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  1. NE0-

    [Accepted]Admin report

    Hello Levy, i have already suspended ayoub for 7 days. You are suspended because the owner mhmd caught that a bot was playing for your benefits, it could be your bot or a bot from a friend of you. So please tell us to who belong this bot so we can help you more. T.C
  2. -LosT

    Hello @NE0- ,

    can On ur messages 

    i want talk u sometime

    me Anes from Algeria arabic

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    2. -LosT


      @Mr_B_BoY (RIP ENGLISH)

      Why ?

    3. Nexy


      Neo face while reading your comments 



    4. NE0-


      NEXY 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Thank you for your Report. Dr.E7M Suspended for 5 days, he will be no longer a co-owner after one week. Please next time take a full screen of console ( this proof would not be accepted next time cuz u can write that text by yourself in console ) Accepted. T/C
  4. Proofs clear, *-*-* is downgraded. Thank you for your report. T/C
  5. NE0-

    Big problem here

    Hello Harith, I checked FTP and banlist but you are not listed there, try to change your IP or turn off your Wifi and turn on again. I hope it will work with you.
  6. Hello bro can you delete some message your chat is full i need talk with you for some thing

  7. NE0-

    Gaming Quiz #2 (Normal)

    I just completed this quiz. i tried to cheat XD My Score 7/100 My Time 42 seconds
  8. NE0-

    Family Quiz One

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 13 seconds  
  9. afine ghbirti hh xd wa ghbra hadi a baya :v fin mxa yassin ? 

  10. YEEZY

    h brathrs


    1. NE0-
    2. YEEZY


      walo mad5alnachi m3akoum chourakae a5awa pliiiz 

    3. YEEZY


      ¤ Name[/nickname]:YEEZY ¤ Age:14 ¤ Country:Moroc ¤ Occupation: ¤ A short description about you: I study and play Fotballe ¤ How did you found out Csblackdevil Community: I found him in facebook There is a page for csbd ¤ Favorite games: cs.16 and gta and Fifa ¤ Favorite server [community only]:ZmNewSchooL ¤ A picture of you: i dont have
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    2. #YoU_FoX.


      Thanks @ThugLife /// NeO-

      Yes I'm just little kid and crying and Spam all time

      Thanks so much ??

    3. NE0-


      your welcome dear ❤️ i'm just telling you to grow up nothing more