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  1. Open-source software fans will now be able to work across even more devices after Canonical revealed the launch of Ubuntu 20.10. The latest version of the world's most po[CENSORED]r open-source software features a raft of upgrades and improvements, making it more accessible and easier to use than ever before. For the first time, users will be able to enjoy Ubuntu on Raspberry Pi devices, with the new release offering optimised Raspberry Pi images for desktop and server. Ubuntu 20.10 release “In this release, we celebrate the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s commitment to put open
  2. Being one of the main supporters of Google's Chrome OS, Acer constantly experiments with hardware for Chromebooks and Chromeboxes in an attempt to offer something that improves user experience and/or meets requirements of various niche markets. This week the company introduced its convertible Chromebooks that use Qualcomm's Snapdragon 7c platform that weds energy efficiency, optional 4G/LTE connectivity, and low price. The Acer Chromebook Spin 513 and the Chromebook Enterprise Spin 513 are based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c system-on-chip (eight-core Kryo 468, Adreno 612 graphics, 8 nm)
  3. Game Informations: Namco Museum Megamix (Wii) Developer: Namco Bandai Publisher: Namco Bandai Released: November 16, 2010 MSRP: $19.99 Let it not be said that Namco Bandai is afraid of a re-release. Namco Museum Megamix isn't just a re-release -- it's a re-release of a compilation of re-releases! An updated version of Namco Museum Remix, which was first released on the Wii in 2007, the Megamix adds an extra "remixed" game and some new classic arcade titles. We never reviewed Namco Classic Remix and I never played it. I have, however, played Namco Museum Megamix, so let
  4. Jaguar Land Rover's new generation flagship SUV is well into its development programme ahead of a 2021 launch, and our spy photographers have caught the long-wheelbase version testing on public roads. Heavy camouflage continues to hide key elements of the model's design, but it's possible to make out a new design for the headlights, indicators and daytime running lights, while the quad-exit exhaust suggests that this mule packs the range-topping V8 engine option, which for the fifth-generation car will be a 4.4-litre unit borrowed from BMW. One image (below) shows off the rear-wheel
  5. Former Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg is putting his own team in the upcoming Extreme E racing series. The off-road series has attracted several leading names, including six-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton. Rosberg Extreme Racing is the ninth team to sign up to race in five remote locations across the world to raise awareness of climate change. Extreme E will be broadcast live across the BBC, including on iPlayer and the Sport website. Rosberg is famed for his battles with Hamilton across their time together as team-mates for Mercedes from 2013 to 2016, p
  6. Tom Hanks gave the commencement speech at Yale in 2011, and in his own characteristic way spoke at length about the pervasiveness of social media, our need to live vicariously and the hope he has with the younger generation. “Today is your day. Please, do not turn off your electronic devices. Leave your iPhone, your iPad, your Sidekicks, your Droids, your blackberries powered up, recording, photographing, texting out all that emerges from this stage over the next few minutes. Later on today you can compare your tweets and your Facebook comments with those of others to figure out if anything me
  7. The US has approved arms sales to Taiwan worth around $1.8bn (£1.4bn), in a move that is likely to increase tensions with China. The Pentagon said the deal comprised three weapons systems including rocket launchers, sensors and artillery. Taiwan, which considers itself a country, is seen as a renegade province by China. Tensions have increased in recent years and Beijing has not ruled out the use of force to take the island back. Last week US national security adviser Robert O'Brien said that while he did not believe China was ready to invade Taiwan, the island needed to "f
  8. Nickname: MPBilegt Age: 21 Link with your forum profile: Gives us some Contact methods: Ts3, Fb: Badral Sansara (no pics, 2 friends) How well you speak english?: 9/10 Do you use TS3? you have a mic?: Yes i do, I'll buy mic soon Where do you want to moderate? Check this topic: (Click here!: Level 1 and Level 2 Link with your last Request: First Others Infos?: I started my activity today, I'll make more topics, Give me a change
  9. 1-Author name: Max Adeler (Charles Heber Clark) 2-Birth Date - Place: July 11, 1841 – August 10, 1915 3-Age: Death (74) 4-Books (mentioned 3 min.): "Captain Bluitt, A tale of Old Turly" (1901) "The Quakeress, a Tale" (1905) "The Great Natural Healer" (1910) 5-Genre of his books: Adventure 6-Other Informations : - 7-Author Photo (obligatory):
  10. 1- Nickname : MPBilegt 2- Author of the book: Max Adeler / Xreading 3- Name of Book: Young Chubb and the Musical Box 4-Photo of book: 5- Summary: This book Mr.Chubb came back home from this trip to Europe. His family was very happy to see him. Mr. Chubb showed them the gift he had bought with him. It was a musical box from Geneva. The tiny box was beatiful. They enjoyed listening to it. But Henry swallowed it! It gave him a terrible, musical stomacheache. And so Henry Chubb kept his secret in his stomach. Max Adeler's story begin from the family and musical box.
  11. 1- Nickname : MPBilegt 2- Type of story: (Tragedy/comedy/documentary/experience/Rebirth/kid): comedy 3- The Story : One time my drama class’s teacher had gone home sick so we were just put in a classroom with a movie to entertain us for the period when an alarm went off. None of us were sure if it was the fire alarm or the lockdown alarm, so we all head out into the hall to check and no one’s out there, so we head back in and climb under our desks as is lockdown procedure. Cut to an hour or so later when a teacher bursts in and nearly dies of relief because the school was on fi
  12. Nickname: MPBilegt Tag 3 friends: @Shyloo @Loenex @-Apex Wich Mystery Pumpkin you choose? DEVILISH PUMP'
  13. MPBilegt

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    ♠ Date / Time : now ♠ Nick: o_oshalglgO_O ♠ IP: ♠ Time of ban: 60min ♠ Reason: retry zombie ♠ Proof: [ZP] Last zombie, o_oshalglgO_O disconnected, is the last zombie! *** Di3 H3rT GaMminG killed with a headshot from xm1014 *** [JouJma] Hold,Mra9 : es Player o_oshalglgO_O from Palestinian Territory has joined the
  14. Microsoft’s Edge browser hasn’t been stealthily installing Office web apps on the PCs of unsuspecting Windows 10 users after all – or at least not intentionally, as it turns out that this behavior is actually a bug. You may recall that we very recently reported on Edge seemingly sneakily installing Microsoft’s Office web apps (Progressive Web Apps or PWAs) for testers using preview versions of Windows 10, so the theory was that the software giant was experimenting with this scheme of things. However, as Neowin reports, it turns out that the installation of these PWAs was actually a b



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