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    1. eadm99

      Banlist eadm99

      ¤ Date / Time:justo now ¤ Nick:(1) ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban:60 min ¤ Reason:insulting me(semi-elder) and breaking rules, warning him to not destroy lm and he insulted me when I gave him slay
    2. Nick:eadm99 Age:21 AMX Experience(years):only have experience in this server Time when you can be online: anytime What other things you want to do as co-owner?:Make rules in server accomplish and help players to have a better experience Do you have grade in other servers:No
    3. Real name: Enrique Your birthday: 16/10/1999
    4. eadm99

      Banlist eadm99

      ¤ Date / Time:2020/12/31 ¤ Nick:SAID ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban:60 minutes ¤ Reason:retry ¤ Proof:
    5. eadm99

      Banlist eadm99

      ¤ Date / Time: ¤ Nick: ¤ IP: ¤ Time of ban: ¤ Reason: Proof:
    6. I've been playing in this server for too many years by now, it's exciting watching how this community has made a lot for the server, together we will rise this place again!
    7. ¤ Su apodo (igual que en el foro): eadm99 ¤ Su dirección Skype, facebook: enrique99 ¤ Edad:21 ¤ Idiomas que puede hablar:Inglés fluidamente, español(nativo) ¤ Su ubicación: Venezuela ¤ Experiencia como administrador (último enlace GT del servidor): No tengo ¤ ¿Puede permanecer espectador o jugar entre Estas horas (24:00 a 12:00 PM): si ¤ Enlace de las horas que jugó en el servidor ¤ Razón por la que desea ser administrador: ayudar en el servidor y tener experiencia como administrador ¤ Contraseña / clave para adm
    8. eadm99

      [Solved] Unban Request

      Your nick:eadm99 Your ip: Your STEAMID: no have The reason you have been banned: I dont know The admin who banned you: KRAKEN The time: 11/12/2018 12:00 am Your proofs (screenshot Or Demo): i just commented
    9. eadm99

      [Solved] Unban Request

      Retrying Trying p48/auth3/revEmu... Retrying Trying p48/auth3/revEmu... Connecting to You have been banned from this server. Connecting to Trying p48/auth3/revEmu... Retrying You have been banned from this server. Retrying You have been banned from this server. Retrying You have been banned f
    10. I Was playing in the map zm_fox_v2 and I have been banned without no reason by KRAKEN. I want to be unbanned and investigate this Admin, most of the admins of the server don´t take their task serious. If you want more info I was playing as assassin and someone told me he was in a box and i killed him, he was the last human. Thank you very much



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