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      If it's not worth it, Don't do it
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    1. Nickname:2KMz Grad:Elder Date and time:Idk Reason:I got to focus on my School
    2. 2KMz

      [Rejected] Request Admin

      #Contra for now cuz i dont even know if the other one @RaJa @ CSBD is you
    3. Nick:2KMz(if iget accepted on change nick thingy) Grade:God New Tag;Invisible Last request:first request on this topic(if ur talkin about the last time i changed my tag, Here :D)
    4. 2KMz

      Change nick-name MODEL

      Nick:.:Miracle:. Grade:God NewNick:2KMz Reason:idk,got tired of my nick easily
    5. ¤ Nick:.:Miracle:. ¤ Grad:God ¤ Date:idk ¤ Reason:brownout/electricity problem (im on my phone using mobile data ? )
    6. I didn't know u can unbind it,Thanks btw
    7. Guys, Pressed the o key and suddenly the amx_chat appears.. If you know what that means PLEASE tell me Anyways Thank you for your time
    8. #Pro But Please Read the rules cuz the keyword is wrong
    9. 2KMz

      [Rejected] enyerveb

      #Contra P.S: You got remove by @Meh Rez vM ! ♫ yesterday bcs of playing with cmds
    10. Welcome to the best community ever ?
    11. 2KMz

      Introduce myself

      Welcome to zmoldschool ?
    12. Your a great guy, so #Pro for me
    13. 2KMz

      [Accepted] Tag Request

      Nickname:XGeuru Old tag *S1l3NcE* New tag:[LiGhT Em^ uP!]
    14. 2KMz

      Change nick-name MODEL

      Nickname:XGeuru Rank:God NewNick .:Miracle:. Reason:A lot of ppl says that geuru was "teacher" in their lang so yeah..



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