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  1. Modam3r

    NewBie?'s Giveaway

    Your name:Modam3r Wish me: Have a nice life without problems Have you ever had a VIP?: Never
  2. Eid Mubarak to all Muslims 🙂





  3. I really thank @Mr.Love, and his administration team on csblackdevil, It's really my second home, and my virtual world of gaming Thank you GFX Team for designing this perfect theme, congratulations to CsBlackDevil 8 Years Old !! #HAPPY BIRTHDAY CSBLACKDEVIL 8th Anniversary
  4. hello baby ❤️ 

    1. [N]audy


      Hello baby 

  5. Modam3r

    Proposal - Project

    what I mean on this proposal that the 8 Ball Pool project get a chance! I am talking about new game from Microsoft, ASPHALT 9 : LEGENDS
  6. Modam3r

    Proposal - Project

    It's not about 8 ball pool It's about Asphalt 9 : Legends, If you don't know the game,, watch videos for it! racing game Maybe you will change your opinions and give it a chance same as other project.
  7. ¤ Your name: Modam3r ¤ Claimed Admin name: sayfmrak ¤ Date and time: 5 Minutes ago ¤ Reason of complaint:In the rules maximum number pays of Killing Grenade is 1 Per map, he bought more than 2 ¤ Proof (screenshot or console or demo):
  8. Salutare, BUN AI VENIT !!!
  9. Modam3r

    Proposal - Project

    Howdy, some weeks ago there were 8 Ball Pool project I back with new project, It's a about a racing game which it is best one in the world *my opinion* The game we can challenge our friends in a room and racing, we didn't give a chance like other projects ? there will be grade : ASPHALT LEGEND | Every one will have fun in this game and each others, he can play with any member on csbd community Performs: iOS, Android (MOBILE) ,,,, PC or Laptop with Windows 10 #REGARDS
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  11. ♦Nickname : Modam3r ♦Age : 16 ♦Your current grade: Elder ♦The grade you want to be: Co Owner ♦GameTracker Link: ♦Experience As Admin : 6 years ♦Other information: I have 3.7k minutes