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      Banned By The GodFather - [Traitor]
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    1. ━ *Server name (watermark): Furien Egypt OldSchool V1.4 ━ *Ranks/Grades (ex: Elder, God, Moderator etc): Founder, Super-God VIP, Super-God, God VIP, God, Semi-God VIP, Semi-God, Administrator VIP, Administrator, Moderator VIP, Moderator, Helper VIP, Helper, V.I.P, Slot ━ Dimensions: You know that ━ *Last Staff request link: ━ Other Informations: Please do your best, Add only CSBD in Under right
    2. Channel name: FurienEgypt.CsBlackDevil.Com [OldSchool V1.4] Add sub-canal: Staff Only and MPBilegt's Desk Channel admin: Me Unique ID: zX1PRnq9X9iHsoQYIW5yWjN5kPw=
    3. -MPBilegt

      Request Absent

      ¤ Nick : MPBilegt ¤ Grad : Elder ¤ Date : 12/18/2020 ¤ Duration: idk ¤ Reason : Some computer problem
    4. NAME: IrO6ipa IP: STEAM_ID: STEAM_1:0:462471219 TIME: Pernament Ban REASON: Wallhack Aim PROOF: Click! Before this he used many kills with using wallbang (Sorry for didnt made demo, players wants ban him)
    5. NAME: Globale 100% IP: STEAM_ID: STEAM_1:0:2012154657 TIME: Pernament Ban REASON: Wall and Aim PROOF: Click!
    6. NAME: TheRistic IP: STEAM_ID: STEAM_1:0:70522918 TIME: Pernament Ban REASON: WallHack PROOF:
    8. En: Model Request Buy Skins or Sell: You nick in game: Which kind (Example: Knife) Which skin (Example: Karambit:Lore) Want buy or sell: Price (Only for want sell): Rules: Only one topic per day. If request solved (Sold, or Bought), you need request close the topic. You need have to your money if you want buy a skin. All players can reply, If they have skins. You have to respect model & rules here! RO: Solicitare model Cumpărați skin-uri sau vindeți: Te joci în jo
    9. -MPBilegt

      cerere helper

      1. You are not admin here. 2. Admin request have only 2 languege. Romian and English. Do you think only english??
    10. NAME: s1mple IP: STEAM_ID: STEAM_1:0:1040239104 TIME: Pernament Ban REASON: Wall Hack Proof: Click!
    11. -MPBilegt

      Add Admin's Commands

      Hi, Maybe any admins didnt know about admin's commands. Me too didnt know all commands well. Can you please add commands of grades? example: Helper: amx_kick amx_ban amx_gag Moderator: amx_unban amx_ungag etc... #regards
    12. NAME: StroyShow IP: STEAM_ID: STEAM_1:0:1065255154 TIME: Pernament Ban REASON: Wall Hack and Aim PROOF: Click!
    13. NAME: .PAPRIKKA IP: STEAM_ID: STEAM_1:0:297681280 TIME: Pernament Ban REASON: Wall Hack and Aimbot PROOF: Click!
    14. -MPBilegt

      cerere helper

      #Pro for Moderator!!



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