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  1. hi, I didn't know where I will do the report but this Nader slayed me 2 times because I didn't give free.
  2. What is your nickname ?: WLDALI What is your real name ?: Amir ali What do people call you ?: WLDALI How old are you ?: 26 In which country and city do you live ?: tunisia / metlaoui In which country would you like to live in ?: USA / arizona Describe yourself: tall boy hhh and blue eyes What are your favorite games ?: LOL / CS1.6 / MTA How many hours do you spend on gaming ?: im gamer 24/7 What are your favorite movies / shows ?: After How did you find HighLifeZM ?: respectful really to this group Would you like to suggest something that would make the server better ?: im (AMX Mod X Plugins) cs1.6 developer also stateditor. If you earn 1 million euros, what would be the first thing you do ?: give $500,000 to unicef.
  3. Musician Name: Bob Marley Birthday / Location: born February 6, 1945 in Nine Miles (Jamaica) Main instrument: - Musician Picture: Musician Awards & Nominations:- Best Performance: - Other Information: born February 6, 1945 in Nine Miles (Jamaica) and died May 11, 1981 in Miami (United States) of generalized cancer, is a Jamaican singer-songwriter and musician. During his lifetime he met a worldwide success, and remains to this day the most famous musician of reggae, while being considered as the one who allowed Jamaican music and the Rastafarian movement to know a global audience. He has sold over 200 million records worldwide1.
  4. ★ Nickname(must be the same on forum and server): WLDALI ★ Skype/Steam: Ts3 i have ★ Age: 26 ★ Your Country: tunisia ★ Admin experience: i host servers not even as admin experience since 2013 ★ You can donate?: ofc ★ Can you spectate in night [Yes/No]: yes ★ Why you want to be admin in ZMOLSCHOOL: for real i'm here trying my best to be great owner also already i talked with owners if they need anything i'm here as scripter CS1.6 (addons editor) ★ Other information:
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