jointeam 6 to spec record "name of demo" then stop amx_showip(to save ip of every person) amx_banmenu Techno! amx_addban Techno Permanent Aimbot
    9. Firstly i will spec him and if im 100% that he has aim, i will warn him firstly to turn off. If he dont turn off aim ,i will demo his aim and ban him and then post it to banlist in forum
    10. * Your nickname:Techno! * Your rank on server (slot, VIP or admin):Slot * The tag you want: "Come to DaddY" - * Have you ever had a tag before on our server:no * Link with your hours spent (at least 20) :! * Do you want your tag to be inside square brackets?:no
    11. * Nick:Techno! * Age:23 * Steam profile link: Here * The secret word from the Rules: winteriscomming * Can you join our TS3 [YES/NO] no * Languages you can speak:English ,Albanian * Link with your name in GameTracker: Here * Can you donate? (Yes/ No): no * Admin experience: Yes More then 2 years
    12. If u get inuslt or u see other players that insult u have rules that said kick or gag ,if he retry ,u ban. Advertise / Language Any kind of advertisement, promotion to another server / site is strictly forbidden. Attack on the person, vulgar language, slum is forbidden. Retry after gag will be punish. Sanctions: Kick / Ban Gag / Kick / Ban Ban 120 min. Ps. Sry for replying again. I am waiting meangers for this.
    13. * Nick:Techno! * Nick of Admin:Moha Shaury * Reason of complaint: Can admins insult like "Dick" "Your mom"?? * Date and time:before 5 minutes * Proofs [Screenshot in console]:Here Here * IP: * SteamID: * Other detail:14. Respect the admins and players on the forum / server (suspend / downgrade / remove);
    14. Techno

      Admin Request

      * Nick:Techno! * Age:23 * Steam profile link: Here * The secret word from the Rules: * Can you join our TS3 [YES/NO] no * Languages you can speak:English ,Albanian * Link with your name in GameTracker: Here * Admin experience: Yes More then 2 years
    15. Techno

      GAMING Quiz #1 (Hard)

      I just completed this quiz. My Score 13/100 My Time 121 seconds  



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