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  1. Mythics

    report admin

    - provide us with good demo please.
  2. Mythics

    Why have i been removed

    3 legit reports you are suspended until you calm down. Reason : abuse Destroys/bans. Note : Its not how high your access is its about how you use it.
  3. Dont stay out of map texture. unbanned.
  4. Mythics

    Admin Upgrade

    Accepted to Prince test. -Note: that if we see bad activity or any problem a direct downgrade.
  5. Mythics

    Report Admin

    User Warned.
  6. Mythics


    Accepted. - user warned.
  7. Mythics

    [Accepted] Admin.

    Accepted. - as helper send me password in pm.
  8. - Owner Name: @Ezel Ezel @mhmd @NE0-. - Server Name: ThugLifeFury.CsBlackDevil.Com -=[Furien Old School v1.4]=-. - Server mode: Furien OldSchool Reloaded. - GoF Day you choose: 22/04/2020. - The desired time interval: 20:00 to 21:00.
  9. Accepted. - both ak-47 imad Suspended for 4 days.
  10. Unbanned. -admin claimed Removed.
  11. Mythics

    i need tag

    Accepted. - Pm me your tag.
  12. Thanks for the report . ¤ MJaHeD Warned. * Next warning is a suspend. *
  13. Thanks for you report . ¤ Chubbs Warned. * Next warning would be a Suspend. *