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    Ilhem VEVO
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    i love games
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  1. Good bye Newlifezm. i find many friend there i have fun and i tryhard in that server that all know me what i do.

    i make a competition with free vip that @myCro told me to do  and now he say what this crap you post. he cant explain or communicate what the wrong thing  i do, no he say  you cant and you cant and you cant leade and your english is bad  xd.Iam request to him to be part of daddy boss grade because i truly sure i deserve what tryhard i do in his server 

    i am obligated to say that to know why i get removed iam not acting i just say the truth.

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  5 alții
    2. Dark-ImmoRtal^


      because he did give a work to do

      and you copy and past it 

    3. adel


      For us, life is the challenge. Do not despair, my friend.
      We hope that the problem will be fixed
      good luck to you

    4. Mindsphere.


      Rip, you will be missed, even if your english is not good at all (mine either 😂), you are learning from mistakes. 🙂 Good luck. 

  2. ¤ Admin: @neutropimp ¤ Old Grade: Helper ¤ New Grade: Moderator ¤ Reason: Good Activity , Continues like that
  3. ¤ Admin: @LION 1 ¤ Grade: Elder ¤ Period: 4 Days ¤ Reason:
  4. ¤ Admin: @LION 1 ¤ Grade: Elder ¤ Sanction: Warning x2 ¤ Reason: Report Accepted Proof :
  5. Hello there.first thank you for report i underestand your report but you must have proofs here or your report will be rejected. Ps: i see you disrespecting him with word (Noob) and this word is forbidden.
  6. check your post and fix the link of your request

    image url doesn't work



  7. *Type(avatar/signature/cover): Avatar *Dimensions: 236x314 Text: Predator *Theme[Girls/Cars/Nature/Abstract/Dogs/etc]: *Last request link: first time Other informations: Add some gif effects
  8. Nickname: @Predator- Champion: Aatrox Author: Lol ms Video:
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