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Orice postat de Edward-

  1. In my point of view, it could be nice to make the dimensions, and the image before the battle, so we can compare the works.. Anyway im going to vote for v1 cuz it's a smudge from 0..
  2. Psd costs 10 euro from @#EVIL BABY No free 🤣

    1. Arată comentarii anterioare  1 alții
    2. Edward-


      Then it'll be 20 eur 😂

    3. EVIL BABY.

      EVIL BABY.

      paypal: evilbabymaster hahahaha

    4. Dexter.


      see you there, ahahahaha

  3. Im feeling my lose vs @#EVIL BABY f* your brush xDD

    1. EVIL BABY.

      EVIL BABY.

      hahahah you can do the same xd

    2. M A N I A C

      M A N I A C

      On a literal level, you exposed the creator's name in the battle by doing that. huh!?

      Evil baby atleast you are old you must know it -_-

    3. Edward-


      Not really, I took it as a joke, and i dont care if lose, cuz im going to win the next. i can close the battle now if it hurted you 🙂 

  4. Opponent's Nickname : @#EVIL BABY Place an image : Type of work : Avatars Text : Free Dimensions: 150x250 How many total votes ?: 15 Work time: 2h
  5. Noow it's +1 from me for choosing a good stock for AOTW 😄 

  6. Welcome, but i know you before. your age is not 18 it's 11 or 13. It's kinda bad to lie about your age bro
  7. I dont think so, thats accepted on CSBD.. Anyway it's back to the leaders since i dont have a big problem being a team with you :v
  8. I saw in other communities as a gfx designer.. and that's going kinda bad, since you work for several communities.. and it can cause some fights there.. For me its contra.. Till you get removed from your rank in the other community 😉
  9. Of course v1 🙂 ( brush, effect, colors )
  10. New avatar for me 😛:



    Pin em Quick Saves





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    2. Amaterasu イタチ

      Amaterasu イタチ

      unfortunately I don't have any idea about those stuff 
      but I'm pretty sure there is Tutorials here on the community if u search u will find it  

    3. Edward-


      Okey thanks, i'll make a search there 😛 

    4. Pro-MR.47
  11. If we come in reality bro.. I just said that im a free designer which works on every community as a member.. cuz i sometimes get soo much free works so i got no place to spend time.. so i keep replying to the posts related to another communities.. but ofc becoming a gfx designer here will keep me there active more than the rest.. also i got a gallery but has another works watermark only the title not the full domain.. so if you want me to post them ofc i will 😄
  12. ➥Be sure to check this topic again and READ it: It is done 😄 ➥Age: 21 ➥Contact(Steam, TS3, Discord etc): TS3, steam, discord as you wish 😄 ➥Experience in Adobe Photoshop(Months or years): Its like 1 year.. But hardly worked in this year. ➥Obligatory attach your Gallery link (If you have one): Sorry but i own other communities work.. since i worked for the most of them. ➥Any other editing program you use?: Sometimes website ones like and also some illustrator and lightroom.. ➥What version of Photoshop do you use?: CS6 ➥In what section you have your most contribution?: Can be active in the whole design 😄 ➥Have you read all the rules from each section?: yeah ➥How many hours you want to dedicate to forum & gfx?: Just replying to every work and trying to make it alive back.. challenging and making aotw ➥Do you agree that once accepted, you need dedicate a few hours of your daily time to the forum/gfx/ts3: yeah could insreace my active on ts3 ➥Do you agree that once accepted, we as a team need to communicate more so we know each other's time: yeah sure. ➥Do you agree that once accepted, we 100% need a way of contacting you, either is from forum's PM, TS3, Discord or any other contact method: contact me pm ( i don't ignore 😄 also discord or any thing you want ).. ➥What can you say about you that will make us interested about your Photoshop skills & experience?(Minimum 10 words): It is like i dont like to see any designer make a better style than me.. i try to improve on every and i got lessons from the legend designers 😄 and they are still my friends.
  13. V1: 0 votes V2: 6 Votes Winner is @Sans Congrats!
  14. Sniper and yosef are eliminated only me vs salah! V1: V2:
  15. Opponent's Nickname : @-Sn!PeR-, @SaLaH. Place an image : Type of work : Avatars Text : battle, csbd Dimensions: 150x250 How many total votes ?: 10 Work time: 12 hours or less


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