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    Jordan - Amman

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  1. l'll give you a chance ... but make sure that you must to improve your daily activity and respect rules Pro
  2. Winner Den.Sarah .... the proof with amal l wait her to give a proof ...
  3. 1. Juego : CS1.6 2. Etiqueta [@nombre]: @AMAL 3. Hora y fecha : ahora 4. Detalles [rondas, duración, explicaciones sobre el juego, etc., si es necesario] : cuchillo de 9 rondas 5. Etiquete a uno de los miembros del equipo de GoG [ HAGA CLIC AQUÍ para consultar la lista completa del equipo de GoG] : @ [M] anuel
  4. CONTRA insult players and admins + spam a lot improve your playstyle first
  5. l want to give you a pro but most of your activity is AFKING SO it will be Contra from me even that everyone deserve a chance but we need loyal staff not afks
  6. you never ask about ammo and in your proof you ask shree about ammo :v ? Players who keep on asking for Ammo/Mods/Jetpack will receive (Warning before) Gag (6 min). l hope to read rules again before you make a report ,, and @Raja l hope from you to be more be careful in selected time for gag
  7. Man are you serious ?? l always warn you to stop freeze assassin and l have another report with you about that .... even that l saw you twice freeze assassin before don't lie
  8. Contra Two requests for admin ? and your activity ?? Edit -> you always spam in chat + insult
  9. Winner Den.Sarah proof :
  10. 1. Game: @Den.Sara 2. Tag [@name]: @tayab™ ✘ 3. Time & Date: now 4. Details [rounds, duration, explains about game, etc., if necessary]: 15 Rounds 5. Tag one of members on GoG team [CLICK HERE to check full list of GoG team]: the page does don't work with me
  11. CONTRA at least you need 30h to make admin request + respect rules
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