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  1. hi i want help is my accounts csblackdeevil stolen

    1. Lunix I

      Lunix I

      make a support ticket and explain your problem they will help you quickly

  2. ¤ Nickname: [email protected] ¤ Skype/Steam: - ¤ Age: 1 ¤ Your Country: Tunisia ¤ Admin experience: 7 years old ¤ Can you spectate in night (Yes/No): yes of course ¤ Why you want to be admin in NewLifeZM: Help Server and i have exprince in fixed addons and old played
  3. hello forum where can report one stole my accounts cs


    1. Bandolero


      hello,talk with administration staff they can help you...

      i hope u will solve your problem 🙂


    2. Bandolero

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