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    Ice cream, online games Dota-2 And (Cs1.6 Zombie), girls and buy new upcomming games on steam :)
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  1. guys sad day for me my brother is having fever he is staying alone in Kuwait 

    please pray for him 😞😞😞 🙏🙏🙏

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  1 alții
    2. Shyloo


      i wish he will be good soon 

    3. Nikhel Nice

      Nikhel Nice

      enna namba solra , dont worry bro unga anna ku onnu agathu . i will pray for him .


    4. [Paul]
  2. Nickname: [Paul] Screenshot: Name of your friends: All CSBD Members
  3. de7a07ae0b8de42ac7b15b718ca312b8.png


    My Windows 10 is new installation only 4 months and now it wont update 😞 

    Any solutions please 🙂 

    1. Nikhel Nice

      Nikhel Nice

      Restart the computer, then turn Automatic Updates back on. Open Windows Update, select Change Settings. Under Important Updates, click the dropdown and select Install updates automatically (recommended). Click OK to save your changes, and then select Check for updates to download and install any remaining updates.


      itha try panniya nanba ?

      or try this nanba ..



    2. [Paul]


      ok trying now lets hope for the best and thanks Dear 😉 

    3. Nikhel Nice

      Nikhel Nice

      e.e nanba

      appidiye unnoda profile song link whatsapp la send pannu bro (both songs)

  4. I did a Live War Attack and it worked 😉 

    [Clash Of Clans][Clan level 11 Tag #Q2899VLC] 

    I'am Leader of a Clan level 11 any clash lovers here Join me 🙂 


    Any Call Of Duty-WarZone Lover here Join me By Sending a Pm to me 

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  1 alții
    2. Qeli>:)


      Legendary game 😄

    3. NoMercY :3

      NoMercY :3

      I am th13 maxed out...

      And leaded of lvl 18 clan

      Result of 5 years of hardwork🥴

    4. Nikhel Nice

      Nikhel Nice

      i watched your live nanba and made a comment too 🙂

      super nanba continue pannu good luck you got our supports ^^

  5. 1764369216_TroyBoi-KinjaBang(OriginalMix).mp3

    wow this is way better in JBl 😮😮😮😮 

  6. when will this be over and winners announced Just eager to see the Result 🙂 

    @pulse.exe  @Mr.Love

    long time i was inactive i came back just for this giveaway and friends 😛😉😉 

  7. hey 

    wass up 

    its me in ts3 i saw your msg its really me only i have badge eggs in my profile ts3 🙂

  8. Whats up dave 

    Missing you so much buddy 😞


    1. [Paul]


      dude you are forever in my heart man xD

      me to miss you brooooooooooooooooo

      if you wana talk come ts3 or steam ill try to come online daily ok dear 😉 

  9. missed you

  10. [Paul]

    Happy birthday! .Straju

    Happy B'Day Wish you and your Loved one's Happy Life ??
  11. Hey Baby ? 

    wish you a happy life ? 

    1. .Straju


      Tyvm dude ❤️ 

      Wish u2 a happy life ? 

  12. Founder wow 



    1. aRbi~


      Bro Thanksss 

      u played a huge role on this ❤️ 

  13. is this shekar ?????Shk ???

    1. [Paul]


      any 1 who is seeing this know this guy shk shekar ???? 

  14. hey Mr Hacker remember me I'am Dave xD 

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