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  1. didnt daddy give u any money to pay for ur grade huh

    u stupid *censored*

  2. Comment, HIDDEN!

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    2. PranKk.


      Comment, HIDDEN!

    3. Asu_da_de_Pika
    4. Stendhal Syndrome ☣️

      Stendhal Syndrome ☣️

      I understand, it's good that he helped you with money, that with the ban of the players doesn't matter anymore ...

      If I wasn't in his place, I wouldn't do it, he isn t serious person...

      Think twice before giving high grades, even with money.

  3. Asu u was asked me for the manager. I give u. But like this u are thankfully to me? 😞

    sad monty python and the holy grail GIF

  4. Rejected! you do not have the password required in the regulation
  5. Do you think I'm lying? and in addition there were 4 zombies and if my game crashed what would you do?
  6. make sure I didn't crash the game again!
  7. Asu_da_de_Pika

    [Rejected]Admin Request

    Rejected! ! come with a request with a minimum of 20 hours T/C
  8. Accepted!! as a help, let's see how you do and then maybe move to higher degrees PM with nick and pass!
  9. Asu_da_de_Pika

    [Rejected]rq admin

    Rejected!! you have no link for hours you have no activity T/C
  10. Asu_da_de_Pika

    [Rejected]Request Admin

    Contra low Activity I come back with a request to have a minimum of 20 hours T/C
  11. go and report to admin only ok T/C
  12. you are active on both server and ts Accepted! I wait pm with nick and pass T/C
  13. Asu_da_de_Pika

    [Rejected]request admin

    The password is in the regulation ,you're looking to find it T/C