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  1. he was said bad words to me and l just ignored him that's why he plant l'm on me and it's a ( joke ) like he said the chat l told him if your friends take it normal not like everyone !! though he do it again
  2. ¤ Your name: Den.Sara ¤ Claimed Admin name: Tedy ¤ Date and time: 2 hours ago ¤ Reason of complaint: first of all l was playing with my mates without any problem in this time, all of you know walied and Mr. Devil they written a reports before >>> after this l came to play again in the next day and when I entered the server he tell me that l'm liar without any reason and he say a very bad words to me in Arabic and he still insult me and l don't speak l just ignored him and l don't want to write a report for anybody but this is too much ! after that l was playing normally when the assassin mod is came and l was playing like any player in the server and he plant on me l'm to make me can't moving (to make assassin kill me ) and he laughing at me! l ignored again and l ask him why he do that and he said it's just a joke , l told him this is not a joke to do that then l don't speak but today he saw my old massage asking what happening and everything is fine and he asked me if l still mad l told him yes , this is not a joke and don't do it again with any body but he plant on me (I'm) in the mod again and he tell me if you want to write a report write l don't care and tell the police proof one proof two thank u
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