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  1. The verdict: Starting $10,000 less than the Cadillac CTS it replaces, the new 2020 Cadillac CT5 maintains a generously sized interior in a more affordable package. Versus the competition: The CT5’s turbo V-6 and generous size for its price are a rarity, though there are some questionable interior choices for a luxury car. The Cadillac CTS is finito for 2020, replaced by the Cadillac CT5, which has been redesigned and repositioned to be a more appropriate competitor for compact luxury sedans like the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. The Cadillac CT5 has standout attributes, but that doesn’t make it any less of an odd duck compared with the CTS; in fact, its awkward place in the class is what defines the CT5. Related: 2020 Cadillac CT5-V Test Drive: Great Car, Awful Timing Despite a distinct pricing advantage compared with its compact rivals — it starts at $37,890 with destination charge — the CT5 has a nearly identical footprint and interior volume as pricier mid-size luxo-sedans like the BMW 5 Series, Audi A6 and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The CT5 seems to be taking a page from the Book of Genesis — the version written by Hyundai, that is — offering a large car at a low price. That said, even Genesis seems to be changing its ways, given the redesigned 2021 Genesis G80 is now priced closer to the traditional mid-sizers, leaving a nice spot for the CT5. Another distinct difference between the CT5 and its German rivals is that it lets you add its more powerful optional engine without forcing you into an entire performance package. Opting for a BMW M340i, Audi S4 or Mercedes-AMG C43 is the only way to get competitors’ up-level turbo-six engines, but they also come with sport suspensions and seats that can compromise comfort — and your wallet. Cadillac has a competitor for those hotter versions — the CT5-V, which has 360 horsepower (see the review) — but it also offers a less spicy 335-hp 3.0-liter as an upgrade over the 237-hp, turbocharged 2.0-liter base engine. For this review, I tested a CT5 Premium Luxury 3.0-liter with all-wheel drive that was sparsely optioned, with a final price tag of $52,155. For comparison, the last BMW 3 Series we tested were loaded versions of the turbo four-cylinder 330i and M340i, which stickered at $57,000 and $70,000, respectively. Tour and Sport modes are activated by a toggle switch ahead of the gear selector. They adjust the expected parameters of engine and transmission responsiveness, as well as how the engine sounds through electronic augmentation via the sound system’s speakers. The 3.0-liter has a naturally tight, sharp soundtrack, so the electronic help comes across as natural and pleasing rather than artificial, as it does with many four-cylinders. Choosing Sport mode also changes how the brake pedal feels, thanks to a drive-by-wire braking system that replaces the traditional vacuum brake assist. It’s still using hydraulic fluid and lines for braking, but the boost in brake pressure now comes from an electric motor, not engine vacuum, and the brake pedal is electronic and can alter pedal feel. The difference in brake feel is most apparent in heavy braking use when quickly running up on a sharp corner, not during normal stop-and-go traffic. In Sport mode, the brake pedal’s action is a touch higher in the pedal stroke and pushes back more than in Tour mode. I’m still adjusting my own calibrations to these kinds of systems in non-hybrid or electric vehicles, but the ones in GM’s cars and trucks have a short, hard brake pedal that’s more binary than linear — except the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette, which has the most natural tuning of any GM vehicle I’ve experienced. Sport Suspension Optional Cadillac’s appropriately hyped Magnetic Ride Control is available only on the CT5-V, with unique suspension tuning, so what you get in the regular CT5 is a fixed-firmness, passive shock absorber package. It delivers a comfortable ride that communicates road feel without being jarring. It’s not a sport suspension, per se, but this is definitely modern Cadillac suspension tuning, more along the lines of the outgoing ATS and CTS, which were among the most dynamic sedans of their time. The previous ATS and CTS were ahead of the competition in terms of giving you what you want from the steering wheel: enough road feel to be communicative but not high-strung, with light assist and quick-ratio steering. The CT5, as well as a CT4-V I drove at the same time, are missing some of that magic. The steering lacks on-center bite and has a slow steering ratio that takes too much steering angle to get a response from the front end. I experienced early understeer — possibly from the all-season tires and relaxed body control — but that concern could be addressed by the existence of the CT5-V, which is a milder sport package, like the former CTS V-Sport versus the powerhouse CTS-V. I caveat these impressions by stating both versions I drove were all-wheel drive. The all-wheel-drive CT5 has a fixed steering ratio versus the rear-wheel-drive CT5’s variable steering ratio, so perhaps the rear-wheel drive’s steering is more responsive, though I haven’t driven one to confirm. The larger issue is that BMW is back, and in a bad way for Cadillac. Where Cadillac’s proficient handling package used to embarrass BMW’s, the BMW 3 Series has now found the edge it lost in its previous generation. Pitting the CT5 against a contemporary 3 Series, with or without the M Sport Package and with or without all-wheel drive, would not be a winning move for Cadillac. However, the CT5’s larger size and longer wheelbase deliver ride quality that’s sublime, if a little busy, with no jarring jolts over broken pavement. Helping the pleasant highway experience is minimal wind and road noise; any luxury automaker would be thrilled to have the CT5’s isolation. The cabin is well-sealed-off from the outside — most obviously when I took the CT5 through a car wash and it felt like the massive air dryer was a million miles away.
  2. Barcelona say an unnamed squad member has tested positive for Covid-19. He was one of nine reporting for pre-season training, showed no symptoms and has been quarantined at his home. Also on Wednesday fellow La Liga side Athletic Bilbao said six players had tested positive as they returned for pre-season training. Valencia confirmed two cases of Covid-19 this week, while Atletico Madrid reported two positive tests before their Champions League quarter-final. Atletico women suspend training after four more coronavirus cases Barca say he their player has not been in contact with any senior players, who travel to Lisbon on Thursday to prepare for their Champions League quarter-final. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Champions League is concluding with a 'final eight' tournament in Lisbon, comprising single-leg games held behind closed doors. Barcelona play Bayern Munich on Friday, the day after Atletico Madrid face RB Leipzig. Everyone who has been in contact with the Barcelona player has been tracked to perform tests.
  3. Hong Kong tycoon Jimmy Lai - the most high-profile person to be detained under a controversial new security law - has warned young protesters they need to be "more cautious" now. Mr Lai was arrested on Monday, and his newspaper offices raided by hundreds of police, in scenes that shocked many. Speaking after his release on bail, Mr Lai told the BBC he believed his arrest was "just the beginning". There will be "a long fight" ahead for Hong Kong's freedoms, he added. Mr Lai, who has been a prominent pro-democracy voice and a supporter of protests that erupted last year, owns Apple Daily, one of Hong Kong's most-read newspapers. He and nine other activists were detained on Monday over allegations including collusion with foreign forces, under a national security law imposed by China in June. The sweep of arrests has raised fears that China will use the new law to undertake a broad crackdown on Hong Kong's pro-democracy activists and media figures. 'More scary' Speaking to Newshour on the BBC World Service, Mr Lai said he was surprised when he saw police arrive at his home on Monday morning. While he had been arrested before, this was "more scary" because it came under the national security law imposed by China, he said. Both his sons were also arrested on "bogus charges", he said, although he added that he had no regrets about his pro-democracy activism. "When I was in custody I could not sleep... I was thinking, if I knew that was going to happen to me now, [with] even more hardship [on the way], would I have done the same thing? "I would not have [done things] another way - this is my character," he added. However, he warned protesters that they would now have to be "more cautious in our resistance to preserve our rule of law and freedom", as the sweeping new security law made the environment more dangerous for activists. "We have to be more careful and creative in [our] resistance... we can't be as radical as before - especially young people - because the more radical [we are] the shorter lifespan we have in our fighting. "We have to really use our brain and patience, because this is a long fight." Hong Kong's rebel mogul and pro-democracy voice The Hong Kong paper that pushed the boundary Apple Daily shares rocket after HK crackdown Mr Lai's arrest has been welcomed by Chinese state media, who have described him as a "riot supporter" and his publications as having been "instigating hatred, spreading rumours and smearing Hong Kong authorities and the mainland for years". Who is Jimmy Lai? The businessman is estimated to be worth more than $1bn (£766m). Having made his initial fortune in the clothing industry, he later ventured into media and founded Apple Daily, which is frequently critical of Hong Kong and mainland Chinese leadership. In 2019 the daily was the most-read paid newspaper in the territory, both in print and online, according to the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Mr Lai has also been an activist against Beijing's increasingly tight grip on Hong Kong. In 2019 he supported and participated in pro-democracy protests that lasted for months in the territory. On Tuesday, the holding company of Apple Daily newspaper saw its stock rise fourfold, as Hong Kongers rallied behind the newspaper and bought stocks in the company following Mr Lai's arrest.
  4. Artist : Aveyro Ave Real Name: Aveyro Ave Birth Date /Place : 26 Septembre 1985 Age: 35 Social status ( Single / Married ) : Single Artist Picture : Musical Genres : Hip Hop / Rap Awards : None Top 3 Songs (Names) : 7kit m3a lebhar / Kepler / Ramchet 3in Other Informations : Hes a tunisian guy starts playing his musci lately since 2016, most of the people known his song called ( 7kit m3a lebhar ) So since that he still playing good music till now !
  5. Music Title : How it Goes Signer : Starrah Release Date : 12/08/2020 Official Youtube Link :
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  9. Ninety percent of the enhancements make the 2020 Type R a better street and track car. They’re meaningful updates that take an already track-happy car and give it more directness and capability. Up front, the bumpers are redesigned and there’s a larger grille opening for additional cooling that Honda says reduced coolant temperatures 18 degrees in its testing. To my eyes, the smoothed texture of the lower bumper trim versus the previous honeycomb inserts is far less busy and cheap looking. honda-civic-type-r-2020-23-exterior--grey--wheel.jpg 2020 Honda Civic Type R Cars.com photo by Joe Bruzek The new two-piece brake rotors from Brembo replace the single-piece design. This floating design improves heat dissipation and braking performance during high-stress driving by making the center hat out of aluminum instead of using one iron piece. The brake pedal stroke has been reduced by 17%, which means it takes less push to engage the brakes. 2020 Honda Civic Type R Specs & Reviews Find a 2020 Honda Civic Type R Near You The front suspension has a new lower ball to reduce friction and updated front compliance bushings. In the rear, the lower B-arms have new bushings that stiffen lateral loads by 8% for improved toe-in when cornering. Rounding out the suspension changes are updated adaptive shock absorbers now able to sample road conditions 10 times faster than before for more accurate reactions. The claimed results are improved steering accuracy at turn-in, more mid-corner stability and increased traction powering out of corners. What’s interesting is that the Type R wasn’t lacking those characteristics in our previous track testing, especially when compared with the Volkswagen Golf R. Could I tell the difference? I can’t honestly say I did during my time, which was limited to street driving. With these tweaks being incremental, I believe I’d have to be on a track to tell the differences, and perhaps driving the older Type R back to back. None of these changes affect acceleration. We measured the previous Type R’s 0-60 mph at 5.6 seconds (during the same test, a manual-transmission Golf R went 5.8 seconds to 60 mph). What’s instantly more noticeable, however, are the improvements to the Type R’s interior — for better or worse. Honda Came to Its Senses Finally, Honda Sensing safety technology, which the Civic Type R previously excluded, is standard. It provides adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking, and a few other safety systems. This always felt like a large omission because it’s been available on lesser Civics, and these are features that make everyday driving more comfortable and safer. It was easy to look away for the Type R, though, because it was so specialized as a track car. Having these systems, even for my short loan, made the 2020 Type R an easier car to live with in areas with high-speed interstate driving. And like other Hondas, the features work well — lane keep assist works more like lane-centering to keep the car centered rather than ping-ponging off lane markings like some other systems. New Steering Wheel and Shift Knob honda-civic-type-r-2020-25-interior--steering-wheel.jpg 2020 Honda Civic Type R Cars.com photo by Joe Bruzek The steering wheel is now covered in Alcantara synthetic suede versus leather, as is the shift boot, while the shift knob itself has a different shape and is weighted for a more direct feel. I liked both, though the Alcantara steering wheel seemed a little less grippy than the leather, and I’d imagine you’d get the most benefits from this wheel while wearing a pair of driving gloves. And good luck getting the smell of french fries out of the cloth wheel after stopping at the drive-through.
  10. Ronnie O'Sullivan and Judd Trump both face a battle to stay in the World Championship after falling behind in their quarter-final matches. Five-time winner O'Sullivan trails Mark Williams 6-2, with defending champion Trump 10-6 down against Kyren Wilson. Meanwhile, three-time winner Mark Selby leads Australia's 2010 champion Neil Robertson 11-5. In the final last-eight tie, Anthony McGill has established a commanding 7-1 lead over Norway's Kurt Maflin. O'Sullivan remarks 'derogatory', says Doherty Watch live action from the Crucible World Championship schedule and results Trump's troubles Trump went into Monday evening's session trailing 5-3 and searching for his best form. And it proved to be a frustrating experience for the world number one, who twice reduced his deficit to a single frame but lost the chance to level the match by missing the final black in the 12th frame. The trend continued as Wilson, who won his first ranking title at Trump's expense in the 2015 Shanghai Masters, grew in confidence. A superb break of 94 - the highest in the contest so far - and another of 80, helped the eighth seed construct a notable lead as he reeled off the last three frames. Trump now faces an uphill task when the best-of-25 encounter against Wilson concludes on Tuesday afternoon. No first-time snooker world champion has retained the title since the tournament moved to its current venue in 1977. O'Sullivan struggles against vintage Williams
  11. McDonald's has taken new legal action against former chief executive Steve Easterbook, accusing him of lying about sexual relationships with staff. The company fired Mr Easterbrook last year after finding he had a consensual relationship with an employee. But the firm says further investigation found the British executive had three additional relationships with staff, about which he lied to the board. McDonald's is suing to recover his pay-off, reportedly worth $40m (£35m). The fast food giant prohibits "any kind of intimate relationship between employees in a direct or indirect reporting relationship". At the time of Mr Easterbrook's removal in November, McDonald's said it had evidence of only of a non-physical, consensual relationship, consisting of intimate text messages and video calls. It agreed to terminate Mr Easterbrook's contact "without cause", fearing a protracted legal battle, according to the firm's legal filing. But after receiving a tip from an employee in July, the fast food giant started a second investigation, which uncovered "undisputable evidence" of three other sexual relationships. McDonald's boss fired after dating employee McDonald's workers file $500m sexual harassment suit It says investigators found nude photographs sent from Mr Easterbrook's company email account as well as messages showing that he approved a grant of company shares worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to one of the employees "shortly after their first sexual encounter". McDonald's said that had it been aware of this information, it would not have approved his multi-million dollar pay-off. 'Undisputable evidence' McDonald's said it did not initially find the photos and messages because Mr Easterbrook had deleted them from his phone. The second investigation also searched company servers. It said Mr Easterbrook violated his duty to the company by lying when asked about his behaviour in an effort to secure a bigger severance package, committing fraud. Mr Easterbrook, who is divorced, could not immediately be reached for comment. At the time of his dismissal, he acknowledged a relationship in an email to staff, calling it a "mistake". "Given the values of the company, I agree with the board that it is time for me to move on," he wrote.
  12. Artist : Hamzaoui Med Amine Real Name: Mohamed Amine Hamzaoui Birth Date /Place : 11 Octobre 1981 / Karaouen Age: 39 Social status ( Single / Married ) : Single Artist Picture : Musical Genres : Rap / Hip Hop Awards : None Top 3 Songs (Names) : Ritouchi / Ajma3in / Khalini Netkayef Other Informations : Installé à l'Ariana, il devient célèbre après la révolution de 2011 avec sa chanson Zakataka interprétée en duo avec Klay BBJ. En 2012 puis 2014, il interprète le rôle d'Haroun Bechikh dans la série télévisée Maktoub de Sami Fehri. Le 9 mai 2017, il annonce sur sa page Facebook qu'il met un terme à sa carrière et ferme ses comptes sur les réseaux sociaux.
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