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Manager CS 1.6

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1502 Gold III

Despre [Paul]

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    Founder [ZmOldSchool] Global-Moderator[TS3] Owner[Dota2Club]
  • Dată Naștere 03/08/1990


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    Ice cream, online games Dota-2 And (Cs1.6 Zombie), girls and buy new upcomming games on steam :)
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    1. BIg albania

      BIg albania

      first very nice song!! good idea dude

    2. Nikhel Nice

      Nikhel Nice

      Good luck da nanba...😉

  2. Greetings all ZmOldSchool Family Members Monthly Contest Is Here[Free Forum Points] Description:- How many likes this post has multiplied by 50 Points will be gift to Lucky Winner Reply Done After click Like Button Once Topic will be Closed 5th March-2020 Awards:- 1st Price like's[Reputations] multiplied by 50 2nd Price Half of First Prize 3rd Price Half of 2nd Price Example:- 20 like's[Reputations] Then 20*50=1000 Points[1st Price] 30 like's[Reputations] Then 30*50=1500 Points[1st Price] Rules:- Active ZmOldSchool Members Only[Admins or Players] players will be Checked on GameTracker No Double Post or Auto Rejected Post Reply Only Done [no other word's Allowed or Auto Rejected] 1 Like and 1 Reply Done needed or Auto Rejected More Info:- Click more Likes to Get Added Points Has Gift Enjoy (^_^) Regards ZmOldSchool Staff
  3. [Paul]

    New Item:-

    Simply brilliant Idea 1st-Zombie get 1 Zombie Bomb i totally Agree 1st Zombie gets a free Bomb. Sounds interesting all players gets a good chance with this idea After 15 Rounds it should stop i guess Big Pro From me
  4. [Paul]

    Admin skin

    Pro if only i can have a look at the .sma file once i can add a plugin that will work ZPA62.amxx or ZPA60.amxx any 1 of these if i get to see .sma file i can do something .sma file is a notepad version of plugins and we can come to a Idea of new addons will work or not coz many new plugins have new Modules and MrLove created Plugins without this new Modules or new Modules plugins wont work or may crash the server ZPA62.sma if this file is visible for me i can find a existing plugin working with this Zombie mode Thanks Regards Paul
  5. Brother, when I log in to the server as addicted to setinfo_pw, I set the password I don’t log in

    1. Bandolero -

      Bandolero -

      copy this  

      setinfo _pw "your password"

  6. Accepted Give nick pass tag in private chat in forum
  7. [Paul]


    hmm mostly many likes Vip Once we get a Genuine vip plugin relevant to this zombie mod plugins i will be added Until then Topic closed
  8. Np bro i saw many liked this map it has no lag,no bug,nothing soo clean,Works Fine. so its added
  9. [Paul]

    About Me

    ⪢ What is your name in the game? : Paul (Dave) my Old name is Dave many old friends left so new name ⪢ What is your real name? : Paul Daniel ⪢ How old are you? : 21 ⪢ In which country do you live? : India ⪢ In what city do you live in? : Bangalore ⪢ Your favourite game-s ? : [Cs1.6(Zombie)] [Dota2] [LeftForDead2] [BlackMesa-HalfLife] ⪢ What do you want to do with time on this server? :Get New friends and Enjoy Together ⪢ In which country would you like to live? : Romania xD[just to meet MrLove,Andrei xD] ⪢ What improvements would you bring as an owner? : Help,Serve and Avoid or solve fights ⪢ Can you give a brief description of yourself? If so, prove : good , never fight,friendly ⪢ How did you find the CSBLACKDEVIL community and for what purpose did you want to join this server? : [Vikas Sharma] Indian my friend Told About CSBD ⪢ If you earn 1 million euros, which would be the first thing you do ? :i will give 30% Money to MyCro and MrLove. So that Forum and Server will stay on forever

About Us

CsBlackDevil Community [], a virtual world from May 1, 2012, which continues to grow in the gaming world with a very high potential, where those who join us will become legends. The CsBlackDevil Community has over 60.000 members in continuous expansion, coming from different parts of the world. For this reason we consider ourselves, an international gaming community where members have the opportunity to know and interact with each other.

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