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  1. Pro bcs you play like 6-7 hours or longer a day, I think you deserve helper or admin
  2. NickName:Tokiitou Old Tag: *(<DeAtH>)* New tag:Be Quiet Other info:Just want to try it xD
  3. #Contra Only 9 hours played
  4. I have a Feeling Your not a Founder,You wanna know why?This is just Your first post.. So #Contra for me
  5. Finally!! I've Been Hating ppl changing their nicks,Thank you @[Paul]
  6. what is your favoritemap?:zm_glass_attack6 What do you most often buy from / shop-a?:armor,jet,sg550 sniper What's the worst mod you ever played?:Nemesis,i cant even move bcs of the stupid knockback xD The most entairtaining player in the server: @[Paul] @.-AdiiLo-. @Ervy @HadyNoob The most Interesting player in the server:No1 Best player in Nemesis?: @XZoro™ @D4ng3r Ⓡ [Blue Sky] @.-AdiiLo-. Best Player in Sniper:? Vadaszos Best Player In Assasin?:Me ofc with 43353535 jumps Best Player In Survivor:?Me again if i have lm What is your Favorite zombie? If Hunter and regenerator combined i would love to have that class your primary weapon (forgot to add this sorry):m4a1 carbine Which mod You like To play:? (Nemesis,Assasin.Sniper,Survivor)?:Assasin if Frost nade Didn't Exist Whats your felling when u getting blocked from players?:Call zm in amx_psay to kill him xD
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  8. Name(Real or Game):UzyUzy Country:Philippines City:Davao Special Food:Siomai Which food You want to eat of other country?:Sushi
  9. Old Nickname:2kmz I play from:2016 till now My first server:biohazard zp games
  10. Nickname: UzyUzy Old Tag: ~ZmOldschool4ever~ New Tag: *(<DeAtH>)*
  11. Your Nick name:Tokiitou Your ip address: Your Age:16 Key word: [ Read The Rules ] : ****
  12. Congrats bro! Thank you for helping us btw!You deserve it!
  13. Nickname:UzyUzy Old Tag:TeamZmOldschool New Tag:~ZmOldschool4ever~
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