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  1. I will vote v1 Both works are nice !
  2. Don't forget about Summer Promo-Game guys ! 

    Check it out !


  3. Nick actual: Nick dorit: Grad actual: Motiv: Alte detalii:
  4. Nick: Grad actual: Cerere de: Perioada: Motiv: Alte detalii:
  5. Dealer accepted ! I will pm you with all the details!
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  7. Congrats:D

    1. .Straju 🐦

      .Straju 🐦

      Sarut mana bro ❤️ 

  8. I don't know you so sell mate , i've seen that u have a nice activity in this community , lot's friends and you are in some projects as well . I don't want to ask what happend in the past but PRO for the future and keep it up !
  9. Leaders can Accept or Reject any application & access at Lotto Zone // overwatching for Dealer's activy & Co-Leaders support // Promoting Games/Lotto Editions/Posts / Starting Editions & Project futures Co-Leaders will have access at Lotto Zone & overwatching for Dealer's activity // Promoting Games/Lotto Editions/Posts & Starting Editions Members will have to develope section Lotto Zone // Promoting Games/Lotto Editions/Posts & Starting Editions Future project levels & responsability will be updated in this topic !