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  1. Someone, somewhere, has 10 million reasons for wanting to claim the winning Lotto Max jackpot ticket from Friday's draw that was sold in St. Catharines. But they can't. Not yet. Ontario Lottery and Gaming's Toronto prize centre has been closed since mid-March due to COVID-19. Whoever has the $10-million ticket will have to hold onto it for a while still. "Our advice to the ticket holder is, validate that ticket. Get it into the system," said OLG spokeswoman Dita Kuhtey. "Sign it if you haven't already, keep it in a safe place and we will let the public know
  2. 1- Nickname: dexteR 2- Name of Creepypasta: Splendorman 3- Story: Splendorman es una criatura que se le aparece a los que causan los peores delitos para castigarlos. Se le conoce por parecerse a su hermano menor, Slenderman, y por las cintas de colores elegantes como adorno para su traje. También posee un fino sombrero de copa. Él está casi una cabeza más alto que su hermano menor, y en comparación con su hermano, él en realidad tiene una cara que parece ser sólo dos grandes ojos negros y una masiva feliz sonrisa. A él le encanta entretener a la gente y hacerl
  3. dexteR-

    Proposal Merchandise

    Create a clothing brand on a game page. . Hmm, it sounds interesting but it doesn't look like it's going to be a fashion boom, suppose the shirts are created, well, how many members do you think will buy it? Regarding the donations of the forum, you don't see big donations, that is, there is not a very good investment of money in this, most of the members can buy the "VIP" for only 5 euros, what a bargain right? Still, there are no pending vip investments. As for if you want a t-shirt on the forum, it would be easier to send it to a sewing workshop or a business dedicated to that and
  4. dexteR-

    [devIL QuoteS]

    ¤ Your Nickname : DEXTER ¤ The author of the quote: Thomas Merton ¤ The Quote: “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”
  5. 1- Apodo: @dexteR- 2- Tipo de historia: Experiencia 3- La historia: La historia se basa en unas de esas peleas sin sentido causadas por rivalidad mútua entre amigos ya sea por juegos deportivos u otras cosas personales. Ami me sucedió por juegos deportivos, de esas por irrumpir el juego y gritarse entre sí. Yo me estaba gritando con un amigo porque no quizó aceptar un gol que si era legal. Yo estaba calmado ya que era un amigo y solamente lo que hacia era levantar la voz. Yo lo ví a él muy frustrado y que se lo estaba tomando en serio. Era obvio que cuando estuviera él en
  6. I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 169 seconds  
  7. Israel and the Gulf state of Bahrain have reached a landmark deal to fully normalise their relations, US President Donald Trump has announced. "The second Arab country to make peace with Israel in 30 days," he tweeted. For decades, most Arab states have boycotted Israel, insisting they would only establish ties after the Palestinian dispute was settled. But last month the United Arab Emirates (UAE) agreed to normalise its relationship with Israel. There had been much speculation that Bahrain might follow suit. Mr Trump, who presented his Middle East peace plan in Janua
  8. Aunque por tamaño no es mucho mayor que las Sei2 y Sei3, es gracias a un mayor refinamiento técnico, de equipamiento y precio, que nueva JAC Sei4 2020 se posiciona por arriba de sus hermanas, pero aún por debajo de la Sei7 que mantiene su lugar como buque insignia. Más allá de su estética, que, si bien no es rompedora, tampoco está nada mal, una de las principales fortalezas de la Sei4 se encuentra en su gran nivel de equipamiento, ya que podemos encontrar elementos como quemacocos eléctrico, grupos ópticos LED, asientos de piel, freno de mano electrónico, volante con ajuste de altura
  9. I'm back :))

  10. This story was first published in October 2019 and has been republished ahead of this week's $50m draw. One lucky person could see $50 million added in their bank account this week. The country's largest ever Lotto Powerball jackpot is up for grabs this Saturday. The last time the figures climbed this high was in 2016 when $44m was taken home by a couple from the Hibiscus Coast. When a lucky Auckland father realised he'd won that money, he yelled, leapt into his car and drove to the nearest Lotto store, frantically trying to call his wife on the way.
  11. Cambridge Intelligence announces KronoGraph to provide timeline visualizations. KronoGraph is a developer toolkit for JavaScript and React developers that enables users to build browser-based, interactive, investigative timeline visualizations that reveal how events unfold. It is entirely customizable and works with any source of time-based data in datasets. While KronoGraph is a standalone tool, it integrates with Cambridge Intelligence’s graph visualization toolkits to give users two views of the same data. “KronoGraph gives organizations a brand new way of underst
  12. Graphics cards and power draw have always been quite synonymous with each other in terms of how much performance they put out for the power they take in. Measuring this has not always been the most straight forward when it comes to accuracy and methods for reviewers and end-users. NVIDIA has developed their PCAT system, or Power Capture Analysis Tool in order to be able to capture direct power consumption from ALL graphics cards that plug into the PCIe slot so that you can get a very clear barometer on actual power usage without relying on hacked together methods The Old Way The old
  13. Manchester City and Belgium midfielder Kevin de Bruyne has won the Professional Footballers' Association men's Player of the Year award. De Bruyne, 29, praised City manager Pep Guardiola for helping him earn the honour, saying "he just lets me be me". Beth England, 26, won the women's award having helped Chelsea do the Women's Super League and League Cup double. Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold, 21, won the men's Young Player of the Year award. Jordan Henderson was among five Liverpool players to be named in the Premier League team of the season.
  14. Rescuers in California have been airlifting dozens of people trapped by a huge fire, as crews continue to battle blazes across the state. An initial attempt to rescue the group, stranded in mountain refuge for two nights, was abandoned on Monday night because of smoke from the Creek Fire. But helicopters were able to land early on Tuesday and are have begun taking the hikers to safety. Fires in California have burned through a record 2m acres in recent weeks. In total, these blazes span larger than the US state of Delaware. California is currently e
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