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  1. there is anti pika bro.. so it's useless.
  2. Bro if he have anti ban and use VPN even pike don't work on him
  3. Even with this command he can still join server. the blacklist is good
  4. Omar xD

    [BanList] Rin

    My bad , but there is no proof that he was zm.. he just joined the server then left and you ban him!!
  5. Omar xD


    Contra. Its very bad idea, Why ? Because if I'm watching a hacker I don't want him to know that ..
  6. Omar xD

    [BanList] Rin

    Next time put a proof for the gag command, like you did here
  7. ¤ Admin: @xRin ¤ Old Grade: Helper ¤ New Grade: Administrators ¤ Reason: good activity on server and forum ¤ Admin: @XD-ADEM DZ-DX ¤ Old Grade: Helper ¤ New Grade: Administrator ¤ Reason: Helpful ¤ Admin: @Yeezuz ¤ Old Grade: Administrator ¤ New Grade: Moderator ¤ Reason: Good activity +loyal to the server ¤ Admin: @Necro12 ¤ Old Grade: Elder ¤ New Grade: Pre-Manager ¤ Reason: Loyal to server + good activity in server & forum ¤ Admin: @Destroy69 ¤ Old Grade: Semi-Elders ¤ New Grade: Elder ¤ Reason: Loyal to server ¤ Admin: @aaa(Demon) ¤ Old Grade: Elder ¤ New Grade: Pre-Manager ¤ Reason: Loyal to server +Good activity
  8. Omar xD


    Pro. Players can know who is admin and what grade without amx_who
  9. Contra. Respect model. and bad activity plus you always camp
  10. This change a lot, both of them did wrong things Mr.talha Shot lm ,idk why but as what @tsemaa said " don't shoot other player lms if they are blocking you, just find another place to hide, or donate them back 6 ammo if you shoot it after all. Its only fair this way" I respect that you left it and try to find another place. so in my opinion no need to any punishment, just be careful next times plus about spamming.. if you saw anything wrong in server come and report or you can contact me if you can't report for any reason not by doing another wrong thing!!
  11. I Will never forget the first time i saw you. who is that guy!!! he act like he know the best thing for everyone , okay i will report him xD Tbh i was surprised by how much people liked you. but in the moment I'm not. because i know that you deserve that. you always try to finding the best for server not for your self, u are a reasonable man i respect that a lot Happy to have you and to be one of you friends .
  12. Check Announcements in admins only, then you will know the issue Contact me with your new password. Topic Closed.
  13. First thing this is not a report you have 4 reports in 1 and 3 proofs not even work. Anyway in the tayab proof if u saw after the lm destroyed not tayab who get the kill, so it wasn't tayab lm and please read the rules rules is rules. and if you saw any admin ask for ammo in public chat please report him
  14. You are active in server & ts3 I believe in you Pro for Administrator
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