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Finn Balor-☠☠


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    Banned for multi-accounts

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  1. Ban Button GIF by swerk

    1. Son Vegeta

      Son Vegeta

      @Finn Balor-☠☠ You are using old tricks to get likes and any one easily will find all that accounts its belong to you

    2. Ares


      Rest in Peace, little one !

  2. Pro For Helper good luck
  3. Good Morning bantha 

  4. Good Morning  bhai

  5. Finn Balor-☠☠

    Gift DEFEAT

    First my gifts for you @#DEFEAT I hope you like it. My love
  6. I Hope Like My Love

    Afrodi.jpgAfrodita.jpg Afrodita.jpg

    1. Afrodita.


      OMG, this is horrible, but thank you, I appreciate it

    2. asension


      hahahhahahahahahaahahaa afrodita hdp

  7. Good bye all my best family Good bye best frinds Goodbye to whom I consider to be like my brother Goodbye all who love my best server THUNDERZM  I hope everyone will stay fine and be happy in his life I Will let all my love on server because my final year on school I hope to everyone to help server To be best of the world I will never disappear I will visit the server and see you when I am full-time, but I will not be like it the former exists daily may pass weeks and months, but I will try to order on the server to greet everyone  Special thanks to my best friend on the server: @Vinicius™ @[MC]Ronin[MC] @JaEgArN @W A L K E R ™ @Spring* @EVIL BABY™And too long list for my frinds...  And The Finally I Will said GoodBye Best Server THUNDERZM
  8. Because you have changed the map from not seen any games or any ADMIN The Baikal law needed to respect the rules
  9. I play with my friends like Evil BaBY...

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