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  1. → Image type: avatar → Dimensions: 150x250 → Text / Watermark: csblackdevil → Last request link: → Image(s)
  2. Channel name: p1mp Add sub-canal: no Channel admin: me Unique ID: T+dhzDuKByuqZf6fYhQWJok/uzw=
  3. Hello itis for that reason that i gave u slay and told u to read the rules and the other reason was also that there were 2 assassins advice: read the rules and be more cautious when using zp since it is the most dangerous command
  4. Rejected For a request, you will need 100 posts (or more) either to hold a one-year registered account or to be a higher rank than Members
  5. Nick: juppter.sp/ Gorm den gamle Grade: Owner reason: personal issues but ill connect when i can most likely it is at night that is where sv is empty Time: 1 or 2 months
  6. i think it was not necessary to open a report.. u are a co-owner just apply the rules and thats it in this case give warn
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